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    @taphead: Considering how much I love food and music (or, well, most anything that is about indulging the senses), I really should request a season dvd from the library. A good reminder to request other season dvds as well, come to think.
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    @trini_naenae If you aren't bouncing in your seat after hearing the opening theme song, I'll be very surprised.

    There are shoutouts in TREME to actual people and institutions in New Orleans. The radio station that one character works for at the beginning of the series is an actual New Orleans radio station. No word, though, on whether the sacrifice of a chicken on live radio is a real incident or based on an actual event.

    Also, does the New Orleans Ninth Ward institution known as Mr. Okra make at least a cameo in the series?
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2014
    I was expecting something along the lines of The Crucible with Salem, but instead I seemed to be watching something that is very disappointing with a theme song by Marilyn Manson. It's got Brannon Braga's name to it, which I don't know if counts for anything nowadays. Halfway through the second episode I had to turn it off. Uhhh!

    I've been doing the first season of Continuum, which I find a bit corny, but also interesting. I suppose I'm slightly addicted. The only real gripe is spotting the actors from Battlestar Galactica/Caprica in it. For me, that is.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2014
    The only real gripe is spotting the actors from Battlestar Galactica/Caprica in it. For me, that is.

    That's like watching a series filmed in New York and being annoyed that you spot actors from Law and Order.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2014
    After watching two or three episodes a week, I made it through the entire run of Burn Notice. It definitely ran a season too long, getting repetitive and dark.

    I finally started watching Orphan Black. Up to episode 4 of the first season.

    Grimm's new character is a nice addition.
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2014
    I also like Theresa (no, not saying Trubel). One of the things I like best about Grimm is that most of the characters tend to act like real people would act in their situation, weird, villainous exceptions aside.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2014
    Okay, follow with me for a moment:

    May Lin is a super-secret SHIELD agent with massive combat-fu. May's mother, Mama May, is an old-school player in the espionage game. Tsai Chin, who plays Mama May, was a Bond Girl in "You Only Live Twice", where we see her in a post-coital scene with James Bond. Ergo, May Lin may be the daughter of James Bond.

    I believe I have won the Internets for the day. Please forward my prize (No-Prize acceptable) forthwith. Thank you.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2014
    Community cancelled. Hannibal renewed.

    Slit wrists and throw confetti accordingly.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2014
    On Elementary, Mycroft Holmes turns out to be a long-time MI-6 agent who sleeps with Joan. Joan Watson lives with Sherlock Holmes and sleeps with his brother, James Bond.
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    Also announced: Agents of SHIT renewed and an Agent Carter series commissioned, Constantine gets full series order.
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    @johnjones: I haven't watched any of Elementary, but isn't Joan Watson a lesbian?
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2014
    I think Community had a good run. Long enough to get into syndication, so it will be around for easily accessible rewatching. Even with Harmon back, there'd be a chance of it getting stale.

    None of the other cancellations bothered me. Parenthood -- fate unknown -- has occasionally done some good stuff (sometimes daring*), but ending its run wouldn't bother me.

    I think Grimm could wrap it up nicely in one more season. Same for Elementary.

    * High school senior Zach gets his girlfriend pregnant. With hardly a fuss, and no family drama or Very Special Episode speeches, they do what millions of people in their situation do every year: Go to an abortion clinic.
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    Really digging Fargo. Which came as a bit of a surprise for me; I did not expect it to be close to the flick. And yessir the film is still better (umm... Wade watching the Gopher hockey game much?), but this show has the same sense of subtle dread like a flurry blowing across those iced over fields up in Bemidji, MN, the ones that seem to stretch well past the horizon. No Coen Bros and that's a bummer dude, but fuck it let's go bowlin'.
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2014
    I am returned at long last (More on that elsewhere I'm sure).

    It's probably telling that the first place I go to is the TV post.

    Just got done watching Hannibal and am looking forward to the last few episodes of Person of Interest. In fact I'm looking forward to the shows I'm watching being done for a bit because of the fact that I have a hell of a back log to get through.

    I quite enjoy Elementary if only because there's more of it than Sherlock.

    There is more to talk about but I need to gather my thoughts first.
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    @DavidLejeune: Where on earth did you get that idea? She's portrayed as completely hetero so far. Are you maybe confusing her with Sherlock's Irene Adler?
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2014

    Feeling a little optimistic.
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    UK accessible trailer here , and yes, looks like it has potential.
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    Well Hannibal turned out to be way better than I thought it would be, so maybe Constintine will be good too. I wonder how they are going to pronounce "Constintine". I'm not sure where they are setting this, but assume it'll be filmed in Vancouver?
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    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2014
    Was Disappointed how few commenters knew what a welsh accent sounds like (on io9). I am cautiously optimistic so far but I'm waiting for footage that tells me something rather than being big and flashy.