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    Why the *$^@*!!! would you do this to me!?

    (Also, Mojo King Bee, Flyin' to your Heart, Born to be Bone, Nuff Respect. Gitaroo Man has one of the best soundtracks ever.)

    So this is a nice start.
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    Wait, 3 more-

    Ok, someone else's turn. :)
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    Bastion's wall song:

    Surprisingly, the first Halo soundtrack ended up being the first game soundtrack that I actually listened outside of the game.

    Thief 3 soundtrack saw a lot of use in RPG background music:

    Then, some retro:

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    How do you define 'classic' here? How far back?

    I doubt you'll count Bravely Default given it's not even out in the US yet, but sod it:

    (Stick with it, it sounds like it's just going to loop but then around the 3 minute mark it changes gear...)

    Intro theme from what's probably still my favourite game ever:

    Something retro, although this isn't the original it's a great modern take on it...
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    Looks like you can't post SoundCloud, so standard Youtube it is-

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    UK musicians did some of the best stuff on the SNES, for some reason. Dang people could make it sound like it WASN'T a 16-bit console.

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    As amazing as Rare's audio output was, they're also responsible for this. Before hitting play you may want to unplug the computer and set it on fire-

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    Apology soundtrack-

    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2014
    secret of mana
    SoM had two or three great songs, including when you bring water back to the desert village, and most of the generic music was pretty great, especially the sad songs.

    I especially love all the house music on the desert world (twelve minutes in), and the cheesy action music on the final satellite thing (34-36 minutes).
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    Came here to post Secret Of Mana, and Allana beat me to it. It is really great though
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    Here we go:

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    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2014
    The Genesis had a very distinctive 'sound' to it. I kinda miss that aspect with the modern consoles. Here's another example...

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    All my life I thought these tunes were similar. Am I the only one?
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    I completed Rayman Legends recently, and, well, I'm loving the music. Especially the rhythm levels, with their weirdass cover songs.

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    this isn't a classic videogame, but it has fantastic music: