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      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014 edited
    Thought it might be an interesting experiment to start a thread where creative peoples working in any field (comics, art, music, writing, film, s&m fashion, cannibal cooking or whatever) could share their work and promote each other online.

    Some ways this could be done include exchanging website links, guest blogging, connecting for collaborations, writing reviews or simply sharing posts via social media.

    If this is something you are interested in post your URL, a short description & maybe a small enticing visual/video/audio clip of you work. You can contact each other (either in this thread or by private message ) to make an exchange. Also let us know if anything exciting works out.
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    This is me:

    “HEYAPTHY!” is an ongoing artistic investigation of people, monsters, the metropolis and the absurdity of existence in general. I use a combination of comics, ink drawings, art gallery installations, animations and street art performances to express an optimistic warning towards future days...

    P.S. I am hoping to build an informative in depth link library with images & descriptions and am more than happy to add anyone who contributes to this thread. See it here
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    @hey apathy- thanks for the promote! I am really flattered on what you wrote about me. I will have to make a section on my site for promotions when I have the time (will be out of town in Florida next week). It's a really good idea though and I love promoting artwork I like. Hopefully there will be a bunch more links here by the time I do it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    GREAT idea. I'd love to start featuring folks I like on my (admittedly not well-followed) Tumblr, as well as have a page for art friends on my website.

    I'll post a short description about m'self at some point soon when I'm not drawing/trying to multi-task. (so I'll do it at work hahahah)
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    I'd love to feature people on mine. My website is mostly about sharing the things that I know, but it would be cool to have guest posts on it. Basically, if you have an artistic skill that you think you could write a little about (mostly interested in process than self promo), please feel free to contact me.

    In the meantime:

    I'm Glukkake -
    I'm a screenprinter based in NYC & who is looking to travel more and collaborate on physical art work. I mostly do editions or apparel printing for people, but sometimes I get to design for myself. I love working with people on converting their works into screenprints and I'm always pushing what I'm printing with and on. My site is partially to show off what I get up to, but mostly focuses on the process and end results of screenprinting.

    I posted yesterday a bit about printing with pigments and specifically my experience converting pig's blood into a printable ink, plus my first attempt at hand lettering. Sometimes I do non-screenprint related works, like lasercutting, amateur taxidermy, etc.
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    Well, for one I'm a photographer. My current site is kind of in ruins, so I only have a flickr for now. I've done album covers, book covers, magazine covers, and a BUNCH of promo photos.

    I'm also, as everyone knows here, a beer blogger. This thread will actually be a good kick in the pants to keep up with my series of artists who should be hired for label work. The first one is here.
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2014 edited
    I'm a painter. I'd probably be classified as an outsider artist, or possibly a modern Expressionist.

    I decided to delete my Facebook art page due to their policy of claiming perpetual royalty-free usage of any images uploaded to their servers, but I'll be back soon with my own site.
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    I'm a writer, an IF game designer and an occasional musician. I dabble here and there.

    With writing, most of my stuff is in Finnish, but the bibliography is here. With music, there's Älymystö and Viihteen uusi aalto. On the games side, there's still only one project, but one hopes a second one will surface this year: The Rocket Man From The Sea.

    I have actually occasionally linked and promoted Whitechapel stuff in social media, where I have been quite active, although winding that down a bit.
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2014
    Artist & Writer

    Usually put what I've worked on over here: BLOG

    and regularly talk cobblers on my twitter

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    OK you've inspired me. I'm going to refit my sad, dead blog so I can if not talk about my own work then at least boost the work of people I admire. Like all y'all.
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    Thanks for lighting the match, Mike!

    I'm an illustrator by choice, aesthetic consultant by trade.

    My almost as good as geocities website can be found here.

    All it really needs is a gray visitor counter.

    I got one of those Deviant Art things but it's really a rehash of what's on the site only larger.
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2014




    I draw and I photograph. I don't write much but I keep meaning to do so.

    A review on Hyperallergic a while back nicely articulated what I try for when I work: "The effect is arresting and totally disturbing — the kind of shit that ruins your day and leaves you feeling somehow thankful for it."
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    I'm going to post my friend Tom Perkins stuff here instead.

    Every morning Tom draws on the lunch bags for his 3 kids. Each kid is drawn as a superhero on a different adventure every day. I defy you to look at these and not get "the feels":

    and here is a site that has his other work that will make you feel like you're not drawing nearly enough:
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    This is a brilliant idea, I do love a bit of cross-pollinating. I do lino prints (t-shirts and art), monoprints, painting, book reviews and illustration, which I write about and post mostly in-progress shots of on my tumblr, with finished pieces turning up on my carbonmade portfolio. Something I will try and get back into when my toddler starts pre-school is documenting my processes more, there's sometimes something enlightening about trying to put a visual procedure into words...

    there's also what amounts to an archival deviantart, which I might start updating for an impending project but has otherwise not been looked at in about three years.
    • CommentAuthorTim Murr
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2014
    Awesome. I've got a blog, Stranger With Friction, and two e-books.
    Good idea, Mike!
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    Great idea!

    I'm based in Brighton, on the south coast of England, and sell artwork intermittently around the world (very intermittently, unfortunately).

    I'm an artist mainly working in printmaking, drawing, and photography - all my work is at although I've also got a Tumblr at and a "artwork in progress" blog at Oh and Twitter and Facebook Page. There's a deviantArt page as well, but I'm probably going to let that die off.

    Here's one of each artform (click through for bigger pics if you're interested):

    Blindfolded Seeress Badb Catha Drawing Badb Catha print
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    I try not to push my own stuff here but in addition to my site about digital comics & Podcast I'm now also doing a Magazine!
    My first issue have been accepted to the Google Play store, and I'm waiting to hear from Apple. This was something new from me, so I hope it continues!
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2014 edited
    This is cool. Hope this thread keeps running for a while. I have a few things coming up which I'll come back and post about specifically if the thread's still going. My journalism stuff ends up here, poetry and music vids here, albums and stuff here. There's some fiction and links to other bits and bobs here. In the works: two new bands (one hip-hop, one doom/drone), a few collab albums with hugely long gestation periods, the long-promised novel (final re-writes pending!) and a clutch of videos, imminently. Trying, at last, to be a finisher. Look forward to checking everyone else's stuff out, and happy to cover stuff too, either on my Tumblr or in the various places I write for. Email me to pitch stuff and I'll see what I can do. texturemusick[at]

    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2014
    I just realized that we need a Resources-for-Artist-Types thread on WC. This link exchange is also cool, but I stumbled across the following and now have no idea where to post it so y'all can take advantage:
    Toronto WebFest!
    Submit your web-series (as long as you've published three or more episodes in the past year or so) for a film festival of web-only productions. There are genre-based awards and etc. Open til March 9th!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2014
    My name is Paul Sizer, and I am a graphic designer, comic artist and writer. I also teach college level graphic design students and do comic workshops for kids and teens. I live and work in Kalamazoo, Michigan (currently frozen in a huge glacier), but thanks to the internet, I am able to work with people all over the world.

    I've run my own award-winning freelance business (Sizer Design + Illustration) for over 20 years, and have worked with everyone from local clients to international musicians like Thomas Dolby and Bruce Woolley, to gaming companies, international comic artists and movie makers.

    I am also a self-publisher, under the imprint of Café Digital Studios, and have to date produced 3 graphic novels available worldwide, and am hard at work at my next project as we speak.

    You can find my work at my website, and at my Deviant Art portfolio. If you want to talk to me about working together, you can always email me at

    I also have a secret weapon; the incredible environment and community of Whitechapel, that has helped me ramp up my game and play with the big boys. : )