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    A thread for discussing more general topics about the Crossed universe.
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    so where were we?

    1.gamekeeper vs harold vs jackson. who is more badass?

    jackson no question is the most badass
    gamekeeper comes second
    harold from Psychopath. i don;t consider him badass at all.

    jackson is ex military, plenty fighting experience and training. he just has his moments when goes bananas but his enemy are the crossed and he is willing to help ppl. also he makes the ultimate sacrifice by blowing his head just not to turn crossed and use all his knowledge to hunt normal ppl.

    "As for the Gamekeeper... well, let me put it this way: If someone like Shaky had to choose between him and Harold, I think he wouldn't hesitate to think of the GK as being the far more terrifying of the two..."

    cmon harold is fucked up and his only goal is to kill ppl in a crossed similar way, you can never thrust him as for the game keeper he is 120% realistic and although he makes some decisions that we do not like he keeps ppl alive.

    if you were to chose one of them to wonder in crossed infested land who would you chose? i know i'll go for gamekeeper. nothing is free in this world and as long as he keeps his companions alive he wants some payment. in form of blowjobs or pussy, if that pussy happens to be your wife, sister, lover, daughter i feel bad for you son i got 99 problems and a bitch ain;t one. he doesn't go crazy when ppl want to take the police car he explains in a very realistic way what is going to happen and why is a bad decision. seeing that most of the group is formed by useless people in a apocalyptic world with no fighting/surviving skills is normal for the alpha male to take his prize. and i got no problem with that. also he is not a necrophiliac like harold is, we don;t see him carrying some bitches lips on his dick for days.

    harold is just an opportunist, a deceiver and a liar. he is very good at persuading weak ppl like amanda to do his nasty work. that is all. harold was not a badass before or after c-day. he is just the nut guy who ends up with 30 dead bodies in his basement.

    2. just remembered about the crossed movie. anybody has any idea if this webisodes are anime or normal movies with actors?
    i think they must be anime cos is the only way it can depict the gruesomeness of the crossed world. real life movie with actors must be super budget to get that sort of detail otherwise will look like some cheap c-movie with shit sfx.

    i;ll go through more threads and see if i can get more discussions here
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    fucking double post
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    I would have if I had to choose Jackson absolutely. But between gamekeeper and Harold it would have to the gamekeeper. Harold is just to unstable and can't be trusted to keep people alive unless there is something in it for him usually female anatomy parts. The old man yeah he's creepy but if I want to survive I think I would do the old geezer just to survive.

    I can't imagine live webisode it would look to cheesy anime seem to be the way to go
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    I'll put all my theorising in here later but in the interim, just a small idea I had about a potential idea I had*. I'm not requesting it but it could be a potentially good story (and something a bit different) if done by someone who can actually write a story.

    *As far as I know, you can't copyright ideas but given the legal minefield these days with creative works I hereby add the following: I relinquish any claim to this idea and say anyone can use it. Also, it's quite possible it had already been thought of by the people writing badlands and hence it was always just a co-incidence. Regardless, no legal proceedings from me (this is just an idea though, as opposed to a full on written story though, so I'd imagine it's not necessary surely? But just in case ...).

    Seriously, I've never understood that though. If someone comes up with an idea and creates the whole universe, if you just come up with something using that, how it can end up pranging things so badly is something I've never worked out. Mind you, it could be more complicated than that I suppose. I read the item below and it's still making my head spin.

    Marion Zimmer Bradley Fanfiction Controversy


    OK getting on with it, there's been a couple of covers of Badlands dealing with outer space. I think that could make a good story, I guess 2 parts at most, maybe even one.

    Currently, the International Space Station is on Expedition 38 and has a crew of 6.

    ISS Expeditions 16 to 18 were over different periods of 2008. Various shuttles and Soyuz capsules were coming and going. So C-Day would have fallen during one of these in the C-Universe I guess. We don't know yet how the initial outbreak started but presumably it was in the same way as various people on planes suddenly flipped to being infected on C-Day (which I'll post about again more generally later in the thread).

    A way to tie in the covers could be that the shuttle on the way up gets knocked out, meanwhile some people up in the ISS suddenly change and kill some of the others (as seen in the cover) and the survivors (or maybe even survivor) has to evade the others through the various modules, set clever traps with stuff in the ISS and the like and then escape to Earth via whatever the escape pod was at the time (and either without the help of Mission Control or Mission Control desperately trying to hang on long enough to save the astronaut before being overrun. Either/Or).

    I'm thinking it would be at least a bit different because there could be very little death and mayhem and relatively more about someone very smart making use of a very unusual environment to outwit other smart people who aren't quite themselves anymore.

    An ending landing next to a lake alone like a certain movie I'm about to mention would be my preference as opposed to a last frame sudden death stinger though.

    I really enjoyed Gravity but there was a lot of artistic licence with the science, especially obvious after I read an article about how difficult if not impossible the rescue of the Columbia astronauts would have been in space even if they realised straight after launch that it wasn't safe to come back down again.

    So, in this case it would be a lot of work to get the research right to make the story as scientifically accurate as possible but it could be done.

    It could be contrasted to Gravity in that everything that happens could be as scientifically accurate as real life. It could be the Anti-Gravity (boom tish).
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    This thread is about to blow up with the new episode...Christ it's heavy...
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    Yeah. The Gamekeeper's tale was certainly interesting, and just his voice was enough to terrify Shaky.

    So ultimately, unless the Crossed get to do their thing, they're numbed by crashing boredom? It's similar to what we saw in Family Values, except that there the Crossed would occasionally butcher those who were the weakest in the pack to relieve the monotony.

    And we get ever more hints about something horrible happening in the priest's church, causing Aoileann's foot to be bandaged with what looks like the priest's missing sleeve. That's probably the wound that infected her.
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    Maybe the ultimate end point of the entire Crossed Universe is a world where the remaining humans are those good at keeping themselves very scarce and at least some of the Crossed manage to evolve their control to the point where they can stop murdering and infecting people ... at all. In order words, still be infected (so no cure) but still become people again - in a fashion.
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    Ok guys, I apologize for calling lorre a bad ass. Jesus Christ, it appears im never gonna live that one down. All I was saying was that he was calculating and clever enough to outlast soooo many of the other "badass" characters in the crossed universe. Fuck.
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    OK, I have gone over this before but I'll put here again now that we have a permanent thread for these things. You could break things up from an epidemiological point of view into before, during and after C-Day. Given my line of work includes public health and disease spread, I find speculating about how it all started quite interesting.

    So, starting with "Before C-Day, right up to the Day itself" ... if the disease from when it appeared had always been the same, I guess the closest analogue would be 28 Days Later. All the epidemiologists not fleeing for their lives would have been able to plot with a high degree of accuracy where it started and how it spread outwards over time from that point. Given it turns people in under a minute, in that form, it couldn't have appeared in the middle of journeys on planes, trains and spaceships.

    However, on C-Day, some people who were seemingly normal suddenly flipped all at once all over the place and all over the world. The people on such things as planes must have been acting normally to get on the flights and not do anything until well into the flight given how now, the causative agent changes people almost straight away.

    So I like to theorise that before C-Day, there was some form of subclinical or latent form of causative agent that was quietly spreading and that on C-Day, something changed and set it off. Before then, any number of people could have been carrying on their daily lives as normal and even spreading it without even realising it. Had the cause been the same from the beginning, there might have been a chance of containing it as the chances of it crossing oceans from the original landmass for starters would take a lot of time.

    Two obvious examples of this in action: Crossed: WYWH where in Shaky's coffee shop, everything went from normal a minute before to a random selection of patrons suddenly flipping to full blown infected, his running out into the street and finding a random spread of people who'd been doing their job normally before (eg: bus drivers - he certainly didn't leave the depot acting like that) now not - and the change was very sudden and far too fast to have been starting from one person spreading it across London.

    More extreme example Crossed #0, where things go from normal to all these things happening almost all at once: Man just starting to cross as the rash is in progress walks into diner and attacks the owner, plane drops out of sky with people on board in full blown brawl, police car transporting prisoner to jail crashes and a nuclear power station blows up. (edit: while on TV, presumably some distance away, someone suddenly attacks a news anchor during a live broadcast at about the same time as everything else happening).

    Most extreme example, I can't think of any other way it could have affected astronauts in outer space otherwise.

    At some point the infection possibly changed form to "live", depending what the time frame this happened over, this seems even scarier than the form of the infection now. The thought that people could suddenly and without warning change would be terrifying, especially if you're in a group.

    I'm guessing everyone who was going to flip spontaneously did so fairly quickly though, the example being the policeman on the boat Shaky ended up on hadn't been obviously wounded and probably had been on the boat with the others all day, so no obvious exposure either - seems most likely that he had to have caught whatever form it was in "before". Interesting how he didn't change straight away like the others, or at the same time, and spent some time immobilised. Probably had been acting normally on the boat when other people were going nuts, Shaky took some time to get to the boat (hours at least), and if he'd collapsed too many hours ago, his colleagues would have taken him to medical attention or for someone to pick him up and go to a hospital.

    For now, I'm going to guess that people suddenly changing into Crossed after seemingly no contact with infected Crossed or their bodily fluids didn't last too long after C-Day and now the only way to get it would be from a clearly traceable source (eg: direct attack or booby trapped source). No evidence of it happening to people now, where years after the event they suddenly change on the spot (though I guess no-one's said it couldn't happen well after the event though ...).

    I imagine we're going to find out at least part of answer from the upcoming arc in Badlands, Patient Zero had to have been different to how people change now in some way, otherwise the part of the story about him would have potentially been very short indeed ...

    Next moving onto C-Day itself ...
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    @ shan
    i've read your theories in other threads and thought about it
    seeing is affecting also ppl in outer space and all of the world at the same time the virus must have an "on" button that is global. the only thing global that hits all the planet at once including space would be a solar explosion or some cosmic anomaly. i don't know if a solar explosion, a change in magnetism or electrostatic charge could trigger a very sophisticated virus.

    we'll see
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    @ 111111

    That is a great idea, something like a solar flare as a simultaneous trigger to a pre-existing agent that up to then had been quietly spreading unnoticed (virus? bacteria? prion?) would be perfect. I wish I'd thought of it.

    Crossed Badlands 16 Preview

    Going from this, anyone splashed with anything carrying a Crossed 'particle' can be infected, seems to almost always be instant. Skin, provided it isn't actually broken is actually a very effective barrier against infection, that's why it's classed as part of the immune system. It's even said in that preview there's no disease that acts that fast.

    I'm going to go with a super-prion as the cause for now. Seems a good fit as a possibility. That would work as something that can pass through skin like it isn't there and the cosmic ray having changed it from silent to active both globally and simultaneously is a great solution.

    As it is, it also fits there's a causative agent. Severing a bitten limb immediately prevents it turning someone (TV Tropes says the exact same thing happened in Family Values, right?) so it seems highly suggestive if not certain there's a particle of some sort that spreads the disease - No contact, no infection.
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    the cover in the preview is not the full cover. in the full cover bottom left cornet there is a jar filled with blood or something red that as a needle or something sharp inside set as a trap to infect curious ppl. i'll see i i can find it on the net to post it later.

    regarding skin i wouldn't be so sure. in the arc with the stumptown or whatever was called the guy gets spit on his hand and gets turned. and he asks if its possible for the virus to be absorbed through skin.

    well i sopose that the virus acts like snake poison, the moment it hits the brain or central nervous system takes over that is why it works if affected limbs are cut before the blood runs to the heart and brain
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    What I meant was that in real life, skin is a very good barrier against most infective agents if not broken. I then went on to say that whatever agent that causes people to become Crossed can pass through skin like it's not there, just like what's shown in the preview for number 16.

    I actually found they had a discussion about this very subject (including Si) in one of the Volume 1 Chapter episode discussions about how rapidly infective the cause of the Crossed is, including with going through the skin.

    The possibility of immunity was brought up but I didn't see any conclusions drawn back then as far as I know.
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    A REMINDER: Don't be an asshole on this forum, guys. This includes racism and misogyny. 111111, I am looking squarely in your direction and the post of yours I just destroyed.

    Next time it's a temporary ban. Time after that I close the thread. Got it?

    Good. Carry on.
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    @ oldhat.
    well i supposed that if the author in crossed 3d called the character the n word i could do it also. seems i was wrong. anyway no need to delete my post, you could have request that i edit those parts coz the post had also some other points that i was hoping somebody would comment about. but never mind, i got the idea
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    @ shan

    well i don;t really know about viruses, but i can tell you for sure that poison, chemicals and bacteria have no problem passing thought skin and reach blood even if not broken

    but if you check the turned explorer;s hand you can see its cut

    badlands 16 full cover

    somebody studding the crossed. also interesting the cross is also on the brain not only on the face
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    No. Just because a fictional character in a fictional story says something does not mean that you can say those things in the real world. This is a standard lesson and I hope you've learned it.

    Along with racist bullshit, misogynist bullshit will also be dealt with in a similar fashion ie: Arse Eels, Urethral Maggots and FIRE. Zero tolerance.
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    [Contents of this post of mine have been removed by a moderator.]

    [And replaced with a ten hour long video of He-Man singing the 4 non blondes hit "What's Up?". Don't forget that.]

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