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    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2014
    Me: New housekey acquired. New phone acquired (thanks, Koodo tab!) and being set up. Scholarship cheque acquired and deposited.
    Date(s) for TCAF this weekend acquired (one for Kate Beaton and Lynn Johnston on Friday night, another for the weekend). Looking forward to running into practically everyone I know in Toronto.
    And, while my Washington trip was lovely (and not nearly as expensive as it could've been), I am unspeakably happy to be back, with a bed and some kittens and a bottle of cheap wine and a steady internet connection. Life is good, this week.

    Hi, how are you?
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    Yesterday I finally got the minus hours at work caused by the dive school covered. We had a deal that last year I didn't need to take unpaid holidays to go to the school, but I had to do in the hours, all glorious 180 of them. That little clump of undone work time has been sitting on my back uncomfortably for quite a while, but now - boom - it's gone. One by one the wildly fluctuating KPIs of my life hit some baseline and remain there.

    On Friday I'm going to start the first proper holiday since the summer of 2012. We're going to Ă…land, with the original intent of bouldering. I personally have exactly two functioning limbs right now, which bummed me right the fuck out at first, but I've made my peace with it. There's going to be cabin, nature, new people and cookery, and the chance to spend time with Heli in a milieu that's not our usual haunts.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2014
    I think I managed to make a safe amount of spending money for my two holidays this week. Depending on how things go, I may have actually doubled the amount I was aiming for. Every day I'm hustlin'.

    Still can't go out to anything (Sorry Allana and WC Toronto crew), but feeling less anxious about my trips.
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    I'm currently having my first proper holiday trip since the summer of 2011. This is a climbing trip, but apart from two easy routes I've been taking it easy because of the tennis elbow. Nevertheless, this trip and especially this day has been one of exhilaration of movement. I have lost around 8kg this year and about 12kg from when I was the plumpest, plus I've been exercising a lot. I've never put my "new body" to the test, until today. And fuck. All hail the new flesh. This feels incredible.

    After a day in the woods I went for a short exploration trip to the shorelines of this rocky island we are currently in. It's a shore of steep, convoluted cliffs, fields of stones and boulders, expanses of undulating granite honed smooth by the ice age and the waves, all in all a rather demanding area. I spent two hours climbing, running, jumping and just feeling awesome. I have no trouble jumping down about two meters, something that's made me feel like my kneecaps will explode and my feet split from the impact, but not anymore. I can "parkour run" by picking a route on the run and just running on tops of the stones and the granite waves, I can mantel up and shimmy and whatnot. Fuck me this feels awesome after having been a beer marinated sack of lard and aches for far too long. It really feels like I've been given a new body to play with. I'm hoping I can enjoy this a bit more before the inevitable injury - this is the prime environment for that ;)

    Oh, here's a short video message for you!

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.