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    @Rae - INSANELY late reply to sweets-cravings issues. But I do up a 'cookie dough' bowl with chunky peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, and plain greek yogurt. Its best with apples, and sometimes a touch of honey. I super love clean eating date-based things as well, but sometimes the menstrual cravings won't respond to that, so they are mostly good for non-cookie monster moments in your cycle.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2014
    Attn.: Yoga bunnies - question on form:

    When going from an upward dog to a downward dog, should you move your feet towards your hands, or keep them where they are? Perhaps it doesn't matter, but I tend to do the former then worry that it isn't correct.
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    Right, I made rather good progress this month. Starting from 81.5 in the beginning of January, I've been down to 77.2kg at the lightest, and it didn't require any sort of dehydration trick or anything, just eating what I eat and doing what I do. I've added a third data point to the tracking, which is the lowest weight of the week (blue = weight, red = target, yellow = week's lowest)

    Unfortunately the last seven days has been a bit of a relapse time. I spent three days in the north at the GF's old stomping grounds, and although there was 5-6 hours of exercise ranging from walking around through geocaching to climbing and skiing, I went overboard with the food. This week's Thursday and Friday I was in a workshop that started really early, ended really late and was arranged in a hotel with a breakfast and lunch spread as you could imagine, so yeah... Also, there has been no exercise this week, since I've been dog tired and my knee's been acting up. In short, I'm a bit scared of hopping on the scales and seeing the damages. The curve of morning weight and the target weight met on Wednesday at 77.6kg, and I'm pretty sure it's gone over it now.

    So, discipline will resume starting now. Off to a climbing competition I go.
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    Started back on the running plan today, where I left off. Managed not to sprain anything. Gained 3lb in the last couple of weeks, which <em>vexes</em> me somewhat though, but at least I'm moving again. Will see if I can walk to and from the office all week as well, might even manage a few lunchtime walks (assuming I can wrangle a lunchtime...)

    Anyone have any ideas about persistent blisters on the back of the heel? Am using Compeed plasters which are awesome, but don't know how to stop them permanently... always used to suffer from this with new boots for a long time so not new.
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    Two days ago I went to the gym and it happened to be at the same time my sister went. I knew wouldn't want that. I like being alone as I work out. I like just throwing into the cardio, cranking up the MP3 player and not thinking about much. But she's crazy for working out. She's always been sporty...she played basketball and I took dance. Anyway. She took upon herself to make sure I warmed up properly. I humored her.

    We squatted. We lunged. We Superman'd. I can't really even recall. Got the heartrate up slightly. But more importantly, worked leg muscles in ways they haven't in ages and ages. She also had me stretch before hopping on the cardio machine. And I did more when I got off before heading home. The stairs were unpleasant. The muscles were CRAZY tight. So, of course, the next day, yesterday, CRAZY tight doesn't even come close. Damn legs are all bandy and trying to sit in a chair feel like they're going to snap my thigh bones.

    I've stretched a bit more, but there isn't real room for it at home. And the tightness persists. It's weird sort of pain. I wobble like I'm weak but I sure don't feel weak, legs have a shortened stride and no way can I do another squat. Just trying is on the toilet means holding onto the wall like an old biddy.

    I know I have to get back on this pony, but how soon? won't working out when I can barely move make it all worse/threaten sprains? I guess I'll stretch AGAIN. Blech. Need back to the gym.
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    you can do some light cardio, it'll get the blood flowing and help muscles recover faster. You can also work out a different part of your body, do some upper body work while the lower body recovers.
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    Exercise tip: Enhance your enjoyment of the step machine or cross trainer by listening to the Pacific Rim soundtrack and pretending you're piloting a Jaeger.
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    okay whitechapel, i need some help. I know that when one works out, one should go for compound movements that exercise groups of muscles and not target train too much, but due to the nature of my new job I really need to specifically amp up my finger strength/grip, and then my upper arms. You know how when you pick something up that isn't terribly heavy can feel like a ton when you hold it out at arms length? Yeah, I need to work on that and my grip. What are some exercises than can help?
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    For finger strength, you could get yourself a grip trainer like the one below. Apologies for the full link, I'm on my mobile.

    Maybe try some curls with free weights, too, and use a rowing machine set to a higher resistance level.
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    Raises in general are pretty good. Y raises, front raises, etc. Also do rotator cuff exercises to protect your shoulders.
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    Already have one of those grip trainer, but I'll add in the wrist curls. And the raises, too! I forgot those existed.
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    Gahh, the initial joyoys phase of cruising well below the target weight is definitely over. General brain-tiredness and frustration makes it a bit harder to concentrate on eating cream soups and cottage cheese, and the morning weight keeps hopping over the target like an overly excited dolphin, spending far too little time under the surface.

    Well, if there's one good thing to say about the fucking sham of a travesty of a winter we had here, it is that the biking season is starting a month early. Imma dig out my "ballmangle", as bikes were affectionally called in the vernacular of yore, and see if work biking will get things in order. Of course, the outside world is one big windstorm of road sand this time of year, but eh, beats the rush hour bus.
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    Just frustrated... Weight ticks up on the fancy scale at the gym, down on my cheapo one at home. Can't trust either because I've been eating like crap lately and have a hard time getting to the gym first thing in the morning. Blech.

    Just generally having a day when it feels like it's impossible to get to where I want to go. It dominoes on other things going, makes me feel old and defeated. It took SO MUCH work (and not a little bit of help from health supplements that are now illegal) 10 years ago. How the hell am I supposed to pull this off now with even fewer resources and less energy and discipline?
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    Here is not a very good suggestion:

    I, too, used to rely on herbal Phen Fen to keep me going. I have found that an alternative is Claritin D (or the generic Loratidine D). It also works well as an alternative to Aderall. I really helps focus and energy levels. It makes for insane dry-mouth, though, and it takes a few days of feeling like a crack head to level out. Also, it ends up being around a dollar a pill, which is a lot of money when you are poor. Also, it's not the most healthy thing to do, but it really does help a person make some headway and get into a good pattern of exercise and activity.
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    For finger strength, there's a thing I see done that I call Rice Punching (because I don't know what it's actually called), where you thrust your fingers, with the movement of a full punch, into a bin of rice (or other grain). It gives enough resistance to stimulate the muscles in the fingers, without causing harm, and it's tougher than it looks (especially when you spend forever doing it).

    Also, a Question: why doesn't BUYING exercise equipment yield the same results as USING it?
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    Aaaand fuck, I've officially stalled. No change in weight for over a week. The target is 76.1 kg this morning and I was clocking 77.2 kg. Willpower has been creaking a bit in the last two weeks, thanks to a rather or lot of stuff to deal with. Need to get my second wind on this.
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    Sounds like your body is starting to cotton on to the extremely low calorie count (if you're still doing that) and has started to save what you put in as fat rather than burning it for energy. Do you find yourself having less energy than before these days as well? I would recommend going back to a more balanced intake and rather focusing on physical activity to maintain/ generate muscle mass. Remember that more muscle mass burns fat quicker as well.
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    Hmm, I'm doing -500kcal adjusted to exercise, so I don't think that's extreme, or is it? As for the diet, I do try to keep it balanced, just cutting down on the portions. I'm not sure I can get more exercise crammed to my weekly diet of 2-3 bouldering sessions and one yoga thing, plus climbing the stairs to 6th floor several times a day. Well, once the Old Man Winter decides to fuck off, I'll dig out the bike and start commuting with it.

    I am a bit tired, but it feels like the usual allergy-tiredness that comes with the thaw, the road dust and the beginning of the pollen season, plus there's lots of stuff occupying my mind. There have been a bit too many flex days, I think. Rarely going over the limit to gaining side, but days like today when I was at the limit, but in a movie evening someone plunked down a bowlful of popcorn and I just didn't have the WP points to burn. There also seem to be 2-3 birthdays at work per week, and there is always CAEK. :)
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    I gave My Fitness Pal and all its integrated apps a shot for about a week this year, and then gave up. I don't have the hours each week to input all these data when I know the basic ins and outs of my diet vs. exercise. I guess it was just a matter of not needing to see my progress. That's not where my motivation came from. I know which days I've eaten more than I've burned or if it's been too long since cardio, gym, whichever.

    I've been doing a pretty good weights program when I can get to the gym, and body weight when I can't, and mostly not sweating the cardio since next week I'll be biking to work again.

    @diello -- the rice punching thing sounds interesting. I'd be curious to read more on it.
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    Just ran for 20 mins, furthest I've gone since my teens, so feeling fairly pleased about that. Half the bloody office are running Marathons, but one has to start somewhere.