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    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2014
    I've never watched the original Japanese kaiju films but maybe I should give them try. I wonder if the characters in those films were as useless and forgettable as they were here.

    It really depends what era you're talking about - the things go back to 1954, after all. I still say the 1954 film is a horror classic.

    Later on you get socially maladroit inventors and embittered inventors and their cyborg daughters and annoying know-it-all kids in short pants and angsty mutants and whatnot. And Nick Adams, the Most Boring Man in Movies. But in general you watch Godzilla movies for the fights and the destruction and whatnot.

    Having missed Only Lovers Left Alive, I'm hoping Borgman will come to the Bay Area.
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    @Steerpike If you mean the SF Bay Area, BORGMAN did come and leave the Opera Plaza. :(