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    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2014
    just finished reading issue 43 the one with "the chemist" and seem that all crackheads and mentally deranged ppl are not so much affected. so maybe an arc that pictures a crazy house being hit by the virus turns to spawn an army of super crossed.
    but curious how did the chemist persuade emikos parents to turn crossed without a fight. especially the father.
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    @ 111111

    Yeah, that was the one weak point of the arc to me, considering that her dad had already killed several Crossed at that point. I just chalk that up to "Act of Plot" as it was near the end of the final issue and the writer could not come up with any other way to have the requisite downer ending, I think.

    Anyway, today is C-Day, and here is a review of Badlands #50, with some pictures:
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2014
    I really like the pictures at that link. It gives a really mysterious feel to the beginning of it all, especially the disappearances. Those reminds me of something like James Herbert's "The Dark" (or possibly "The Fog") or Shaun Hutson's Erebus.

    It seems like the Crossed process was different in the beginning. Presumably no crosses on faces (you'd think people would have mentioned that, they're kind of obvious) and no red font speech yet. I'm guessing the guy jumping through that glass window or door is a carrier. Also, with a lot of people just disappearing - well that's just eerie. It also seems to be slower at the start, I'm guessing it goes on to mutate into something that acts as fast and as distinctly as Wish You Were Here and Badlands.

    I'm curious to find out how it spreads to other countries and then suddenly erupts in its current form as far away as Wichita, Kansas like in Crossed #0. If it had been its current form from the beginning, I'm sure the rest of the world would have noticed early on and quarantine of the UK would have been possible at least for a while (the initial wave of crazy people would have been stopped by the ocean ... and then drowning). However, if there has been an initial Patient Zero, it must have spread from that point somehow to the rest of the world, so it looks like some kind of silent carrier phase, for a while at least.

    As for exactly what, I do remember reading something from Garth Ennis a while back saying we were never going to find out what and that link reaffirms it. I'd say that it's a good idea. It's fun to speculate and the ambiguity lets us do that, if you get too specific we can get bogged down with dissecting every last detail of the possible science. Also in all seriousness, it's possible that Garth himself doesn't know. He could be in the dark as much as the rest of us.
    • CommentAuthorBabu Dhakal
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2014 edited
    Also, I'm more interested in finding out what the British government and other governments tried to do in the early hours and days to contain the crisis rather than finding out the true cause to the Crossed plague, how fast did society collapse, that sort of thing. And it looks like we will soon find out. So far we have only received scant hints (the A-team in the original series, the guy who may or may not have been Prince Harry, the radio broadcast in the Golden Road arc, the info that Oliver found in Cheyenne Mountain, the British troops in London in WYWH...)
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2014
    This quote from your link:

    "Garth Ennis has promised one thing with this particular take on the zombie story. You will never know how the Crossed plague started. No infected monkeys, no government program to make a docile planet, no alien gas."

    combined with the pictures from this link:


    I'm guessing that guy running and tripping after being buzzed by a plane is Patient Zero. I admit I do wonder, why this particular guy, in the middle of the UK from some ordinary town is where it starts though. I wonder what happened to him and what was the thing that changed him. Why then and why there? I guess we're never going to know exactly why are we? Just that he's where it starts.
    • CommentAuthorSlicknick
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2014
    If you look at the descriptions for upcoming issues it says that there was 1 patient zero for every country. So the patient zero in issue 50 was only the first one in the uk presumably. Also in the interesting crossed news front I had an interaction with max brooks(wwz extinction parade) on reddit I'll post it below

    Fuck it I can't get the link to work from mobile, however I asked him if he would ever consider writing an arc for crossed and he accused me of being the owner of avatar press. Apparently he gets asked by William. Christensen to do crossed all the time. In another comment he said he would love to however he is very busy and hasn't had time to do it.
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    In light of a patient zero in each country I put my money for the source of infection on Extraterrestrials. Sorta like "The Screw-fly Solution" by James Tripee Jr or Raccoona Sheldon (Both pen names of Alice Sheldon), with aliens introducing a tailored plague to drive humanity to extinction so they can move in and take our world. Granted because this is being written by Ennis it probably is less so they can move in and more so we don't burn the house down. Feel like in the original series the main character even mentions the possibility of the Earth being saved by the Crossed plague while observing the pack of wolves with the Mother and Son. Holy cow, I can't wait for the rest of this arc.
    • CommentAuthordiggergig
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2014 edited
    "The Screw-Fly Solution" was a great story, and made for an interesting MASTERS OF HORROR short, my fave in fact.

    That's a solid theory. I was also wondering about something along the lines of an inherent gene or sub-gene (forgive the non-scientific talk; I'm a baker, Jim, not a genetic engineer!) that was 'activated' - as mentioned on page one of this thread - by an act of nature.

    I suppose I was thinking of the old Quartermass film at the time, the one where half the human population suddenly turn on the other half because they had the genetic traits of alien ancestors which were suddenly activated.

    Guess I like the idea of it being an accidental and random act of nature more than a deliberate goal that some human/alien organisation was striving towards. After all, it doesn't seem to benefit any life form, considering the damage the crossed could potentially do to the whole planet with nuclear weapons, etc. It just doesn't seem worth it, unless someone is desperate to inherit a radioactive mudball.

    So then, my humble theory: a dormant gene inherent in a faction of the population suddenly activated by, as suggested by someone much smarter than me, a sun flare or some other space event which can affect the globe.
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    I think the Crossed pathogen is some kind of parasite that stays dormant until exposed to something which is obviously capable of being transmitted through bodily fluids. Everyone is already infected with the parasite, which is why they can turn in seconds. The parasite is also capable of waiting a bit before fully turning a person.

    Maybe the parasite goes "live" when it detects the DNA of another human other than its own host.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2014
    Question here for Si and everyone else (which I'm also going to copy and paste in the observations and theories thread).

    This episode has talked even more about the control Aoileann/Teresa has over her behaviour, which is something I've noticed for a while. It's had me thinking for some time about other people who've been doing that sort of mental training for far longer. Specifically, Buddhist monks. I know that Badlands had an arc set in Japan and I've seen the covers, so I have the bad feeling that some of my co-religionists probably ended up doing some things we wouldn't approve of.

    However, I would believe there would be at least a handful of the most experienced monks somewhere in the world who could beat the Crossed virus. Their bodies might be infected but their minds could totally overcome it. Real life examples would be the famous protest against the South Vietnamese government where even when immolating themselves, they didn't even move from a meditative position while completely on fire. That's as remarkable a control of the mind over the human body as you'll ever see.

    I believe it's possible a few could make it, I'm probably not getting all the detail here right but there is a very famous story about how the demon Mara tried to tempt the Buddha as he meditated under a tree (it's often interpreted as a mental battle rather than literal events) and failed. Someone with the mental training and capacity to fight the effects of the Crossed contagion could be like that.

    You could certainly have a one shot Crossed issue quite different to all the rest where it's some seated in a meditative position for the entire issue and everything takes place in their head. They'd have something continually yammering in their heads like what it sounds Patient Zero has but I suppose but in this case they'd be able to fight it and win.

    I guess what I'm getting at, if Aoileann/Teresa can manage what she has with her relative lack of experience (however it's only partial, she's still a psychopathic nutter with a weak leash on another bunch off nutters), there'd have to be a handful of people who could manage complete control and remain human. Maybe be able to go further and build a following that can also remain largely human and at least retain a resemblance of their former lives and at least stop killing and maiming people.

    For all we know, the Crossed contagion has broken out before and it took the really enlightened among us to beat it the last time, not through scientific or physical means but by beating it in a battle of mental prowess. It could be what Shaky's dope story in the last interlude was hinting at, something has to be put into human beings to keep them (make them?) human otherwise we get the complete breakdown of society and everyone trying to kill everyone else or worse. Some people who are sufficiently enlightened fight its effects off, become leaders to the others, reign it in, whatever the cause is disappears, society rebuilds and it starts again all through history (for all we know shades of something supernatural even, we're never going to know for sure).

    Thoughts anyone?
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2014 edited
    @ shan

    i don't know about mental training, as in japan arc all the buddhist monks act just like normal ppl when infected. we all know that buddhist monks are raised and trained in abstinence and meditation but still they don't act even a little different. the ones that we know act different are mentally deranged ppl. theresa was a prostitude and drug/alcohol addict and she has epilepsy, mathias was a meth addict, the twins had some mental issues (when they kill the rednecks son one says they feel the pain/pleasure of each other and he has to fuck them both), we don't know much about smokey but i suppose he had some issues also before he got turned. oliver who was smart turned normal crossed. the chemist drug/psychedelic addict isn;t even violent and he speaks fluently, and he is all about persuading ppl to turn instead of spitting, shitting, pissing, or attacking them.

    also some other idea. from the old discussion with Ennis


    Q: There was a rumor going around that the concept of CROSSED began as a nightmare you actually had about your friends and family turning against you. Any truth to that rumor?

    Ennis: The dream I had involved me staying at a friend's place, which was surrounded by what appeared to be zombies. On closer examination, we realised they weren't, they were just people... who were smiling at us with the most evil intent. It was one of those dreams where one minute you're part of the action, the next you're watching it from afar, like on a movie screen. I woke up before anything unpleasant happened.

    turns out in the last crossed volume it was all just a bad dream. ahahah
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2014
    So ... anyone got any hypotheses on the ultimate fate of the human race? We know they make it 5 years at least (well, a few people at least)?
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    I think non crossed would come out on top eventually. Places like Canada, Australia & the Amazon are so vast that provided you had the necessary survival skills you could 'get away from it all' almost indefinitely. In the meantime the Crossed would died out because of their live fast, die young lifestyles. Different picture in highly populated areas like Europe which would become a dead zone.
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2014
    Ultimate fate of humanity? Hard to say. Ultimate is a bit final. But I suppose 100 years from now we'd see humanity back in primacy mode. Civilization would be vastly different.

    We'd have no pre-C day people alive. There would be no mega cities. Humanity would go from being trans-tribal to highly tribal and regimented. Self-control and authoritarianism akin to Victorian morals would be dominant due to the fear of the Crossed and the carryover of feelings toward their unrestrained actions. Society would treat them like we do monsters. Scaring kids and others to keep them in line.

    Kids would be raised in a martial style to be ever vigilant against reoccurances as the adults grew up in an era of breakouts. There would be a Crossed seen every now and then but due to isolated tribalism no roaming gangs of hundreds.

    Or humanity could be dead. Either way.
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    I may have discovered a possible connection between the Homo Superior arc and "Grave New World" (the one with the US Navy Captain and his crew). In Homo Superior - which starts a year after C-Day and goes on for at least nine more months - Leon claims to have heard repeated messages over the radio from a "preacher dude" who claims to be recruiting people and intending to start over in the Florida Keys. Now that arc ended without any indication on whether or not there was someone with a boat recruiting people. However, from what we know of Grave New World, the Captain not only did go around recruiting people (sometimes at gunpoint), but they also traveled north and south, depending on the season. And the Captain's ultimate plan was to relocate in Fort Jefferson, which is on Garden Key in the Lower Florida Keys. So to me it seems likely that Leon's preacher dude and the Captain were one and the same person. Now most stories in Crossed aren't interconnected and it may only be a coincidence, but I like to think that the writer of Grave New World was giving us a subtle hint about the arc's connection with an earlier arc, even if it is a vague one.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2014
    Then of course there's the clearly obvious ones.

    Interview Garth Ennis

    BD: I thought Christos Gage did a great take on the series and really added a new dimension to the series with his recent run.

    GE: I really like what he did, because I think he joined a couple dots in an interesting way. He referred to the teams that were sent out to close down the nuclear facilities from my original storyline, and then he referred to the two ‘Crossed’ twins from Jamie Delano’s storyline. I think that a little bit of that will spice things up a bit, as long we don’t get too bound down with continuity and it doesn’t become an end in itself like they do in superhero universes. I was glad to see him do that.
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2014 edited
    ok just finished reading issues 44 to 51 and i have a question:

    even after 1 2 3 4 5 years after the outbreak we still have moronic ppl wandering around.
    remember the guy that got trapped 2 times in the amanda arcs? he was just sitting there doing nothing? wtf? did he post on fb and twitter that he felt in a pit and he is waiting to be raped with a chainsaw?
    in the coastguard arc we have tons of retarded ppl that miraculously survive 3 fucking years. we have that annoying woman that always has a better idea despite the fact the captain is keeping her alive like she will do better all alone with her husband. we have religious fanatics that want to go to heaven that miraculously survive with no apparent surviving skills, and the list goes on
    in the fatal englishman we have a priest and a bunch of children again surviving for 5 years acting stupid and without fighting/surviving skills.
    in the smokey arc we have that woman that is more concerned about sucking dick and having nice underwear than living another day.

    seems to me most of the characters just teleported from the past in the middle of the apocalypse. most of the ppl in the stories despite the fact that they were nobodies before the outbreak seems they learned nothing. how the fuck does one survive without a brain? even animals or neanderthals had better adapting skills than some of the characters. i don;t talk about the stupid acting people in the arcs that take place during the outbreak or short after. i talk about the ones in the arcs that take place years after when everybody gets the idea what is going on.
    i don;t talk here about iq, just pure survival, it doesn;t take a genius or a harvard graduate to do common sense thinking.
    after reading the arc with the captain i was so mad and i just wished that if the survivors are so damn stupid well humanity doesn;t deserve to survive. and no, i don;t think any city boy or girl would stand a chance during such a plague just because 99% of them have no skills. just like shanky in wywh. the ones that stand a chance are soldiers, farmers, or ppl that live in harsh conditions. that have knowledge about growing plants, hunting or raising animals, cooking, survival, tracking, navigation etc. one could say many will survive by scavenging around the cities. 2 3 years in big infested cities? cmon.

    what MrBogey said would be plausible only if the human race wasn't so concerned with religion, pussy, love, jealousy, and everybody thinking that they hold the universal truth.
    the group int the original series had some realistic characters that acted more or less plausible. from than on we had some characters just thrown there to show human stupidity. not that i doubt human stupidity but just like in ancient times if you put the group in danger i'm sure you will not get a pass and yield at. you would be decapitated the second after. if the human race want to stand a chance in survival in the crossed world well there is no place for traitors, cowards, or clinically retarder ppl
    • CommentAuthorBabu Dhakal
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2014 edited
    I'll just touch on a couple of your points:

    Re: The Fatal Englishman, Father Dennis and the kids had spent the past 5 years with a larger group of survivors near Herne Bay in Kent, with "quite good underground space" apparently. However, eventually the larger group had kicked them out because no one except Dennis really knew the children (i.e. they didn't give a shit about them) and because a couple of the kids would get very upset whenever Crossed were sighted. Now this might seem like dumb behavior until you realize that in the story the kids look like they're no older than 7 or 8, meaning they were just toddlers when C-Day hit and they lost their parents, making Father Dennis the only father-figure they had ever known. Try growing up in an environment where any moment a horde of psychopaths wanting to bugger-kill you may attack. Also, by the time Harry and co encounter them Dennis and the kids had only been on the road for three days before getting themselves chased by the Crossed and driven to a corner, with Dennis resorting to the only trick that he knew. And Harry and the others did chew him out on it. So chalk that one up to the shock of exile, being forced to move about in an unfamiliar environment and sheer, plain desperation. As Dennis said, he didn't have any other plans besides survival.

    And as for survivor groups punishing their own for treason, cowardice etc. there's the first Badlands arc as an example, where they punish the fat guy for stealing a biscuit - when they are already running short on food - by cutting his tendons and leaving him for the Crossed as bait in order to buy more time for the rest of them. And then there was Donna and the biker gang's reaction when Edmund confessed to (accidentally) killing Nicole and having sex with her corpse.
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2014

    Everyone is stupid. They're stupid right up till the point that their stupidity gets them killed. With the chick in the Quisling arc, her using sex kept her alive so that wasn't too stupid.

    A lot of survivalism, hell, all of it is opportunity. If you've got the right skill when needed, you'll survive. If the skills you don't have aren't needed, it's not a big deal. The Gamekeeper was pretty stupid to cause problems by raping the Lady. Yet it didn't affect his survival because the confluence of circumstances never came. His raping the nun was stupid AND it cost him because the variables that were in play.

    Yea, stupid people cause me to rage but that's life.

    I don't want to pimp a blog but there's a guy out there who lived in the Balkans during the 90s when there was a complete collapse of civil order. He writes about the issues they faced and how alliances between neighbors worked. The whole point is, folks during strife manage and the ones you think ought to be the first to go, sometimes survive while others don't. It's hard to "wargame" a collapse to figure out these things.

    Ideally, yea, idiots ought to die in a shtf scenario but to paraphrase PJ ORourke, the race doesn't always go to the swiftest even though that's the way to bet.

    Also, you'd be amazed how human society can be formed. We may like to think folks are the same all over the world but there's a lot more diversity in drive than you may think.
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2014
    I,m not complaining about ppl doing stupid stuff, coz everybody has their stupidity moment, i,m talking about the plain retarded ppl that keep making stupid decisions. And nobody does anything about it. Just look at shanky. The ppl an cava find out thea he is leaving mAps and instructions around for the crossed to find and nobody does shit. And don't get me started with toddlers. Just watched a couple af hours ago some documentaries on nat geo about some african tribes and there kids went hunting with the elders, used spears and bows. Do you think the elders give them a hug if they get uncomfortable around the pray and anybody gets killed or they return empty handed?i think not, and there are big chances that they will be for dinner. They are kids and they can be teached at least to stfu. The kids in africa don,get scared?trere are armiws of children in africa and cambodia and they don,t leve in crossed world. Times changed ppl need to change to, that,s why we survived for thousands of yers as a specie. More that they were verry young when the plague started so they don,t know the luxuries of modern world. They should be in their natural habitat, coz they,ve just spent their childhood in this world.

    Yea that fat guy from the first arc gets regeneration superpowers and with his tendons cut can even run.

    I,m not saying that ppl are like that all around the world i,m just saying that when ppl are put in such postures as living the apocalypse I don,t think things like complaining all the time, betrayal for own gain will be accepted. Things like this are punished even today in the mobsters clans, and they face police or other gangs retaliation. In the crossed world where police and trials don,t exist anymore I don t think blowing somebody's head for the greater good would be a problem. Just like in the original Issue where that guy gets smoked for kicking the dog. That is normal. You don,t get with the group the group takes care of you for good. Shit like that won,t be tolerated in the new the gk. Everybody except shanky acknowledge him as the leader with his goods and bads. You think in medieval times the soldiers followed the king for his nice behaving?no for his skill in battle, they didn,t care if he is a pedo, gay, etc. In battle those things don,t count. Staying Alive counts. But in the crossed univers life seems to be just a joke for most of the characters.

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