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    I'm a laboring-in-obscurity heretic, pornographer, and fantasist; my medium of choice is comix, for which I play any and all of the roles. I am often cruising for artists interested in drawing short porn stories as WFH. And opportunities to provide that service to others. My main web site is

    Lately, for my amusement, creative exercise, a bit of networking, and showing off of work, I'm running a web site called The Nude 52, which features nude illustrations of DC Comics characters. Approaches welcome include nudist, cartoony, artsy, porny, etc. Info about how to participate is here. The site isn't hugely popular, but it's been getting over 3000 hits a month, and just passed the 52-items landmark, featuring work by 16 artists. Something to do between Remake/Remodels, perhaps?
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    Voice over actor, stage manager, dramaturg and sometimes writer.

    Blog is the central place for my art online, but I go on about a lot of things. On my voice over page you can click to my commercial demo or hear other stuff. If I could figure out how to embed it, I'd put it here too. Commercial demo. (didn't know I could do that)

    You visual artists always make me feel inadequate.
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    New video up on my site today, would love a signal boost if anyone's into it. Cheers folks!

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    Hi, I'm Chris and I'm a half of H&H Productions. What we produce are these short and humourous diversions that entertain Ourselves (the other self being my associate and learned colleague Vernon Harcourt) and hopefully they'll amuse some other folk too, right here on our Youtube Channel:

    Harcourt & Haigh: Actors at Large

    We have a meandering Production Blog here:
    H&H Blog

    Also if you're based in the North and would be interested in helping us out we can always do with new, I mean helpers, our email is:

    And just so this post isn't entirely selfish I'd also like to pimp the band of a colleague of mine in my newer day job Fold, in their own words live, experimental, laid back Trip-Hop.
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    I'm Allana Mayer and I make photos, and they can sometimes be bought, in canvas or digital download.

    I also write and edit, usually but not always arts criticism. I like copyediting and proofreading for free, if you have a small-press endeavour you need help with.
    I did Out of Place, Out of Time with people from this very board, if you'll recall.

    I don't exactly have a social-media following, or a website to promote people, but I do have a Tumblr where I occasionally reblog your stuff.
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    I'm Nate Balding and I'm a standup with a podcast about the weird and paranormal called Werewolf Radar. It's great. Also see us live in Denver on the first Wednesday if every month at El Charrito (2100 Larimer) and see me headline Ultra Sex Laser's Playtime on Thursday, 3/6, at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Party!

    Also my html may be rusty. Link is if I fucked it up.
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    Hello, I'm Justin McElroy. Freelance artist, also draw short comics (though I have longer works in progress)
    My website - I don't post stuff here all the time, usually just finished pieces
    Tumblr - I used to post just my work here, but I changed it to promote other's artwork that I like and inspires me
    Twitter - I post sketches and works in progress here. As well as talk about comics, artwork, philosophy...
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    A short poetry film I've been working on for 4 months or so. I made it to try and get myself booked for the poetry stage at Glastonbury this year, so any shares, views, likes or comments you can throw my way would be HUGELY appreciated folks. Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

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    Holy shit texture. Re-blogged!
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    Thank you sir!!
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    FFUUUU- O_O That was pret-ty impressive, just stood watching it totally transfixed in middle of our office, all goosebumpy now. So, safe to say that worked for me :)
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    Dude, thank you so much. I'm absolutely stoked people are digging it.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
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    Hey everbody, nice to see a lot of people have stepped up to share their work and offer a variety of ways to promote each other.

    Just wanted to let you know that I decided to & am in the process of sharing & posting links to all these great sites ( I've done about 10 so far and will keep going). Also have recieved likes & reblogs from some of you as well- Thanks!
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    I've not much to show for myself at the moment but I've just helped make this webpage for a friend to display his incredible micro-photography. The page is still a work in progress, (we only launched it yesterday so its far from finished), but I think the photography is something else.
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    Hey, Alex here, musician and composer. Here's a few things I'm involved in:

    Alex Vagenas Soundcloud

    My Mysterians project on Soundcloud

    A video for my track 'Shivering Sands' by my very talented friend Mickey Dreamkey:

    My musician Facebook page

    Cheers, peeps!
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    I'm Nikka Valken, artist in the process of an identity crisis.
    I have a Society6 page with prints of one of my series on it. I'm still working on cropping the images for all the peripheral items. This is my first foray into the internet wilderness, and I'm kind of excited about it.
    This is me
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    Look at this pool of talent! So exciting to see what everyone's passionate about and working on. Bravo.

    I'm Seb Fowler, freelance animator & illustrator.

    My showreel's on various of those pages, so here's a music video I worked on recently, with the talented crew at Oh Yeah Wow, for oz hip hop outfit Horrorshow.

    It was a lot of fun to animate so much utter douchebaggery.
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    Going to keep putting these here until someone tells me to shut up already. Love this thread.

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    Hello! My name is Jethro Stamps and I'm a musician/videographer/photographer.

    Photography here:

    New Music here:

    The musics a bit of a reboot. Relocating three years ago had the unwanted side effect of stopping me recording. I'd appreciate any listens/thoughts as getting back on the creating-a-cohesive-song train has been quite a trip for various reasons.

    You are all inspiring.
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    Here's where my stuff lives--short fiction and serialized novellae. A lot of it is awfully raw, so be gentle with me