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    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2014
    @HEY APATHY! - Super badass! Love that hint of a smile.
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    Oh, oh, oh.

    Those panels look amazing. Addicting even.

    Dragon hatching, Family, Sailor Moon with Finn

    I've been testing out Faber-Castell PITT pens for thumb-nailing. They're real fun.
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    Thanks for the kind words about my ears, everybody!

    Work in progress, re-topologizing a sculpt that I believe I shared in one of the previous Artist's Threads. Pretty obviously my attempt to translate Nimue's helmet from Hellboy into 3D. Blender cloth physics responsible for the silk sheet backdrop.
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    From the class I took over the weekend to refresh my drawing skillz:
    drawing 1

    drawing 2
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2014
    @Trini, LOVELY!
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    There's an open print exchange going on in Alabama this summer, they're alright with international participation too if anybody wants to join in
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    just spent the evening watching movies and making this commission. I used to do a lot of work in this style when I started drawing around 2001-02 and got a request to revisit the work which was kind of fun. 36" x 48" acrylic ink on canvas.

    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2014
    This one was for a Paul Pope Escapo poster contest on tumblr.
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    My 2014 Doctor Who piece...

    Based on a cover of Saturday Evening Post by Norman Rockwell, featuring the 12th Doctor, the 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler, and K-9. 12 has lost himself in his pulp novel about River Song; River’s journal sits beside him. He had decided to take K-9 for a walk, Sarah Jane can’t do it anymore. The park bench had seemed so welcoming and familiar, so he sat and reflected on companions lost. Suddenly he hears Rose Tyler’s voice….
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    @dorkmuffin: :D Thanks. I should really finish them properly sometime.
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2014
    @Jesse - I adore your Doctor Who pieces. This one really made me smile. :)

    So...I had a battle with the insomnia monster one night and ended up drawing Tony Stark/RDJ rolling his eyes. And somehow, after a couple of days, it turned into this. The patron saint of being 112% done with your shit. Saint Tony. I don't know, man, I just do what the scribble monkeys that live in my hair tell me to do.

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    @sebfowler - Love that poster, great colors
    @ jesserubenfeld - I always like seeing your Norman Rockwell/ pop culture pieces
    @ Dextra - the scribble monkeys are leading you well, nice Saint Tony

    I finished my large storyboarding project last month, so now I have time to start drawing other things.
    I believe everyone has a Batman story to tell. I am starting on mine, while practicing a different medium than I usually work on.
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    @ jesserubenfeld;

    What a hook. Love the arrangement and the details.


    Love your colors. Great motion.

    @ Ryan S Thomason;

    Thanks for sharing the link. Checking it out.

    @ Dextra;

    That's fabulous. Just awesome.

    @ imaginarypeople;

    I am really loving your Batman. I'm excited to watch it evolve as it is.

    TMNT 2014
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    I've got this piece on show at the Edinburgh international science festival's show at the city art centre, 'On Vulcanology':
    on vulcanology
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    lot's of great stuff here!
    @sebfowler- love the escape piece, awesome colors & you figures are always incredible
    @jesserubenfeld- another winner in your series
    @dextra- strangest iron man ever well done
    @imaginary- yes, I am in great anticipation of this bat-project
    @ jack- amazing image, I really like the grey dudes face
    @ ryan s - congrats ( SPLATS! ) on the showcase, the work is striking

    I'm working on a Robot mural Here's the progress pics from today...

      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2014 edited
    ^^^that was yesterday....this is today
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    HEY APATHY! - that is crazy awesome.
    Jack Crowder- I like your pen drawings at the top of the page
    • CommentAuthorSpike3185
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2014

    High contrast "Draw Each Other" type thing of a friend of mine (who's not a member here) in start-of-werewolf-transformation prosthetics.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2014

    My entry for Multiversity Comics' "20 Years of Hellboy" contest. They haven't announced the winners yet, but the pro submissions are terrific!
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    Brilliant, Sizer.