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    • CommentAuthorbretturen
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2014 edited
    Hi all, my name is Brett Uren, i've written/drawn 'Kuzimu' for 215 Ink and 'The Vale' for Dead Universe, plus some other short tales.

    The digital-only anthology Outre #2 ran my 8 page short, 'Torsobear' not so long ago, and was unanimously well-liked by readers and the press.

    Based on the positive repsonse I am now taking submissions from writers and artists for a standalone Torsobear anthology book, based around a world of toys and how their own police deal with plaything-on-plaything crime.

    Vist for more details, download the original 8 pager and contact me from there if you want to get involved, i'll send you the guide document.

    I've created a whole history and ecosystem for the world of Toyburg City, so any stories or art would have to adhere to some guidelines I have set out, but are otherwise free to tell their own story.

    I'll be contributing a couple more stories about Ruxby Bear too, to give the thing an overarching plot. I'll be editing along with Glenn Moane of Outre (Also FUBAR and Indie Comics Horror), and we're looking at talking to publishers or crowdfunding it when the book has taken more shape.

    It would be a backend pay gig, dependent on how many copies we can sell all together.

    Here's a pinup of the two main characters:

    Ruxby and Hazbrow
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    When you say "backend pay gig" what do you mean? Are you talking royalties, and if so, what is the percentage breakdown between contributors?
    • CommentAuthorbretturen
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    Yeah, sorry for not being clearer. What we're thinking of is a royalties/profit sharing deal, the final structure of which will depend on whether we end up with the project in a publishers hands or doing a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign for it. Either way, it'll definitely end up on Comixology, either through a label or submit.

    So it would be on all the contributors to help promote and generate interest. Of course me and Glenn will do a lot of press for this, but it all helps.
    • CommentAuthorbretturen
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    Percentage split-wise, roughly thinking dividing it between the 8 stories, with one credit garnering 6.25% royalty on profit. By a credit I mean one script or finished set of art pages for a story. So if you wrote or drew two stories for the final book, you'd get a 12.5% profit share. Maybe that's fair or unfair, still working on getting it finalized, it is my first time editing/organizing an anthology so still figuring things out.
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    This sounds like fun, e-mailed for more information.
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    All right, I'll be writing one of the scripts. If anyone is interested in co-operating from the art side, I'm game :)
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    Heh, I love it when these little reality bleeds happen, which is... surprisingly often, actually. When I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale, I promptly found some gold coloured cut of plaster angel wings on a bus stop, and after submitting my twisted little toy story to Torsobear yesterday, what I found on the street when on my way to the girlfriend's place was this polaroid.