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    I have just - as a purely consumer activist move - pulled about $20-25 dollars of books from monthly purchase.

    I need replacement comics.

    So give me some recommendations. If I already read it and its not mentioned here I will say.

    But to simplify things I already buy:

    All books by Ellis, Morrison, Simone, Rucka, Fraction, Willingham or Brubaker.
    I am currently also buying Marvel's X-books and Avengers titles more or less.

    No books owned entirely by DC should be recommended- the only ones I will buy now are included in the above names. However, creator owned work they publish is fine (though see above).
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2008
    Jonathan Hickman amazed me with Nightly News, so I'm checking out Pax Romana (and will check out his other books). You can check out previews on his site.

    Similarly, I liked Jamie McKelvie's art on Phonogram, so I'm buying Suburban Glamour. I'm wondering how the hell he's going to wrap things up in 4 issues, but enjoying the ride so far. Especially that creepy cat-thing.

    You might also try G0DLAND for Kirby-style cosmic fun with a more modern sensibility - the Celestial Edition collects the first 12 issues.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2008
    Brian Wood's DMZ - civil war comes to America, and New York is the DMZ. Adventure's of a young embedded reporter there. Varies from great to amazing. Especially some of the one-shots; the one about ex-special forces preserving the Central Park Zoo was particularly full of win; ditto the recent one about a graffiti artist and the Chinese warlord.
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    David Lapham's new series, Young Liars, from Vertigo, starts next month.

    Glamourpuss, from the always (at least) interesting Dave Sim starts in April.

    And if you don't mind reading right-to-left, I'd recommend Monster by Naoki Urasawa and Drifting Classroom by Kazuo Umezu - both from Viz.
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    Have Lapham's new book on pre-order. Glamourpuss, can't bring myself to give Sim money again.


    Phonogram, Suburban Glamor and Godland, all of which I know about but have not read are fine ideas. Already buying Hickman actually, heh.


    Hmm. I had pased DMZ over a while back, might be time to try it again your right.
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    I'd also second DMZ, JTraub.
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    Atomic Robo is a lot of fun, although at this point it has only one issue to go so I guess wait for a trade.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2008
    If you don't already read it, give BPRD a try. The Current mini BPRD: 1945 is more or less standalone, with little prior characterization, aside from a basic understanding of Hellboy's origin. There are also trades available of all the old stuff. BPRD has a less complex continuity than Hellboy (though it's getting there), and it's a good introduction to what I think is the best continuity continuing (is that redundant?) in comics right now.