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    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2014
    Okay so let's follow up on the New Year's resolution thread and see just how bad we want it.

    If you're new to these threads - or if you fell off the wagon - No sweat! Forget about January and New Year's Resolutions and all that crap and demand better of yourself today!
    I fuss so much about getting somewhere that the fussing is becoming an obstacle. egads what a pain. Overall the last week and a half of this month has been practically a waste as I just have floundered and wanted to do anything but pay attention to things that matter.
    I got hooked up with a once per week workout group. The cost of it eats a lot of my VO budget, but it still sits inside my budget, just barely. I have to look at this better, because if I want to do ANYTHING ELSE I have to either find the money somewhere else or skip some of the workouts. Frustrating. Otherwise... It's hard to figure out how to move forward. My best thoughts have been to talk to a coach or two but I keep getting a run around from my first/second choices. I may get to sit with another coach on Wed but that meeting already went from dinner to coffee to a phone conversation. Some tips on where I might look for work or connections. I haven't followed on them because see above in terms of the end of the month.
    Burning Man: Fucking wasted the whole month as I was supposed to put in for cheap tickets but let myself get intimidated by the process. I have nothing to lose so I should still try to apply. But it's probably way too fucking late. So I still have to save the full price and I'm at less than half and dropping in my savings account because I'm out of money but still need to keep plugging away. FFFUUUCK.
    Japanese. Ugh. No forward movement. Minor pleasure at knowing I know more kanji than I figured, but eh, still not great.
    Weight Loss: I don't really know. At one point it looked like I lost a couple pounds but then I haven't been back to the gym in a couple weeks because see above. So. Let me get to the gym and I'll check back in.

    Bleh. Thank goodness I set this up so I can just start over as I need to. Christ I really suck.

    Month 1
    Month 2

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    1) Get the weight down to 72kg, where I got a good start but an equally good rebound last year. Preferably by June. I'm starting from 81.5kg as of yesterday.

    Have gone all the way down to 75.3kg but now it's been slowing down, since I didn't have the brain energy to keep a Nazi pace for a couple of weeks there. Getting back on the horse.

    2) I can currently climb four out of five 5C routes on boulder with confidence. By the end of the year I want that to apply for 6A.

    Some progress! I went to the bouldering cave yesterday alone after the work, although I was feeling lazy and le tired, but it was totally worth it. Topped the first 6a in a while, and a quite crimpy one at that! It means the route had lots of holds that were more like paint stains than proper holds. I couldn't even try them 6 kilos ago, since just standing on one hurt like a motherfucker. Now all sorts of moves came easy, I almost topped another 6a but I noticed it right at the end when I was very tired, and trying to climb felt like I was slapping the wall with wet noodles. I also took a couple of nasty tumbles and almost kneed myself on the face, but who's counting. Fun!

    3) Publish one IF game for either Spring Thing or IFcomp.

    I got some notes made for the IFcomp game, and I've written literally one line of code.

    4) Publish at least one short story.

    Done, and getting good reviews! The second one is fighting me mightily. The idea refuses to become a story.

    5) Start on the second novel.

    No progress.
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    1. Be more socially brave - I am doing this, yes. I'm going meet some school friends for Big Art Plans today.

    2. Ask people out - I've recently started seeing someone. Going to see how that goes.

    3. Get back into yoga - Nope. I think, every morning in the shower, "I should do yoga more... but today I'm already showering, so fuck it."

    4. Less procrastinating - Covered in fail.

    5. Prioritize happiness - The new someone seems eager to help with this one. Might go well.

    6. Adding this month - Get a real job (one with benefits) - I've been denied medicaid because the governor of Tennessee is an asshole who wouldn't expand it. So, still no health insurance.
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2014
    1. Lose at least 20lbs -Stayed at the same weight since last month, which is a BIT of a feat since March was fucking horrible and I did a lot of emotional eating.

    2. Run a 5K marathon - Not sure how this one is going to go, since I keep having pain problems after I do a certain distance. We'll see.

    3. Take on more freelance work - Not as much lately.

    4. Get a place of my own. Or at least get closer to that outcome. -The saving account, it sinks due to computer problems.

    5. Cook more vegetarian/vegan meals. - Yep!

    6. Do more Thirsty Wench stuff. - The Patreon account has got me thinking more on posts. Plus it looks like I'm a finalist in Saveur's Best Food Blog Awards again! And I just sent an e-mail out to look in to a possible columnist job.'s hoping!

    7. Work on trust issues and depression - Nope nope nope.

    8. Be a better friend. - Been falling on that one since I had to deal with my own stuff in March. But think I'm doing okay.

    9. Take better care of my appearance. - Last week was my first shower in something like two weeks, Though with computer problems happening I'm working from my mobile unit in the kitchen and am actually getting dressed for it!

    10. Finish my pulpy ultra-violent novella. - Not yet

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.