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    "I've launched a campaign on a website called Patreon (which totally sounds like a Pokemon) to try and find support while I work!

    Patreon is a service a bit like Kickstarter that lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators. Unlike other fundraising services, which raise for a single big event, Patreon is for creators who create a regular stream of work that they give to fans for free, and need ongoing support.

    If you're interested, you can donate as little as $1 a month, and get perks for donating! Perks include your credit on the website, advance previews of new work as its finished, and copies of printed editions! Click here to see more details on my Patreon page!

    If you're looking for support for your own project, I'd also recommend setting one up for yourself! It's a lot more hassle-free than Kickstarter, and there's not as much confusion over whether the people donating are in it as consumers or as philanthropists. Pretty much everyone who takes the time to sign up just wants to help out, and perks are more of a thank you from the creator to the patron than the driving force behind the campaign."