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    It's Thursday! It's mid-afternoon in London! It's another wrongheaded morning in Mericky! Everyone in Australia is dead from spiders and snakes and poisonous accents, apparently. And it's time for more Crossed hideosity!

    Episode 85, live and free-to-air.

    Remember: Not safe for work, not safe for minors, not safe for people of a nervous disposition, not safe for FEINT.
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Well, blow me down. Looks like Rab remembered a certain scene from Misery.
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    God damnit. Didn't expect this betrayal on Shakey. I mean, yeah, he can be a cu*t sometimes. But they just could've left him WITHOUT breaking his damn feet. Amazing and thrilling as always Si, love the WIWH-Arc from the very beginning. Keep up the good work and greetings from Germany!
    • CommentAuthorBabu Dhakal
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014 edited
    "Folks around you die a wee bit too much."

    Truer words have seldom been spoken. Also, I confess that I laughed like an imbecile when I saw Skip and Jamie approaching from behind with the crowbar as Rab uttered the words. I immediately imagined a flashback montage of all the people who have died around Shaky, starting with the people in the café, the people who ran with Shaky in London and were overtaken one by one, the police boat, most of the Gamekeeper's original crew, the people in Aoileann's nursing home (though that was the GK's handiwork), the posh couple, the drift fleet and all the dead Cavaites.

    Also, I bet that right after Shaky and Aoileann said the "three little words" to each other, all hell broke loose. The only thing that remains to be seen is if Shaky tried to rescue her, or if he did like Edmund in Yellow Belly and ran away.
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    Oh god, the feels! I don't even know if I'm rooting for Shakey anymore or just waiting for the inevitable crap that gets taken on his chest. What an episode this was to behold. Also, somewhat off-topic, nice work on X=Force 4. Been enjoying that title as well.
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Question for Mr. Spurrier: Is there a set date for the end of <em>Wish You Were Here</em>? It seems as if things truly are escalating to an ending, but it's hard to tell (Shaky is, after all, an incredibly lucky little bloke).
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Whoops, looks like the title didn't italicize. Forgive me.
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Thank you Mr. Spurrier for taking crossed to places I never thought it could go. Your writing NEVER disappoints.
    • CommentAuthordiggergig
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Why does Shakey gasp "No" during the 'love' scene?
    • CommentAuthortr0r
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Well, looks like the Cavaites are buggered, especially if she saw them hurt Shaky.

    The end is nigh I dare say.
    • CommentAuthordiggergig
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Maybe that's the plan...maybe she has told them they can leave so that she has Shakey alone on the island.
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    Anyone willing to take the word of a Crossed deserves the Darwin Award.
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    The "no" is a lettering-layer error, fyi. It's supposed to be attrib-tailed to Shaky in the rightmost panel -- I think the whole layer's been whisked leftwards during production. Getting it fixed asap.
    • CommentAuthordiggergig
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2014
    Ah, right. Kinda wondered...
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2014
    Awesome chapter, I have to say :/

    well, it was obvious that Rab's crew wasn't going to include Shaky in the "big escape" that Lance briefly mentioned, but I didn't think they'd go that far. Although I confess that when I saw them wallking in with the crowbar, I expected someone dying, be that Shaky or the others, as the crossed in Teresa's group are supposedly always watching the island).

    Neither Jamie, Skip or Rab looked any happy about having done this, though. I doubt it'll be of help when Teresa's group comes and rape-kills them slowly,

    I'm not entirely sure on the reasons why they sniped Maria down, and I doubt Shaky's "payback" guess is accurate. I mean, killing her from a distance is supposedly kind of boring for the crossed, no? Just compare what was done to a cavaite as a result of the first offense of trying to escape (Jackie's death) with their second, perhaps less obvious attempt to escape (Maria's). I think they just killed her to intimidate the rest, to show them that they can easily kill them all, and they shouldn't even try to escape. A warning, not a payback. The proper payback will be much more, eh, colourful, so to say.

    I agree with the comments about all hell breaking loose in the flashback right after saying the 3 words and how the end is nigh, although I don't know how many chapters does "nigh" mean for us.
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    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2014


    • CommentAuthorBigSven
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2014
    Shakey better hope the GK is dead. Hooray that he doesn't fear him anymore, but if he suddenly showed up I think Shakey might feel a little differently...

    How can there be nine eps left?!? Are things just going to slow down even further, or is there a last story arc that none save Si have foreseen?!? And what will I do with my life after WYWH is gone?!?
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    DAMN IT. I just spent 30 minutes typing up a nice lengthy post, only to have it swallowed up by the internet because my whitechapel session expired. GRRRR.

    Anyways... the gist of it was something like this:

    - i feared for Shaky's life when I saw Skip with the crowbar
    - was relieved that his brains were not bashed in
    - was also expecting more crossed sniper fire to protect Shaky
    - loved Rab's breakdown of Shaky
    - agreed with Rab's breakdown mostly
    - sure people die a wee bit too much around Shaky BUT in Shaky's defense i'd like to add the caveat "in world 2.0 populated by rape-cannibals"
    - you can't blame the kid (Shaky) for being a lucky bastard with good instincts, right?
    - i perhaps associate a wee bit too much with Shaky and his actions (perhaps a result of great writing and character depth)
    - or perhaps i am actually just a terrible person deep down inside?
    - i might hate myself for this realization? (thanks, Si)
    - i do tend to agree with most of Shaky's actions. except for leaving the notes for Aoileen revealing the location of the islanders, which was totally a dick move
    - phenomenal work as always, Si. seeing your name on the cover of comic books now makes me immediate interested
    - looking forward to purchasing the fourth installment in TPB format so i may share the pants-shitting terror and amazing storyline with my friends

    I think that was most of it. Blah.

    Oh... and I'm elated/appaled at knowing there will be an end to the story soon. NINE MORE CHAPTERS!! BigSven, I'm with ya buddy. What the hell am I going to do on Thursday mornings now?!
    • CommentAuthorNo Fear
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2014
    Were the notes Shaky left giving details of the islanders location? She already knew that Cava was the destination, and she was already in the locality anyway. Was it ever shown what was in the notes?
    And only 9 chapters (not including interludes I hope) to go. Be sorry to see it end but surely looking forward to see what happens etc.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.