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    God. Damn. The carefulness. The prolonging. The victim maintenance. The slowwww pain. I always knew she was terrifying but I realize now that the nun is the ultimate form of terror. The type that could calm your soul with her eyes while she's carving a lung out of your chest and cauterizing the incisions.

    This was a much desired dialogue-heavy chapter. I love the buildup to this one too. We've been getting a lot of mostly silent, visually intensive storytelling lately (which I also love and is highly effective, dramatically, and appetizing as all get out) and then BAM! We're served up an entire chapter of stellar back story; an earful and a half from none other than The Game Keeper. Magnifique! This is straight up some phenomenal storytelling.

    Someone mentioned that the gap is closing between flashbacks and present time in the narration. It reminds me of Memento in that way. Makes my brainmeats churn to wonder how this is all going to come to a head when the past butts up against the real time. Gah. Can't wait for it yet I also don't ever want this story to end.

    @ graph46 - Yeah, this chapter provides a little more evidence that the Pasture of Eden theory might be spot on. The way she handled the group in the bus -- Oof. Pretty certain that Aoileen wants to keep the island juuuuust marginally functional enough as her own personal fun farm.
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    Also @ Shan - LOL @ David Attenborough narrating. I'd pay to see/hear that.
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    It occurs to me that there is a very good reason why the Gamekeeper's dialogue began to get "sticky" (as Shaky put it) when he began to describe Aoileann's rise to power in her Crossed group. Consider this line: "You shouts out an order. 'An you see which of 'em's got the brain to pay attention. 'An then you get rid of all the ones who dont. 'Course in 'er case she din't need the last part. Trap dunnit for 'er."

    Now go back to the chapter where most of Shaky's original group decided to take the minibus and were all subsequently butchered, except for Shaky, Ashoke and the upper class couple who listened to the GK and didn't go with them. Very similar, isn't it? So long as there were so many people in the group the GK's power wasn't absolute. However, as soon as those "who din't 'ave the brains to pay attention" got themselves killed, he became the absolute dictator of the remnant that was left, just like Aoileann became "Queen of the Crossed" because those who were too dumb either got themselves killed or were purged by the UN Crossed.

    Naturally an intelligent and sadistic bastard like the Gamekeeper would be proud of her.
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    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2014
    @Kay Orchison- It's probably just me but I feel part of her actions with the GK's leg was the virus and partly her trying to keep the peace. We've seen what happens to a Crossed who does something that might be interpreted as weakness. She may have been keeping the GK alive for some ulterior sadistic purpose but as far as the others are concerned she ruined some of their fun after they got whipped into a flurry. They didn't get to kill the GK or Ashoke and following Aoileann or not they're still Crossed. So what does she do? She leads by example so to the others it just looks like she's "making the fun last" and not giving them a reason to kill her. After a while it just ends up being part of how the virus affects her. In regular life she was subdued and abstained and part of that personality still exists within her. As a result in some weird perverse way her using the leg is her way of getting her kicks without guilt. We never see her actually screwing the other Crossed, though we do know she lets them occasionally relieve themselves on her. We know that Crossed exhibit behavior that resembles some form of perverse religion if they were religious before they turned because we saw them do it when it came to the final arc with Amanda and the Livers. Aoileann might be no different.

    Maybe the reason she wants Shaky is because in her mind he's the only guy she's had sex with and so as a Crossed she wants the only one she bangs to be Shaky even if the results aren't anywhere near as heartwarming as that may suggest.

    @ Babu Dhakal

    I noticed that as well about the GK. Maybe the only reason Aoileann survived this long is in part because of him. Perhaps the virus unlocked that part of her that would allow her to do the things the GK would do and then magnified them. Maybe deep down in her diseased Crossed brain she admires the GK which is why she kept him alive. Going with what you said he's the perfect example. He frequently let those who didn't agree with him die, or killed them himself. He frequently took advantage of his position to rape and attempt to rape at least two women, so far as we know, and he enjoyed every second. For people in his group it was either die or go over to his way of thinking with a shit ton of unpleasantness in between and after. In my book this guy was the Crossed stand in when the actual ones weren't around.
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    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2014 edited
    @ VoteForDuvall

    If Avatar had been a nature documentary narrated by David Attenborough, I could have watched that all day.

    My nomination for celebrity I would most like to see survive C-Day and appear in a story (or even better, a series of stories) would be Eva Longoria.

    Why such a seemingly off the wall choice? I think she'd be a perfect fit for Things Are Not As They Seem In Real Life Versus A Character I Played On Television.

    On Desperate Housewives, even by the standards of the idle rich, she's particularly hopeless and helpless.

    In real life?

    12 female celebrities who enjoy hunting

    "Eva Longoria won't be posing for PETA anytime soon. She revealed a few years ago that she is a big hunting enthusiast. "I can skin a deer and a pig and a snake- and rabbits," she said. “I used to go target shooting all the time growing up, so I'm great with a gun; we'd shoot Coke cans and anything that exploded. I grew up hunting deer and turkey. I can skin a pig and pluck a quail; you name it, I've done it." "

    There must be rules about using a real life person, so I guess solutions would be a) Well, you could always ask or b) Change the appearance of the person just enough and only refer to them by their first name but make it obvious who you're talking about (but making sure you never step over that legal line known as "being too clever by half").

    Also, Desperate Housewives would have been in full swing when C-Day happened, so lots of potential comedy in "You're not at all like your character" and "So how was the show going to end?" and questions about other unresolved plot points on the show. I like running gags especially when you're running for your life.
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    Hmmm... Eva Longoria as drawn by Jacen Burrows or Fernando Melek? I like that! Of course, the writer would have to be someone who can actually write a decent story, not some 3rd rate hack who simply wallows in the gore and depravity.

    It reminds me of how Garth deliberately modeled the character of Wee Hughie in "The Boys" after Simon Pegg, and though it was apparently initially without his permission, Simon liked "The Boys" so much that he gave his seal of approval. Of course, we don't know what Eva would think about being associated with something like Crossed...
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2014
    I like it as an idea because of how marked the contrast is between her most famous character and her in real life. If anyone brings it up as how unlikely it is, you could say it's just real life and I'm guessing a lot of people would go I did not know that. Could be a really surprising fun moment where reality seemingly trumps fiction. Michael Douglas said that on the set of The Sentinel, she outshot everyone in terms of accuracy when they assessed everyone for weapons proficiency.

    All the artists here have done an excellent job, so as long as it's someone who can draw well enough so that it's obvious who it is and consistent, I'm good.

    Si would be my choice because, well this is an excellent story and it's clearly been planned from start to finish, going back and reading it from the beginning made that clear where they've been setting things up for the future (take note for next time people who worked on a show that may or may not have been the reboot of Battlestar Galactica). I did bring this up before but also, they've very quietly made almost all the gore disappear very early in the proceeding compared to the other stories in the Crossed Universe and to be honest, I much prefer that way of doing things, where they're concentrating on telling a story over everything else.

    Just saw Taken on TV, went to see Non-Stop earlier this week. Liam Neeson would be another good choice, though less surprising as we already know that he's good at thumping things.
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    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2014
    The Game Keeper did rape her, I suspect he will be getting the 'leg treatment' before series end.
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    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2014
    well seems that jackson was wrong. theresa's crew is formed by smart crossed that have learned some sort of abstinence. so even by killing her they won't solve the problem. just like in original crossed with the horsecock crew they must be killed all. and i don;t see a way to do this if no strong uncrossed military force comes by or some big storm hits cava and all the crossed are in their boats and drown. i see no other way to get them all. actually it doesn't have to end well. but just saying
    • CommentAuthorJyve
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2014
    Guess there's also the thing about the GK is that Aoileen knows he's an evil/powerful bugger, and that if he WAS turned, he might not take over as leader in any effective manner, but he'd probably kill her.
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2014
    then why not kill him already and remove the danger? also the gk is seen holding a gun. why is he not doing himself. pure hate for shanky i suppose. as i stated in my post that got deleted must be the last thing he wishes to do before getting butchered by the crossed. maybe he made a deal with the nun, he helps them find other ppl. they get him shanky
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2014
    @ Babu Dhakal

    About legalities, I know they've had Prince Harry and I guess we're getting Gordon Brown. However, from what I've read, I guess they never specifically confirmed 100% that it's Prince Harry and from the pictures I've seen, you don't get to see his face. Also, I guess it's a calculated gamble that the Royal Family would prefer to avoid the Streisand Effect even if there were grounds to act (I'm guessing not in this case anyway).

    Could be slightly less clear cut with Gordon Brown but I guess a lot of the above still applies, as long as it isn't too beyond the pale, they'll let it pass without comment. I'm guessing politicians get a lot of this. Cases in point: 5 Insane Barack Obama Comic Books You Won't Believe Are Real.

    As for Eva Longoria and any other celebrities whose image is tied closely to their career and value, I'm sure there's a lot of legal issues potentially involved. I imagine that if you wanted to feature someone who is a real life person and they're clearly identifiable from the creative work, you would have to get a release signed or risk legal action if the person in question went on to object.

    A look at how complicated this issue can be using a very famous photograph taken at this year's Academy Awards: Paging Bradley Cooper's Lawyers, You Might Own Ellen's Famous Selfie.

    I guess there's also this approach:

    [The Simpson family are watching a TV show.]
    Announcer: Blood on the Blackboard: the Bart Simpson Story: Starring Richard Chamberlain as Principal Skinner, Joe Montegna as Fat Tony, Jane Seymour as the woman he loved and TV's Doogie Howser, Neil Patrick Harris as Bart Simpson.
    Tony: Bart, I'm scared. Let's get out of here.
    Bart: Shut up! Where do you want it, Skinner? [Skinner spits on Bart's cheek.] Not smart. :[shoots Principal Skinner. Meanwhile, at the Simpsons' household...] Bart: Cool!
    Homer: Hey, when do we get the check for this?
    Marge: Well, they said they changed it just enough so they don't have to pay us.
    Homer: Oh, you know who the real crooks are? Those sleazy Hollywood producers!
    [The executive producer credits are shown over Homer's face.]

    As I'd brought up before, first name only, descriptive reference to the show/whatever the celebrity is famous for and change the appearance enough to meet legal requirements. (In universe explanation, global apocalypses can have an effect on how you look).

    Or ideally, ask the person you want to feature and explain why you want them on board (In this case, the sharp contrast with public/real life persona and people with genuine survival skills, always good in this universe). You never know, they might say yes.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2014 edited
    To add, why bother doing something like featuring a real life celebrity? Me personally, I hope the Crossed Universe never loses its sense of humour. There's the black and gallows humour of the moment in the middle of the carnage as it happens but there's also some genuinely funny stuff away from the mayhem.

    There's some excellent comedic narrative and meta-narrative potential there, like as if they'd cast Tom Cruise as Ozymandias in Watchmen like they did try to do, there's the character in the narrative and Tom Cruise's real world fame for the meta-narrative. The right choice of a real world person with an interesting real life background certainly has an avenue for some fun in the same way too.

    (One of my favourite exchanges in a post apocalyptic film is where the lead male and female characters had an exchange which ended where she said "We need to see other people." and then they both had a good a laugh as almost all of the rest of the world at that point were dead.)
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    hodengai brought up an interesting suggestion
    Crossed who function like regular people to the point that the only difference is their high tendency towards sadism, rape and murder making it easy for them to blend in with survivor populations?

    I think an awesome arc would involve an Alpha Crossed gaining so much control over their instincts that they cover up their 'cross' with make-up or something similar and gain the trust of a group before decimating them. Sort of like Mrs Doubtfire - just less humorous.

    And you can picture the look on the face of one of the group when they walk in on 'Mrs Doubtfire' sans make-up and realise who they really are. Then 'Mrs Doubtfire' slashes their throat to silence them.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2014
    The voice is going to be a bit of a giveaway though.
    • CommentAuthorHardCory
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2014
    Anyone notice the details in the beginning of this episode? Theresa is said to be "weak" and "useless" in the beginning. She is also only clothed in a long cloth and a bandage on her leg (which must be how she was turned). However her starting out naked, THEN finding jeans and shoes makes me shudder at what the crossed did to her while being turned.

    Also if you look at the artwork, there are lines by her legs to mimic that she was shaking and is physically weak. Very curious to see what happens in that church. I shudder to think what might have happened to those kiddies.

    Shaky probably cartwheeled and skipped out of there without a scratch, the lucky c*nt...

    Also It almost seems like she is a little depressed with feelings of dread. Most "normal" crossed seem downright pleased to now be crossed. She seems very upset about it at first. Maybe I am reading the artwork wrong. Anyway, any theories as to how it went down, or why she is so weak? Why do you think Aioleen looks perturbed? I mean who doesn't want to be a cannibalistic murdering rapist?
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2014
    "I mean who doesn't want to be a cannibalistic murdering rapist? "

    When your entire previous life was based on the opposite of all of that? Geez, I wonder :P Tabitha didn't go straight to do some rape killing, either, and instead she chose to sneak off to watch her portrait of Shaky. Parts of the person who they were before being turned are still present in the crossed, so it's normal that she restrained herself from doing "evil" stuff even after turning, at least for a while. I've re-read this chapter to check your other points:

    -About Teresa being weak and useless in the beginning, I simply assume that this is the gamekeeper's narration, at least when it comes to the useless part. He is pretty ruthless, and he considered Teresa's ways of caring people to be useless, since weak people should just be left out there to die (think of the time when she was found). As to weak, the trembling is there, yes. It could be simply because she's freezing her ass off. All in all, she's pretty much naked and not moving much at all (unlike her crossed companions)

    -About what happened in the church: well, the gamekeeper's "heh" before (rhetorically) asking shaky whatever happened there makes me expect a pretty damn gruesome fate for all of the kids. Thinking of Shaky's letter to Aoileann back in the second volume he tells her that "bringing a horde down our home wouldn't be the worst thing I've done, you know that". So my current guess of the church events:

    Shaky decided to try getting rid of the distractions, that is, Moses and the kids, by using a pack of crossed who happened to arrive to the area. He tried to convince them all of leaving the area, but they were all "No, we can't travel with the kids, we'll just hide until they go". Shaky knocks Teresa out (either because she noticed he was plotting something, or as a pre-emptive move, with drugs of some sort). Either way, he has locked her in a "safe" place while he goes to prepare his eeeevil plan, rationalizing that maybe they all can escape, but this will drive them away from the nun and himself, and they'll go somewhere else, and if they don't, 2 live survivors on the run >>>>> everybody dead in this stupid church. And in this world, shit is tough and the kids wouldn't have had a chance anyway.

    Only his plan was actually shitty, and it backfires and goes out of hand greatly when Moses is the only survivor. While the gorey rape-killing of little children was going on Teresa has tried to escape from Wherever (possibly using her clothes as a rope, movie style) and gotten a nasty cut in the process with something that was infected. Moses finds her, tells her what has happened while wrapping his sleeve as a bandage for the wound, and that's when she turns and infects him by biting him in the uncovered arm (the skin on Moses' arm looks pretty strange in the latest chapter).
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2014
    @ HardCory

    Shaky reminds me of a few characters in the excellent Spanish film Intacto, where luck is something quantifiable and certain people are very, very lucky indeed. However, ultimately even for the luckiest it ultimately runs out.

    As I hinted at (and 111111 joined the dots on), I suspect we're possibly heading towards the intersectionality of Shaky, the leading Crossed beseiging Cava and the Last Claymore. (I thought that 'and now we have one' remark really Chekhov'ed it).

    As for Shaky's 'luck' so far, I've never seen the universe move so fast in balancing it out by having someone else in the vicinity have corresponding bad luck (often of the terminal kind) so often.
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    @ Shan

    1. Okay now I am even more in love with Eva Longoria. So thanks. For that. If Eva enters the crossed narrative, then I think so should Ted Nugent. Eva and The Nuge against the world! OR Eva VS. crossed Ted Nugent! Bahaha... Someone please fan-fiction that. Okaygreatthanks.

    2. Barack books. I actually own this one. I'm surprised it didn't make it on that "Top 5..." list.

    3. RE: claymore/chekov'ed -- I immediately thought of the grenade from the first Badlands arc written by Garth. I both loved and hated (in a good way if that makes sense) the way he ended the story with no closure. I like that the reader gets to analyze and finish the story in their mind... but at the same time I want confirmation! Totally blue-balled me. I hope Si isn't so cruel... though I have my suspicions.
    • CommentAuthorNo Fear
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2014
    I like to think he did pull the pin on the grenade.

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