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    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2014
    i think the story will end with shanky meeting the nun, going to kiss her and as he feels he is turning crossed he will use that last claymore to finish them both. loves conquers all or some other deep shit.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2014
    Just discovered another apocalyptic web comic courtesy of io9.

    "After a global pandemic, monsters stalk post-apocalyptic Scandinavia"

    Stand Still Stay Silent

    Just read the first part, it looks very good. Something to do while waiting for new episodes perhaps.

    Special shout out to the Avclub, where I first saw a mention of Crossed in the comments section of an article and that mention ultimately led me to finding Wish You Were Here.
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    Nice! Thanks, Shan. I love the artwork. Added to my ever growing list of bookmarked web comics.

    Speaking of post-apoca-web-comics... Remember Gone with the Blastwave? No monsters but it's always fun to revisit to kill some time.

    I enjoyed this interlude more than the others lately. LOL'd @ Shaky wiping with 50's.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2014 edited
    @ Babu Dhakal

    Going by what I know (which is a mix of what I have read, TV Tropes and the Wikipedia page, so please correct me if I'm wrong) there's possibly been a lot of nuclear bombings - or not.

    Pakistan may or may not have been blown up but everyone only hears about it either way second hand. Same or not with India. Ditto Israel and the Middle East. In the first Chapter of Wish You Were Here, the people of Cava possibly see the after effects of nuclear explosions from elsewhere.

    I do like the big picture stories in apocalyptic worlds. I guess we might find out what happened to Trident then and whether it was a worthwhile use of the taxpayers' money. I am actually curious to know what happened on such places as nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers and the like.

    I guess it depends on how the original infection was spread and maybe we'll find out in this new arc, which is why I'm looking forward to it. There's certainly mysteries I'm curious about as in the beginning, people seemed to flip suddenly without warning like in Shaky's coffee shop and outside in the beginning, on planes in mid-flight (Crossed #0) and even in space (various covers). I also remember the policeman on the river police boat didn't change until hours after the initial outbreak and reportedly hadn't been visibly wounded, though interestingly enough he didn't change instantly but collapsed into a fever first. It all seemingly seemed to spring up in many places almost all at once.

    I guess that form of the infection must have disappeared (mutated out?) leaving only the direct contact with infected material as a form of infection which is just as well, living in communities where anyone could spontaneously change even years after the event would drive the paranoia in any community to unbearable levels and make forming fortified enclaves nigh on impossible.

    I suppose we'll find out at least some answers as the issue summaries seem to hint at it and a Patient Zero was mentioned, even if like that Soderbergh film Outbreak no-one apart from the readers will ever know who it is.

    As for Gordon Brown, maybe he does all right given what is possible. I heard he handled the floods not long after he became PM OK and the circumstances in the Crossed universe sound awfully hard to deal with and even insurmountable for anyone all things considered. We get a hint of the military response both with what Shaky saw from the police boat and also the possible military jet crash where Skip was. I'm certainly interested in seeing more of the overall response. They might even tie in command bunker scenes with the Black Watch and the other scenes we've seen in Wish You Were Here if we're lucky.

    Anyway, can't wait. There's a lot of potentially interesting stories to tell in the Crossed Universe from C-Day (and before) and at least several decades afterwards.

    @ VoteForDuvall

    I have to be careful, if I don't watch myself I could find myself reading online webcomics all day. Each one I look at leads to links to more of them. At least a few people over in the comments section of Stand Still Stay Silent have heard of Crossed (Cava got a mention). I'm wondering whether or not to recommend here to them. On the one hand, the story here and the character building is excellent, on the other hand, even the throes of the apocalypse, the Scandinavians seem quite upbeat while here is ... not. Then there's the ultraviolence, not sure how that might go down either ...
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    @ Shan

    I understand the addiction. Though as a web comic creator myself, I cannot get enough. Gone With The Blastwave is no longer in production (to the best of my knowledge) and isn't exactly linear with it's strips, so it's more like a good way to kill anywhere from 5 - 45 minutes depending on if you wanna read just one or two... or all 80-something strips.

    I need to catch up on Disenchanted. Just remembered!
    • CommentAuthorVulcan
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2014
    By an agreement reached in 1994, U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons are supposed to have either no default target or target the open ocean.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2014
    @ Vulcan

    I remember at the time when it was announced (and the Wikipedia) article suggests the same thing that the changes were effectively cosmetic because the original targeting could be restored within minutes. Since launching nuclear weapons is a multi-step process with a lot of verification, I guess in the Crossed world it depends if there even is enough left to launch the missiles in the first place. Also, there's the question as to whether the reports are accurate that they were launched in the first place. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

    @ VoteForDuvall

    Went back and have been reading Crossed:WYWH from the beginning. I've always said how good it's all been but I've been reminded of specifically why. Lots of big stuff going boom now but I think my personal favourite is a lot of the more mundane day to day living from the first volume. Also, knowing what we know now, many specific events in the early stuff looks even more ominous.

    @ Babu Dhakal

    Has there even been much mention of any big nuclear explosions in any of the series? From what I've seen written, they only really talk about a few as reported second hand and mostly other countries. There was that nuclear power station in the original series but that would have been a meltdown as they can't explode like a nuclear bomb. I figure if bombs had hit the US, it would have rated a mention or a plot point in writeups of stories somewhere.
    • CommentAuthorBabu Dhakal
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2014 edited
    Fuck, I just wrote a HUUUGEEEE post, and of course the system ate it. Anyway, I'll post a summary of what I intended to post.

    @ Shan

    You pretty much got it right. The only really confirmed nuclear explosion so far is the one by the Wolf Creek power station in the original series. Although Stan refers to it as a meltdown, it's clearly not, and this is referred on TVtropes: He knows it happened at or near the Wolf Creek reactor, but isn't sure what caused the explosion, and one of the ongoing themes of Volume One is that Stan is a whole lot dumber than he used to think he was. Then there is a mention in the "Quisling" arc that a refugee claimed to have seen a mushroom cloud in the direction of Nevada (Vegas?)

    Bear in mind that most of the stories so far have taken place in America, and most of these seem to have taken place west of the Mississippi. We know from previous stories that cities like LA, San Diego, Denver and others weren't nuked. Neither was Florida. There very well may have been lots of nukings in eastern America and elsewhere, only no one has written about them yet. We don't know who was responsible for the nukings of Wolf Creek, Nevada and possibly other places. The Russians? The US military in a last-ditch attempt? Crossed military personnel?

    As for reprogramming the missiles to hit their original targets, presumably what was left of the Russian government ordered what was left of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Russian Navy to reprogram their missiles and launch them towards America and perhaps also China and other countries, maybe even Russia itself.

    I too am curious about the naval vessels. If they had Crossed carriers, then they would have been doomed as the infection spread like wildfire, but surely not every frigate, destroyer, carrier and sub would have been taken out that way. Nuclear submarines would be best equipped to survive something like this. I hope Garth will reveal the fate of Britain's four Vanguard SSBNs that are stationed at HMNB Clyde in Scotland.

    We know from the previews that PM Brown and what was left of his cabinet survived at least a few days in a government bunker, so through them we should learn how bad things were globally, and how many nukings there were and where. They would have likely had access to whatever communications networks were left, as well as satellite data, so they would be best placed to know the full situation, like the personnel at Cheyenne Mountain. I'm convinced that the only reason we didn't get more info out of the Quisling arc is that there must be an unspoken rule that only Garth is allowed to elaborate fully on the full extent of the global destruction, hence why the hints we have so far received about the wider world have been so vague.

    As for Gordon Brown himself, it must be remembered that his biggest problem is that he is, well, dour and boring. Of course, being PM when the global financial crisis hit certainly didn't help, but even without it he suffered from constant comparisons to his far more charismatic predecessor (never mind that Blair was reviled for getting Britain involved in Iraq, together with Bush), as well as his general awkwardness with the modern media, a more telegenic Tory leader than the previous Tory leaders and the fact that Labour had been in power for so long. But looking past those things, I'd say that Brown wasn't a terrible PM, and Patient Zero might just reflect this, we shall see.

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who remembers the policeman on the police boat in Shaky's flashback. My theory is that he was one of the original carriers, seeing as he had no visible injuries and there was no mention by the other cops of them being attacked. If you recall, there was also another mysteriously sick/unconscious man in Harry's flashback in The Fatal Englishman, who was shown leaning against a stone fence. Harry and his wife Julie apparently are talking about just that man when Harry frantically asks if she or the kids had been in contact with him. As we now know that Harry and his pals may have known more about the infection than previously thought, given their status as Gordon Brown's security detail and therefore privy to critical information, it seems there was more to that scene than I thought. My theory is that the original carriers fell unconscious before reviving as Crossed.

    Also, the running man in the Patient Zero Ashcan is heavily implied to be Patient Zero (or at least a Patient Zero) as he has just committed some horrible act towards his family and he feels the madness swelling in him, yet there is still enough of his original personality left that he is ashamed and horrified at what he has done. Also, he doesn't have the rash on his face. Then consider the Crossed man who walks into the diner in Crossed #0, carrying some poor bastard's pelvis. Recall that his rash was only at the edges of his face, with the rest of it unblemished. Now consider that it would have taken him a while to cut that pelvis off his victim... My other theory is that the first Crossed were without the rash, with the rash only coming minutes or hours after they turned. That would mean that initially, the first Crossed would have looked no different from ordinary people apart from their behaviour, and those around them would not have noticed that something was wrong until it was too late. That would explain how the infection got to spread so rapidly and so wide. Of course, in other stories those infected get the rash virtually in seconds, but it might be a mutation of the original virus.
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2014
    @ shan
    they must of nuked muslim countries and Israel coz they can't picture muslim people doing crazy stuff with qur'an , muhammad & allah, etc. - remember that danish guy who made the pictures with muhammad that got killed by fanatics?
    with the jews maybe they are trying to avoid any etnic issues.
    i think that is why they pointed that out form the first issue. i think in the first crossed comic they meet a guy who tells them this.

    regarding patient 0

    i don;t know if was posted before but from what i;ve understood from this post

    patient 0 will not give us a real picture of what is happening coz that will be a let down for some readers. instead will come with a more twisted idea that will leave us more curious and with more things that we can speculate - a thing that the crossed comic does a lot.
    also i don;t know if some of the covers are just art or they add to the storyline. in some of them we see the crossed in ancient tombs and on prehistoric graffiti - the one with the explorer in the cave. in medieval times - the one with the witch being burned at the stake etc. also on the cover with the astronauts we see the crossed rash also on the monkey whitch means that the virus must affect only primates. as other animals are not affected.

    regarding wywh
    consider the following plot twist

    shanky is a traitor to mankind just like oliver from the smoky arc. because like somebody else said we don;t know how he really got on the island, maybe he is just a traitor making things easy for his beloved nun to get things done. maybe the nun was going to raid cava but they were too well organized for a full berserk attack and she needed more troops. specially soldiers that we don;t see until the fort gets fucked.
    he is very good at misleading and he lies a lot, maybe everything we read so far is just some made up story. coz we know the story only from his side. is him who is telling the story and a quote that i;ve read on some forum comes to mind "so fast you turn to your books without ever questioning if the author was telling the truth"


    in the chapter when they attack the drifting fleet, the one that jackson dies i think, the nun and some soldiers go somewhere, presumably to the game keeper. so maybe he is behind all this - because the motherfucker knows about the envelope, how would he know from hiding in a cave if it wasn;t his idea? also would the crossed let him carry a gun? we see him with a gun don;t we? he is very good at making plans and knows very well crossed and humans behavior.
    maybe he is just after revenge to get shanky for shooting him and tying him up to a tree.

    just my 2 cents
    sorry for bad grammar.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2014
    @ Babu Dhakal

    I'm going to put Wolf Creek in the artistic licence file for now. Nuclear power stations can't do that though, because the composition of the fuel rods is wrong, there's far too little of the right kind of fissile nuclear material to do that (as opposed to the nuclear bomb material, much higher percentage by far). Also, even if the material was sufficient to make a nuclear explosion (which it wouldn't be), it has to be detonated in a specific manner, which is what the bombs do.

    One of the characters was apparently blinded by the explosion in Crossed #0. I'm thinking that's suggesting it was a nuclear bomb type explosion for it to be bright enough to do that but when places like Fukushima and Chernobyl blew up due to systems failure, it wasn't that kind of explosion.
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    So it was Interlude week this week. And since there isn't a place for Interludes or rambling comments, I'll throw my current thoughts on the series here.

    I've been following Crossed from the start and one thing I would like to see in a future arc is interactions with other survivor groups. I know its been touched on throughout the various series, but its never been a significant plot point.
    I think it would be interesting to see how a survivor group deals with another group that are more focused on violence and eliminating the competition. We had a small moment in Family Values, however it could be interesting to see what happens when its no longer just the Crossed that the characters have to be afraid of.

    And then my other wishlist arc would be one set further in the future when order has begun to be restored. Crossed are still a threat but precautions and systems have been put in place to keep survivors safe and the Crossed in check. Cities are being reclaimed and rebuilt. The usual feel good crap. Then like all Crossed stories, it all turns to crap again.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2014
    @ Babu Dhakal

    The Wikipedia article on Trident is quite interesting.

    British Trident System in Operation

    Some of the key parts are below.

    "The principle of operation is known as continuous at-sea deterrence, which means that at least one submarine is always on active patrol. A second submarine is normally undergoing maintenance and the remaining two are in port or on training exercises." (This was one of the things I already knew)

    "During a patrol, the submarine is required to remain silent for three months and is allowed to make contact with the base only in a dire emergency. The submarine navigates using mapped contour lines of the ocean floor and patrols a series of planned "boxes" measuring several thousand square miles. A 1000 metre aerial trails on the surface behind the submarine to pick up incoming messages. Intelligence is constantly relayed to the vessel, giving details of shipping movements and potentially hostile aircraft or submarines in the area.

    Most of the crew never know where they are and no one on board would know which targets were selected."

    "Only the Prime Minister or a designated survivor can order the missiles to be fired. These orders would likely be issued from the Pindar command bunker under Whitehall in central London. From there the order would be relayed to the CTF 345 operations room at the Northwood Headquarters facility in Hertfordshire, the only facility allowed to communicate with the Vanguard commander on patrol.

    Two personnel are required to authenticate each stage of the process before launching, with the submarine commander only able to activate the firing trigger after two safes have been opened with keys held by the ship's executive and weapons engineering officers.

    At the end of the Cold War, the US Navy installed devices to prevent rogue commanders persuading their crews to launch unauthorised nuclear attacks. These devices prevent an attack until a launch code had been sent by the Chiefs of Staff on behalf of the President.
    The UK took a decision not to install equivalent devices onto Vanguard on the grounds that an aggressor might be able to eliminate the British chain of command before a launch order had been sent.

    The process by which a Trident submarine would determine whether the British government continues to function includes, amongst other checks, establishing whether BBC Radio 4 continues broadcasting. If the UK Government no longer functions, the letters of last resort drafted by the Prime Minister would be retrieved from a safe bolted to the control room deck."
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    @ Shan

    Indeed, it is very interesting in its implications.

    @ 11111

    Actually, there was at least one attempt on the Danish cartoonist's life, which failed, but your point stands. It's a sad fact of modern life that much as we talk about freedom of expression, when it comes to Islam there is massive amounts of self-censorship for the reasons you stated. I mean even Roland Emmerich pussied out from showing Mecca being inundated by a tsunami in "2012" because of fears of Muslim reaction. No doubt if any Crossed arc depicted Crossed Muslims doing... things with the Quran, Mosques, Imams and the like (like the skeleton of the priest tied to a cross in the original series), word would quickly spread through the grapevine and then you'd see demonstrations and shit against Crossed... rolls-eyes
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2014
    yea, Theo van Gogh was the one killed.

    the arc with Mattias and the police chick doesn't take place in L.A? isn;t LA close to las vegas? wouldn't the police chick mention anything about some near place getting nuked? if Nevada (Vegas?) got nuked after the crosses plague started and was in full effect in LA, who nuked it and why? i mean aren;t more important places to nuke than casino paradise las vegas?

    an arc where mattias meets smokey and fight each other would be nice but florida and la are too far apart for this to happen. but you never know

    why the fuck do crossed hate shoes so much. in almost all issues you see many crossed bare foot or with only one shoe. even if they are dressed some of them don't have shoes. shoes don;t wear off so fast. they must have a problem with footwear

    i would like a sticky with crossed general discussions to avoid talking off topic in wywh chapter threads. would be easier to fallow other ppl ideas an pov than going to every thread.
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2014
    @Babu Dahkal
    I agree that Lorre was a coward, but he was still a bad ass. When u said Des or Jackson would snap him like a rotten twig all I could think about is when Harold said he hid for 26 days, living off house spiders and condensation off pipes in a crawl space. And guess what...? I'm still heeeerrrrreee. Say what u will about Harold Lorre, but the fact remains that he's still alive. Jackson and Des are not.
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    111111 - I have no objection to that. Suggest you start the thread and if it picks up even a little bit of return traffic I'll make it sticky.
  6.  (11278.17)
    ...which. Uh. Sounds gross. Now that I read it back.
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    You forget that by the time "Psychopath" begins Jackson and Des have already been dead for a year or so (WYWH: 1.5-2 yrs after C-Day; Pschopath: 3+ years after C-Day) so that's not really applicable. Also, Jackson was more than capable of taking care of himself against the Crossed even though he lived the life of a hermit; in fact, one could argue that by getting involved in others' affairs (trying to help the Driftfleet) he made it likelier that he would end up dead as he was now on unfamiliar ground and not on a battlefield of his own choosing. In any case, I say that a loonie like Jackson would have immediately recognized Harold's true nature just by looking at his ugly mug and would have promptly thrown his knife through the guy's throat. ^_^;;

    As for the Gamekeeper... well, let me put it this way: If someone like Shaky had to choose between him and Harold, I think he wouldn't hesitate to think of the GK as being the far more terrifying of the two...

    In any case, remember that when Amanda escaped from Harold's clutches, she also bit his lips off. Which was then followed by him sewing the now-dead flesh back onto his face, as if the lips could just reattach themselves naturally without sophisticated surgery. When you think how our mouths teem with all kinds of nasty bugs (and I doubt Amanda had plenty of opportunities to brush her teeth or floss) and how holding rotting flesh against his open wounds will certainly not result in any additional complications for him... I give it good odds that infection will strike him down. Even if it doesn't, once he eventually "succeeds" in his quest, I think he'll be in for a very nasty surprise...

    Incidentally, has anyone noticed that in the latest Badlands arc they've essentially split Addy Pratt's father into two people? On the one hand you have the Captain, a charismatic, driven, draconian man who has a bit of a messiah complex going on (and who looks like Darkman without the bandages), and on the other you have the degenerate sailor who's fathered a child with his daughter by raping her, and fathered another child by raping the crazy red-haired woman. Combine those two and you got Addy's dad.
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2014
    I support having a topic to discuss crossed in general. But until that happens:

    Lorre's plain insanity is what kept him going for a long time, and what eventually killed him (nothing but a massive asspull would save him from dying after a nasty infection like Babu Dhakal explains). Jackson's insanity played no role in him surviving or dying, he was simply badass enough to live alone and simply kill any crossed he came across. therefore, the biggest badass award can't be taken away from him. And don't even try pulling "Harold surived for a longer time" as a point to prove that he's better. If he had had a super crossed after his ass, the one eaten alive would have been himself and not the cockroaches.

    The latest badlands arc sounded to me like a mash-up of many different previous arcs, and the result has been inferior to all of the components. I mean, without going too deeply into it, we have your point (Addy's dad split into two people), some professional militarymen doing stuff, yo (Garth Ennis' 4 UK guys story) a cast featuring a bunch of pretty random and disfunctional people (homo superior) and their quest to make it to a paradise-island (the goal of the spanish girl travelling with the biker and the hippie). I doubt the last chapter will save this one from going into my "totally forgettable" category of crossed stories.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2014
    I can't believe I forgot that Psychopath took place 3+ years after C-day. I'm
    Disappointed in myself. I just found Lorre so despicable and calculating that he always sticks in my mind as one of the more memorable crossed characters. After reading Psychopath I felt like I needed a shower. It's my opinion that it was David Laphams last decent crossed stories. Now all he seems to do is recycle his old work. However i thinks its a little much to consider him dead reguardless of any explanation, educated or otherwise. David never said he died. Its a comic after all. Shouldnt we suspend a little disbelief after all we've seen in the crossed universe? As for this recent Badlands arc, I too feel I will not remember it after it ends. Which sucks cause I enjoyed Daniel Ways writing on Deadpool. Bummer. Thankfully it's now March which means it's time for some incredible Crossed hideosity.

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