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    I didn't want to hijack the CREATIVE PEOPLE thread, so here we go.

    Hi, Whitechapel! How's everybody been, 'ere these past couple years? I've recently found myself bereft of two artists and am looking to move ahead with new talents. I would like to work with established pros, preferably full-time, though these projects wouldn't necessarily need to be their primary gig if they have something else cooking.

    I would really like to work with someone with a proven track record and ability to hit deadlines. If you can think of any top artists who aren't currently attached to a monthly book, please recommend them my way? I've only had one eye on the comics industry these last two years, as I've been doing a lot more comedy than comics, and don't know what everyone's up to.

    Book 1 is a superhero conspiracy title called INVISIBLE, INC. Some of you veterans here might remember it. You can read the first 2.5 issues here:

    Book 2 is a paranoid supernatural thriller called BLACK AMBULANCES -- it's about a Los Angeles EMT who notices someone else is getting to all of his calls before he can. I'd love for some richly textured artist who's great with stark contrasts to summon his/her inner Brian Bolland and make this one shiver.

    Also, I apologize for being away. It's either participate here or hit deadlines most weeks. :-/

    Many thanks for any suggestions you can point me towards. Hope you've all been well,
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    Is this a paying gig? How much? How many pages?

    My fellow was going to be working on a story with a fellow Zuda alumni, but it fell through. He might be interested.
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    Yes indeed, pay at pro rates, adjustable for schedule. The conspiracy book is ongoing, but to start, it'd be a two-issue gig and we'll see where we go from there. I'd love someone who can do beautiful figurework and great perspectives for a real classic superhero style, and then underpin it with some discord and darkness to suggest what's going on underneath.

    Black Ambulances is OGN length, but will begin as a short story assignment because I've been asked to pitch it to a well established publisher.

    Foreman, noted, thank you. Reminds me of Charest in a great many positive ways.
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    Gorgeous. But no sequentials?
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    EDITED: Here's two pages of a thing that isn't published yet.

    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2014
    I'm kinda interested in BLACK AMBULANCES.
    Healthcare for Cartoonists -- A self published mini
    A Day At The Beach-- A 4 page silent short.
    Payday -- 2 page short
    True Life--A zombie short, with E.T. Dollman, unlettered pages, appearing in Megabook 2.
    A Wicked Little Town -- 75 page Western mystery with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday written by K Patrick Glover
    Devils to Dust -- A 5 page pitch
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    Check out Mike Rooth he could totally kill it.