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    Omg, the bread and sugar on bread...I used to do that. Unfortunately I can't just cut sugar out because I get ungodly cravings, especially when i'm on my period. Those hormone fluctuations fuck me UP. But luckily, I've learned to be satisfied by a much smaller portion than just going "oh fuck it" in an all or nothing matter. That being said, if I don't buy them, I also do really well. It's once they're in the house that I get in trouble....

    edited to add: Also I've found that plain old sparkling water is a lovely substitute for soda. Apparently it's the carbonation I'm after.
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    Finally managed to drag my ass to an ashtanga yoga class again yesterday, mostly because it was right after work in the building I work in, and yeah, that was a good find. I did a couple of classes in 2001 before having to quit because of tendonitis, but I was left with the feeling that it might be a thing for me, especially now combined with bouldering. I had to go straight to the advanced class because there was no room in the beginner's section, and it turned out to be okay - rewardingly the teacher didn't believe I had only taken a couple of classes that long ago :P

    So, my weekly program will be as follows. Monday: bouldering, Tuesday: ashtanga, Thursday: wall climbing, Saturday/Sunday: bouldering.

    Additionally I made this decision that I won't go out for a beer (or buy any alcohol) before the scales say 72.0kg, with a little leeway only for Rare Events, such as birthday or the cabin trip we planned with our research dive school people ages ago. But no evenings of beer & book/adventure game for me until the paunch is gone. When it comes to food, I've noticed the change we've been talking here starting to again happen. Yesterday I went to the grocery store after work and training with a "yay, I have 700kcal to burn, candy & snacks time!" Then I just stood in front of the candy and potato chip shelves and went "…right, I don't actually really want this, it was just the automatic thought" and got something disgustingly healthy instead :P Oh, this feels so good to be here again.
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    Suggestion for eating healthy and cheap: Yams. Yeah, they're carbs. But they are cheaper than potatoes! And delicious! And you just wrap em in a damp papertowel and stick em in the microwave for 4 minutes and that's it! So little effort! Smear a wee bit of butter or something on them and a bit of salt, and it's a perfect mid-day snack!
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    Thanks to MyFitnessPal I have a hope in hell of getting this biz done! Tracking what I eat and my exercises like a maniac is just the ticket, since it forces me to stay honest about how many cals I've eaten - thank you counter tool that I would never have kept on my own! It seems to have brought my worst habits to a stand still (late night snacking, typically on on salty/cheesy/fatty stuff). And today it noted that I ate too few calories! It warned of going into starvation mode, when it'll be even harder to lose weight, and gave me a minimum cal target. What actually happened was too much food was jammed together in a small amount of time. I have to plan better to spread out my eating and thereby make sure I get the right number of cals without making myself sick.

    I feel forward movement. Sweet.
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    Sounds awesome! It's incredible what a difference and insights tracking the food intake can make. I thought I ate pretty sensibly, but a couple of weeks of tracking the food was a sharp learning curve. Foods that I couldn't suspect were actually pretty bad - say, tortillas. I used to buy whole wheat ones and do a light sauce for them, but never realized how many kcal the tortillas themselves had, etc. And so on.
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    @raz, Hooray! Glad that's working out for you!

    Yeah, one of the things that helped me with myfitnesspal was the app with the ability to just scan the barcode. Made the whole experience of tracking super quick for me, which I like. Another saviour for me is the $20 food scale that I got. Originally I used it for homebrewing purposes, but actually getting exact measurements for my food is really helpful.

    As a sign of SOME progress I am, bit by bit, passing the 1000 calorie mark a bit more. For the most part I still feel super full after light meals. Other than that, an injury is made it so I...haha...can't run as much. Kind of a good sign, I guess, since I more or less zone out while running and that makes me forget about the body pains. So currently looking for some other things to do that will help me lose weight. Thinking some light weights to work on the all-consuming arm fat.

    Also I think I've decided that I'm going to get a Fitbit Force, with the option of retiring my fitbit zip to more formal events where I can just attach it to the inside of my bra. Still...s'lot of money just for a wrist attachment, stair counter, and sleep monitor...
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    @Vorn - wheat tortillas? Hehe, I guess I have no idea what's available in Finland. Try to eat corn tortillas, they're much lower in calories and carbs. Wheat "tortillas" out here in California are just called wraps because they're used in Mediterranean dishes. Wheat was brought to the Americas by Europeans, so tortillas were historically made with corn. Then again, a lot of us 2nd gen Mexicans in the US end up gaining weight because among other things we end up preferring (wheat) flour tortillas to corn, and they are chock full of starchy carbaliciousness.

    Also, sauces will getcha.

    @oldhat Uh oh for injuries. If it's in the foot or knee it could make most exercises really challenging. Is there a pool nearby that you could use? Swimming is amazing for blazing through calories.
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    Saw this last night and made a note to post it on here. Kind of spot on.

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    @raz, my gym actually has a pool! Just need to get the courage to put on a swimsuit.
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    That comic, oh yes :D And as for the tortillas, yeah - it's mostly wheat stuff out here, the wrap-stuff. I do remember seeing corn tortillas too, but now that I looked at the nutrition database thing they seem to have even more kcal/100g, at least the ones that they sell here. Hmm. Need to check it out in more depth, though, since I like those. As for the sauces, I make them myself almost from the scratch, so there are no surprise salt/sugar bombs there like in the ready made ones.
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    Nutritional Value of Wheat vs Corn:

    Rice vs Wheat:

    It seems, as far as carbs/calories go, rice is the best carb, followed by corn, and wheat being way last on the list. Not having wheat be a bulk of your diet is a really wonderful idea, even if you aren't Celiac. It has protiens that are hard for the body to digest and causes swelling in the body. I follow a gluten-free (but not as strict as a Celiac person) diet, and I was amazed at how much my feet hurt less after a few days, and my once crippling IBS is pretty much under control as long as I don't get WAY to emotionally stressed or guzzle coffee or something. If you have aches and pains, try going gluten free. It might help your joints or your digestion!

    (Don't just look for foods labled "gluten free". They are expensive. Find the things that have always been gluten free, or just look at the labels of things. Most have "wheat" as a "Contains:" item listed along side "eggs" or "peanuts".)
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    Oh! Regarding swimsuits: I don't like swimming in things that I have to keep adjusting, and I hate the feeling of things bunching up in my crotch, (and I also have a ridiculous amount of body hair and I don't feel like waxing my "extended pussy" area, as my Mom & her sisters, most of whom have had extensive electrolysis, call it;) so I have, in the past, gotten spandex work-out clothes and bought a high-waisted pair of bike shorts and a sports bra. The bike shorts ended up being a bit too loose and threatened to escape when I dove into water, so buy em tight, but it's a great solution to swim wear when you don't want to worry about straps shifting and self conciousness or objectification.

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    Yeah, my issue is more around tightness than adjustment. Your method is really awesome but, like any kind of practical workout clothes, I need to work out more before I will even come close to feeling good in them, let alone looking good in them.
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    I seem to find that I lose weight faster if I really limit wheat. Especially bread.

    Have managed to run for three weeks, starting on week four of the plan tomorrow... feeling way, way better than I did at Christmas and have lost four pounds this month, which, given that it took me all of last year to shift about ten, is really pleasing.

    Also helped the depression recede a long way, which is awesome.

    Swimsuits... gawd, I hate exposing any flash at all, given its ghastly whiteness, guess I don't have objectification to worry about, more the fear of causing disgust in onlookers....
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    I may have undone a lot of great work last night. Went out with the fam to a terrific share-n-share alike Japanese place and just feasted (pigged out). It was terrific food, but good lord there was a lot of it. I can't begin to figure out how much I ate, no way can remember what I ordered let alone do I expect Myfitnesspal will have the calorie counts. I assume it was way over limit.

    I regret nothing!!!

    Though my tummy is confused now. I can still feel like there is food in there, but it's starting to feel like it's time for more food. I think I'll take a walk and have a sandwich later. Lotsa water.
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    I used to fear exposing my pasty, doughy, hairy self to random onlookers when I went swimming, but when I realized that A: I am in all likelihood never going to be seen by the same people on more than one occasion, and, more importantly, B: I'm not trying to impress anybody, it stopped being so much of a problem. Anybody who might be put off by seeing my half-naked self can kindly go fuck themselves. I'm swimming here. And it's not like I'm the 350lb dude in a Speedo.
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    I don't understand. Maybe my perspective might help?

    I go to a local gym (when I am up for it), and there are people of all sizes and shapes in spandex and workoutgear. Honestly, it's mostly middle aged moms. Same with going to the jersey shore in the summer. Families and old people and individuals of every type in bathing gear. It's not trying-to-look-sexy time, it's exercising time! I don't know. Instead of looking on at other people for being brave about their bodies, why not try to do the same, so that someone else might not feel so self-conscious? I used to be really self-conscious about my excessive body hair. It fed into my agoraphobia and nocturnalism. I was terrified to be seen in sunlight, especially once I gave up and stopped removing it. I'd be too afraid and nervous to go outside with my hairy legs exposed. But then I thought of the ladies I thought were badass for not giving a fuck and just being themselves as they were, and not being apologetic about it, and I decided I would rather be like them. So I did. And I was afraid at first, but then I realized, NOBODY CARES. And those few that do? Those are the assholes! It took some time, and it took me FORCING myself to face that kind of exposure, but in doing so, I conquered it. Now I'm slowly making myself get comfortable with my face stubble. This chick is amazingly hairy and has been some inspiration to me. She's badass, and I'd like to be more like her:

    Same with exercise. I don't feel entirely comfortable with my physical condition at the moment. I have not been to the gym in months, I've no muscle tone, and the prednisone and cortisone they keep giving me is making me gain considerable weight pretty fast. Much of my clothing doesn't fit at the moment. If i'm going to keep from continuing to balloon, I'm going to have to start regularly working out again to counter the medication effects. I feel puffy and squishy and round. But if i'm going to the gym to work out (or had the awesomeness of a pool nearby), I'm there to sweat and improve myself, and that I can be proud of, regardless of the contour of my figure.

    In fact, when I look around at the other people in the gym, those that I find most impressive are those that are NOT in shape, those that are working hard, those that aren't just posturing and showing off their bods, but really just trying to improve themselves, and I think it's awesome!

    All that being said, they DO make some really cool swimming dresses, if that is any kind of compromise with which you'd feel comfortable. They get pricey, but there's some deals. I've looked into them for myself (because I HATE bikinis), but I prefer bike shorts. You've got legs for FOREVER, so one of these would probably look smashing on you: LINK! Or there are some nice ones here, that are rather lose and flowing: LINK! Or this store has some that are more like a roomy tank with boxers: LINK!

    I'm not trying to wrassle you into a bathingsuit, I just think pools in gyms are AWESOME places to go, and I also think you've no reason to not feel AWESOME about yourself!
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2014
    I'm joining this thread because I've come to the startling realization that I'm overweight.
    I've been hitting the gym since May and, while not obsessive, felt like I was making a good habit of it. Today I actually stepped on the scale for once and discovered I'm 170lb. I'm five seven. I have never weighed this much. My healthiest is around 145lb if I'm packing decent muscle.
    I'm going to have to get a job in four months. Grad school has made it impossible for me to fit into most of my nicest clothes.
    I also blame my boyfriend, whose metabolism has been a destructive force in my life since if moved in. The other day he said 'I have never eaten as much salad as I do now' which I guess I should take as a compliment? But I also taught him to melt peanut butter in the microwave to put on ice cream. it's been this sort of gastro pissing contest where we try to out-decadent each other, except he can eat it all and I apparently cannot. His candy addiction isn't helping either.

    So, I'm cutting the three worst offenders: no candy, no ice cream, and I'm gonna limit my wheat intake to one a day.
    Also my calories-burned-at-gym chart is gonna get more advanced.
    I don't want to weigh myself but I do occasionally reach for a favourite skirt that will no longer close.

    One question, for people with roommates and fridge-sharers: how crap is it to do cold-turkey without involving the other folks? I don't want to refuse to let those foods enter my house ... or do I?
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    Weight-wise I'm the "yaaaayyy I'm in the ahead of the curve- oh shit a rebound! - whooh we got her stabilized, captain" stage. We had a sanctioned splurging evening on Friday, involving a whole lot of tacos, candy, potato chips and Adventure Time. Went 1000kcal over the usual, which means losing one day calorie-wise. Then again it make sportsing that much easier, the stamina bar in the climbing gym had turned really short and it was dizzy-town after 20 minutes of exercise, since there was little fuel in the tanks. The difference was marked this Sunday.

    Need to up the veggie intake, though. Living in two apartments pretty randomly is making lunch planning rather annoying, since I can't really cook at work either.

    @JP & David:

    Now I'm kind of happy that "ghastly paleness" is more or less a national colour up in here, especially after the winter. I remember some years back when it was the first proper summer day and I went to our then home's yard to read without a shirt - and had to come back in to get one since my torso was so white the glare made it impossible to concentrate on the text. Yes, this really happened :)
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2014
    @Allana - it's flippin hard. Up to you for just how hard. I personally find it almost impossible. Case in point: I was already over on sugars for the day but now I am having a rootbeer float because other people are having them.

    When I have my own food I know what I want to eat and I can stick to it about 80% of the time, even when sharing fridge & cupboards. But because I'm poor I have to rely on what the family has to share. The very same family that gave me my shitty eating habits to begin with. There are some vegetables in the crisper but there are even more chili bean leftovers, sugary cereals, and instant terriyaki meals....

    I either over think my scheduling or let thinking about it so much get in the way of actually doing it right. I've been bleaching my hair and getting ready to dye it (tomorrow!) and the timing against going to the gym and getting all sweaty and dirtying up the hair is making my dependency tree of needing to clean my hair after exercising a whole Rube Goldberg design. But skipping the gym right now is really bad timing when the family goes out for a feast one night and has ice cream the next night and I believe there will be lasagna and pie tomorrow...! Ugh. I need to work out, but without mussing the hairohmygodhowfuckinggirlycanyouget?!?!