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    I finally got to try my hand in scripting a comic, and what happened is what I was suspecting would happen: I found that sort of storytelling very comfortable for me. Comic scripting and writing IF seem to feel the most suitable ways for me to tell a story, much more natural than writing straight-up prose.

    So, I'm hungry to do more. The problem I have now is that I have zero idea how to go about it. I don't of course mean getting a job as a scriptwriter for a big publisher, but getting some sort of lay of the land of UG or independent publishing, I guess. How does that thing actually work as a whole? Do people write and draw their own comics auteur style, do the writers hawk around for artists and funding for their own projects and act as a primus motor there, are there anthologies or online zines or whatever where you can submit scripts and they put you in contact with artists, or how does this go? Is there a place online I should be aware of where people go look for contributors to their projects?

    To answer the obvious question, I did get that one gig from here in Whitechapel, but either I've been blind or that has been the only such "looking for writers" thread here lately.

    So, the ideal situation here: finding an anthology or such that's looking for writers for short comic scripts. Paid or hobby based.

    Any ideas where to start?
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    2000 AD is probably a good way in. Their subs policy is here.
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    I looked online and found some groups to attend, one is a meet up for animators and writers, and I started up a drink and draw and people have come along for the social aspect as well as to find a collaborator.
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    Hmm, might be interesting to give that a whirl, although I suppose their standard is damn high and they're drowning in submissions.


    Yeppers, I know of some comics people up here in Commie Reindeerland, maybe I'll finally hit the yearly local event. I'm mostly wondering about more international projects, done in English.
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    Forums like this one that have a lot of artists are always a good place to find artists and here's a link for an anthology comic based out of dublin, some good artists involved.

    Here's their facebook page - - what makes them standout to me is the quality of the presentation of the final product

    And i'm hearing a lot of great things about the current London indie scene with some very good comics coming out of it, but geographically I ain't in the know about whom would be a good point of contact.