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    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2014

    • CommentAuthorShan
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    So you should be.

    (Jack makes Shaky's leadership decisions look Churchillian in comparison just for starters).
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    @gragh46 - Yeah, that makes sense then about Shaky's number of kills. I couldn't remember exactly how it was worded -- I just remembered that he mentioned two kills and the term cold-blooded. I think you're right that at the time when he wrote it he was referring to his attempted murder of the GK and of course Jasper.

    Though "cold-blooded" doesn't necessarily mean premeditated, right? Granted, in this last chapter things were falling to shit all around him and shooting the Cheese Maker was a knee-jerk reaction to crossed-Tabs getting blasted (while possibly still carrying his child), but Shaky seemed to feel no remorse for murdering the Cheese Maker. I'd call that fairly cold but we can pin this latest murder of his on "temporary insanity" for now, I suppose.

    Maybe he'll think back on it with regret once the adrenaline stops flowing and all of the action settles down which, haha, likely will not happen for the remainder of this story.
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    Interesting point of comparison. It's my contention that 80% of the intrigue and drama in Lost is predicated upon supposedly smart people mysteriously failing to ask the right questions. Or, usually, any questions at all. It's pretty much the one strategic/stylistic decision I made, when (otherwise) intuiting my way through the first arc, that I'd never get stuck in the same mire.
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    Oh, don't worry Si, I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say that you have certainly avoided that mire. Me, I watched the first two seasons of Lost before giving up in disgust as the writers were just making shit up as they went along. And now we have Kate Austen running around Middle-Earth shooting orcs, heh-heh-heh. Hey, it just occurred to me that in Crossed-verse Lost never finished. Wonder if we'll get a scene where Shaky (or someone else) wonders how it would have ended, like Dave Lizewski when he was being tortured in the film version of Kick-Ass (IMHO far superior to the comic, BTW)? For that matter, no Game of Thrones HBO show either in Crossed-verse, ha-ha.

    So, what do you think about me and Shan's global speculations about the Crossed pandemic? Interesting ponderings, or boring rubbish?
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    @Babu Dhakal
    Masoud going out like a Muslim suicide bomber? Haha. You racist bastard. :)

    Latest comic seemed like it got an art upgrade. Detail, colour, and lines all seem different.

    Nun also looks real tired of Shakey's shit, in the flashbacks.

    I'm a little in the dark here, reading what other people are writing. "Subclinical infection"? There's a new Ennis story about the origins of the C-virus? Far out!
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2014
    Don't forget, something can also be interesting and yet still rubbish in the grand (and not so grand scheme of things).
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2014

    Yea, Ennis will be showing the origins. With Ennis it could be about anything. Divine? Virus? Who knows.

    But I do think back to two specific stories I read about. One back in my childhood where a family that had a high criminality rate (rape, incest, murder, assault, etc) was found to have a genetic abnormality that presumably made them more aggressive and less prone to rational decision making.

    Another is the DFTD disease spreading across the Tasmanian Devil population. One of the theories is that a female devil developed cancerous tumors on her face a logn time ago. She then nipped another devil and spread it to him/her and so forth.

    For all we know the disease is something akin to that. Cancerous cells that infect a person.

    But part of me wants it to be a divine plague. Totally non-viral in origin. It's almost easier to deal with a god wanting to kill you than a thoughtless algorithmic disease.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2014
    From what I read about Family Values, one character gets bitten (or whatever) but is saved by a Brad Pitt-ectomy of their leg and doesn't become Crossed, so that would seem to suggest an infective agent of some sort. Doesn't rule out a supernatural cause of the infective agent of course.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2014
    @ dragonraven13

    I think the only person saying "subclinical infection" is me, that comes from my background of working in the medical field. Even though I said the least interesting thing to be was the depictions of gruesome violence, I didn't quite make it clear when I posted a message to Si earlier about what I found most interesting about the series as a whole is being able to do various hypothetical exercises with the concept.

    To explain, I did a lot of my Masters Degree in Public Health writing about diseases like polio and measles. For every person who shows active signs of the disease, there can be up to hundreds or even more who silently carry the disease and suffer no effects. However, they can still spread the disease (hence, using the term "subclinical").

    So, I've been thinking that a possible explanation to the sudden eruption across the globe is that an earlier form of the Crossed virus (I'm going with virus for now) was spreading silently for a period of time and that C-Day was the day that the virus 'flipped' on, which is why people were able to catch trains, board planes and even go into space before suddenly turning into raving homicidal lunatics. You could argue that the current form is a mutated version of an earlier form, which now immediately turns people into actively infected people manifesting symptoms.

    In 'real life', it hasn't all happened in one day (but I think it works better for dramatic effect and narrative purposes) but there is precedence with something along these lines happening with other viruses over an extended period of time.

    It certainly leads to some interesting potential ideas such as completely resistant people*, carriers (people who show all the signs of infection including the cross but are completely as they were before infection) and silent carriers (no signs but still unwittingly infective).

    *unfortunately he was not immune to knives.
    • CommentAuthorHardCory
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2014
    Well I dont know if anyone else thought this odd, but way back when the Scottish soldiers were held up and Shaky and the gang were out on the sortie, and the Commander's wife was suspected of being infected after the crossed launched the infant into the air and shot it like a clay pigeon and it proceeded to infect a few soldiers. They suspected the wife of being infected and was quarenteened for a time. When they thought it was time enough they opened the door and saw she was fine. The Commander (not sure of his exact title but he was the leader) felt a bit randy and dropped his pants and started having sex with her. THEN she turned crossed and stabbed him to death. In that instance she took a long time to turn, or she waited for the opportune moment to turn crossed. Everyone else seemed to turn almost immediately. Does this suppose that the infection is like a parasite, where it waits for the opportune moment where it is most effectively able to spread before it turns the host crossed?

    I thought this was very interesting and is sort of in the same vein as the host mentality. The crossed infection could be parasitic. Although every prediction I have made has been wrong, it seemed likely at the time.

    Anyway, great writing Si. It sent chills up my spine when the priest told the group to go back and wait. Oh god...
    I probably would have wrapped my lips around a revolver and painted the boat with my brain like a normal person before ever wanting to see what sadistic rapist plans were in store. I'm sure whatever deity that was watching would give me pass for taking my own life in that situation.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2014

    It might just be how much infective material you're hit with it in the first place. From what I read in TV Tropes, someone hit by a bullet didn't turn straight away, neither did Viceroy (remember him?) and then in the beginning on the police boat, there was the one guy who hadn't become active straight away like a lot of the other Crossed on C-Day but instead just was lying on the deck of the boat looking decidedly ill to start with.
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2014
    I have a particularly strong affection for Rab. I'm going to be sad when he dies.
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2014
    For the record, Shaky was right, that one was Edith

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