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    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2014
    Oh, oops! It's a new month!

    Okay so let's follow up on the New Year's resolution thread and see just how bad we want it.

    If you're new to these threads No sweat! Forget about January and New Year's Resolutions and all that crap and demand better of yourself today!
    > Voicey: Stumbling forward movement. It's not as great or as strong as I really wanted but it's definitely something with auditioning at my friend's house a couple of days, going to a VO meetup and talking to some pros, getting into an ongoing workout group with one of my favorite coaches... Still tons and and tons more to do that I've avoided doing (budget!!!!!). But I feel my own pushing, good. Now to do it more.
    >Burning Man *worries lip* Err yeah, almost going back on this because of the money it takes. When I really wanted to do it I had people talking to me who made me feel supported. Maybe next I should have a real hard convo with a friend and really ask for her advice and take it seriously. Tickets go on sale soon and I could do it but I could also end up seriously screwing myself over... stupid money... *nervous*
    >Japanese: eep. fell off that one. Lots of practice I need to get on and I meant to write to a university professor for advice but I kind of...slacked off.
    >weight loss: Really happy there's a fitness thread so these threads don't become entirely about trimming down, but as a part of my resolutions it is on my mind a lot. Unfortunately I let the last week get away from me. REALLY sucks because I'm sure I lost some weight (about 2lbs) the week before, when I really buckled down. But @oldhat recommended MyFitnessPal and staying on that has helped a TON. Of course, there have been a couple of days when I skipped because I a. went out to eat and knew I'd never remember all the complicated Japanese names of the dishes I enjoyed and b. knew I waaaayyy overate. But for most days and most meals it's excellent. Looking forward to more.

    How 'bout you?
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2014
    1. Lose at least 20lbs - Have lost 5lbs so far and have been able to keep it down!

    2. Run a 5K marathon - Can now run 4km without breaking pace. Once I hit 5k I'll start messing about with the incline setting on the treadmill so I can start getting ready for a 5k.

    3. Take on more freelance work - Two photo jobs that I know of coming up. Last week got a "is there any conflict of interest?" e-mail from the editor of a site.

    4. Get a place of my own. Or at least get closer to that outcome. -Money is saving up bit by bit. Taking on more jobs.

    5. Cook more vegetarian/vegan meals. - Oh yeah. Roasted vegetable sandwiches and chocolate avocado banana pudding for the win.

    6. Do more Thirsty Wench stuff. - Work's been too crazy. Have a number of half-finished posts which I'm ashamed of.

    7. Work on trust issues and depression - NOOOOOOOPE.

    8. Be a better friend. - I've been trying best I can. I think I'm doing well with that.

    9. Take better care of my appearance. - Showering a few times a week! Getting dressed! Putting on makeup! Brushing my hair! It's getting done. Not every day, but it's happening and morale goes up a bit.

    10. Finish my pulpy ultra-violent novella. Just for fun. - Now have a motive! Wooo!
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    I just rolled over all the things I failed to do last year... but most can wait. guess main thing at the start of the year was to try and get my health back on track and that's going really well. Not getting anywhere at all in the creative spheres, but I think that will come if I can get the basic things like fitness right. Lost 5lbs though so that's a great start on the way to losing the 30 or so I want to get rid of.

    And I've smartened up a lot, new shirts, ties, look less like I've slept in a hedge.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2014
    I'm regularly prancing about the house in three-inch heels, though there's not really anywhere to go outside. Still, I think my form is good enough that I won't break an ankle. It's mostly about not hating how pathetic I feel when taking baby steps everywhere. Ugh.

    I took a week off coffee and it did seem to have an effect on the heartburn. Not worth it, though. I'm cleaning out the rest of my diet, though, as per fitness thread. Going easy on wheat for my grain intake is making me think a lot more about food choices in general. Dairy seems to be my biggest comfort food, which is weird, I tend to think of myself as a salty/greasy binger.
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    Weight: I'll leave it for the fitness thread
    Personal Project: Not a chance in hell
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2014
    @allana, I went off coffee for a week due to panic attacks from them. The headaches were worse.
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2014 edited
    1) Get the weight down to 72kg, where I got a good start but an equally good rebound last year. Preferably by June. I'm starting from 81.5kg as of yesterday.

    Down to 78.9 kg, so this is going nice and on schedule.

    2) I can currently climb four out of five 5C routes on boulder with confidence. By the end of the year I want that to apply for 6A.

    No particular advancement here, in spite of regular training.

    3) Publish one IF game for either Spring Thing or IFcomp.

    I've been working on a game for Spring Thing 2014... it's going slowly and I doubt I can make it to the deadline, so AAARGH - I need to skip that competition this year, concentrate on a shorter idea for IFcomp, and pick up this one again for next year's compo. Rushing this out will just make the end result suck.

    4) Publish at least one short story.

    I have one story coming out in a Finnish anthology of ghost stories, and so far two 100 word drabbles coming out in a weekly story service and an anthology that's coming out in the end of the year. Trying to write a few more drabbles for that.

    5) Start on the second novel.

    No progress.
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    1. Be more socially brave - Yes. I am making terrible decisions very bravely.

    2. Ask people out - Twice last month! I have a date on Wednesday, and had a very fun but ill-advised hookup earlier this month.

    3. Get back into yoga - I did this a good bit early in the month. I lost track of it once classes started, though.

    4. Less procrastinating - I partied all week, and turned in my first incomplete homework since... middle school? I did learn that turning in incomplete work is a more miserable experience than turning in work that I'm not happy with, so there's that. I also haven't filled out any scholarship applications or gotten health insurance because Documents are scary.

    5. Prioritize happiness - I guess I did this? I may have over-corrected there. I'm now worried that I can't actually have a social life and success in college at the same time.
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    Eek... well after I wrote all the previous stuff, I did far too much 'stuff' and broke myself.

    I'm dumping the whole thought of even attempting edinburgh. I can't afford to buy in, and the free fringe have announced that they want to be able to 'see the proposed performance by the end of march' if they don't already know you. Not going to happen for all sorts of reasons.

    I'm not getting anywhere on the money-for-work front either. Still need to think on that, but possibly the 'being broken' thing isn't going to help with that. I am being asked to apply for things, but I'm not qualified to do them and that shows in... well not getting anywhere.

    Art is happening though. I've been writing very bad lyrics and finding stupid noises. Booked on a 'glitch' course in a couple of weeks - this one is at Laine-Dankworth centre and definitely worth doing. I'm looking on it as a reason to get my arse in gear on some (programming) language learning as well as a way to make op.s to meet other musician types. I have a couple of people I know that I *really* would like to work with, but I want some recent composition/recording behind me to bother them with. That will come.

    I am being made to go slow, and next thing is to learn to suck it up and relax...
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2014
    Comic Project- nope.

    Printmaking project(s)- nope again.

    Money- Yes. I got a job modeling for art classes at a college here, so that'll provide seed money for printmaking projects, studio access, etc. Some of that will go into submission fees for a show and saving for grad school applications or moving if I find something to move for as well. I have to figure out a bank or credit union in Columbus where I can put the checks so I can use the money for online things very soon, though.
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2014
    Weight- Well, I'm cutting back on the soda, for the most part. Cans are smaller than bottles. Planning on finishing the 12 pack in the fridge (one can a day) and then no more. After the health scare I mentioned in the fitness thread, it's definitely more of a priority.
    Budget- Nope. I remain too scared to open the budgeting software.
    Counseling- I haven't been terribly depressed lately, which means I've totally forgot about looking into counseling.
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2014
    Politics - Got some time off, in which my second steps in. The relief I'm feeling is a lot bigger than I expected.
    Art & games - Asked to organize something arty in march, and putting more efforts in keeping the regular old gaming nights. It's nice. Sketching a little again, but no progress on anything substantial.
    Exercise - Nah. Keeping a better schedule, planning further ahead, with this as a top, immoveable priority should do the trick. Right?
    French - Yay! Actually getting noticeably better. Longest consecutive streak so far: 7 days.
    Zinebloggery - Longtime contributor spontaneously made some really neat interviews. One in English, with the designer of a new Swedish horror RPG, here. Inspiring, and encouraging.
    Jobs - Some things coming up. Will be setting aside some time to do it properly.
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2014
    Today was an epic LIFE MANAGEMENT DAY, unfortunately due to the fact that otherwise things would have turned unbelievably bad.

    1. Get my head straight -- doctor's appointment: booked.

    2. Finances -- housing & unemployment benefits: applied for.

    3. Luthiery -- noooooope.

    4. Music -- getting more and more compliments for my DJ sets, and something may be happening next year....

    5. Butts -- a tremendous lack thereof.

    6. Be more active here -- I guess, a little bit improved.
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2014
    I lol'd at your section title "Butts." And then I told my boyfriend and then he lol'd.
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    1) Health/Weight Loss: People seem to notice that I'm losing weight. Checked weight via wii fit - yep, still losing weight, though not as fast as I'd like. Still, 20+ lbs less then at my worst, so I'm very happy with that. Another 30 and I'll be at my optimal weight so hopefully by summer when I look at photos of myself I won't cringe.

    2) Work on Website/Sell Art: Hahaha no. I'm hoping once I get my tax stuff sorted I'll actually have a chance at tackling this. Hoping.

    3) Consistently Clean Apartment: I'm actually doing ok with that.

    4) Work on mental health/have healthy relationships/Don't turn into my sister: So far so good. Creating boundaries and getting shit done is hard, but we're getting there. I think. I hope.

    5) Get my finances back in order: Right now the biggest focus aside from not spending (hah!) is getting my papers for tax stuff together so taxes can get done. Also needing to look into getting help from county for paying heating bill because that shit is expensive.
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2014
    Skimming this article on procrastination and depression and, because irony likes to smack me around from time to time, I can't really focus on it. But I think, this is what this thread is for, an end run around my inclination for procrastination and laziness.

    I'm sorta babbling because I know I'm trying to get shit done and feels mad uncomfortable. Every time I go into a few days - just three or four - of doing crap, I need at least that many to rest. But, hello! Real life, here. I don't get three or four days just to dick around in my sweats. If I want my life to really get some where I need to work at least as hard as regular people with regular jobs. Though from the people who've really gotten ahead it looks like I should try and put in twice that much.

    But I can't, and it's totally unreasonable to try for same reason it's a terrible idea to try and run a marathon when I can't even jog down the street. A friend put up one of those "someEcard" macros that says "That awkward moment when you're not sure if you actually have free time or if you're just forgetting everything." And she added "...or remembering everything and just choosing to sit there regardless." And yeah, that's what it is. Because waaayyyy too often I sit there thinking I have a long to-do list and there are enough hours in the day to get a good chunk done... And then I go play with my photos on facebook or dick around on youtube or hunt up articles on depression that will keep me away from actually doing anything.

    If I had a question I don't remember it any more. I just hate this, that's all. How do normal people grind? I basically had a three day vacation and I don't want to get to work tomorrow. Been putting off going to the gym again for almost a week. This is so fucking lame.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2014
    Gonna make my post soon, but until then, Raz, I can give some advice on Burning Man too if you want. I've only gone once but it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. Word of warning, it's hard to just go once :P Every year I get bummed out when I can't afford to go back or the timing isn't right. Also, we still need to talk about Japan!!
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2014
    @Argos - yes! Let us talk on these things!

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