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    Almost done with this. Metal material needs some work, and I'm tempted to do a teensy bit of additional detail sculpting. But the actual model is basically done (aside from finishing closing up the interior).
  2.  (11288.2) those dc redesigns.
    @hey apathy...awesome time lapse. geez that video game gif!
    @greasemonkey..damn sweet portrait.

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    Cheers man. Oldhat quite liked it, too :-D
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    great stuff as usual
    @ Nygaard- those eyes look incredible
    @jackcrowder- amazing drawings, love the adventure time (even though I have never actually seen the program?!)
    @mojo- awesome face expressions on the mutants there

    thanks everybody for the kind words regarding the videogame! It's a slow process because both myself and the programmer a so busy with other things but I will make sure to let you all know when it's ready.
    @Vornaskotti- the game is kind of strange as it is mostly an exploration of surreal landscapes, music & animations with various small games/gateways hidden throughout.

    This week I have been designing socks...
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2014
    Greetings guys, grand to see you are all busy - great work! I've had my 1st comic strips published this year, which was grand - learned a lot! Busy working on my own stories now, with some more collaborative work later in the year.

    Here's some bits & bobs of strip work, layouts and painted panels:

    Unkindness montage