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      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2014 edited
    The Pitch Clip!

    Hey all, i meant to post here and other forums sooner but it kept slipping my mind!

    But in some ways that's good, i won't be pestering you all forever, there's still time to pledge for this, and the good news is I've cleared the "all-or-nothing" mark!

    I set my first goal low, for a small degree of certainty of a win in so far as getting enough books for my planned launch. Now though, i'm seeing if in the time left i can make it all the way to my ultimate stretch goal, funding a print run of a 1000 units. And touring coast to coast in Canada, with a few US stops along the way possibly!

    Ok, so here's the pitch! I've been working on this book for, well, a long time. It's done now, it was going to be launched last year but got held up. Now finally ready to go, all that's left to do is take it to the printers, which happens in April soon as this drive is wrapped. I'm looking to pre-sell as many copies as I can before that, in order to pay for printing them. I've taken care to make sure my sipping and Kickstarter costs won't complicate things, and the only question now is how big a run can i manage? And, in order to make a proper launch of it I want to tour the book after launching it at the Toronto Comic Art Festival in mid May. So hence the crowdfunder!

    To check out the work, you can read the first 61 pages via a preview i've posted on ISSUU here.

    Right now along with the normal reward tier type rewards [digital options, the book, my other books, art] I have 3 levels of unlock-able interactive stretch goal rewards.

    The Dream Life kickstarter had two official stretch goals at the start, and i've set a third intermediary one to make this more fun.

    So altogether They are $5k, $8k, and $10k!

    When we hit each of those (and the $5k is very close right now), the backer whose pledge puts us over the line will get the honor/option of providing a dream sketch suggestion! Something they dreamed, or imagined, or hallucinated? You can make up something too. But it must be dream related, rather than say, Batman. I'll do an 8x10" sketch of it, and the image will be posted to Kickstarter, made available as a digital download to all backers, included as a postcard with copies of Dream Life for the physical rewards. And if the backer who suggested it pledged for a physical reward themselves including the graphic novel Dream Life, i'll send it to them with their copy of the book!

    All digital pledges and the set of Revolvers on their own don't get mailed from me so those reward tiers don't facilitate mailing it, but if you want it you can pitch in for the postage and get it still.

    Sound cool?

    Here's an overview of the regular reward tier options.

    Things start with $5 digital get the comic deals. Either Dream Life, or 5 issues of my personal anthology Revolver. First three right off, and the next two as they come out.

    Pledge $10 to get a full digital suite of all 6 books & an album! SadOcensSpaceBears’ Dream the Dark Dream [mp3] Music from the trailer comes from that.

    Pledge $28 to get 'Dream Life | a late coming of age' book one, In the US with shipping it's $38. comes with a digital copy too, & the album!

    Pledge $50 for The Materialist² - 4 of my books; Dream Life, and 3 issues of Revolver. Includes digital copies, & Dream the Dark Dream!

    Pledge $130 or more to get old Marvel or DC and other WFH comic art by me, Dream Life, and help print LOTS of books!

    Pledge $150 to get art from Therefore Repent! A copy of Dream Life, and help print lots of books!

    Pledge $250 to get NEW art from Dream Life, a copy of Dream Life, and help print lots & lots of books!

    There are a few others but that's the main list.
    And that's probably enough for this post! Hope you dig it and pledge, and even if you're feeling poor consider sharing this with people on twitter, Facebook and G+, or wherever you haunt the web!

    the trailer

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    I'm pretty happy with the recommendations i've been able to collect so far for this work...

    “Salgood Sam is a gifted draftsman. In Dream Life you can see he's enjoying himself immensely drawing every page of this sprawling story. Beautiful stuff.” - Joe Ollmann

    “Those of us not blessed (or cursed) with an active sleep imagination can fill the gap with Salgood Sam's pitch-perfect simulacrum of the oneiric state, "Dream Life".
    Those of us who love and cherish our involuntary interior rambles can enjoy more of a good thing, by diving into Salgood's universal trance adapter "Dream Life".
    Those of us who like to stretch out on the couch and become immersed in a compelling story terrifically told and beautifully drawn can scratch that particular itch as well, via Salgood Sam's powerful virtuosic graphic novel "Dream Life".
    The rest of us will just have to get along as best we can.” - Jim Woodring

    “I recently read Salgood Sam's new graphic novel, "Dream Life", and it is sensational.
    The story is thrilling, heartfelt and heartbreaking. And the way Sam presents his narrative (a long-overdue-coming-of-age story), weaving events, past and present with a large cast of characters is evocative of a dream and a tour de force of comics storytelling.”
    - Batton Lash

    "I couldn't put this down. Seriously. It's a keeper. Salgood Sam has one of the most interesting, unique voices in comics today." - Mark Waid