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    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2014
    Shit crap life feels like it's been going at breakneck speed, but it's not really I'm just crazy disorganized...

    Here is the link to last month's check in with links to previous months.

    I feel like there are three or four other people who are still interested in this challenge. But hopefully more people drop in and keep us all fired up. changing is hard work!

    Remember, it doesn't have to be Jan 1 to improve yourself/life. Get to it now!

    I'm trying... I'm trying everything. Except Burning Man. HAd to let go of that. It fucking kills me and I'm kind of pissed about it. I expected more support, I don't know why. Now I know why I've NEVER been, even in years when I had more than enough money. Whatever. I'm going to be really grouchy when all of my friends head off to Black Rocks after spending the year telling me oh don't worry if it doesn't happen, it's not as great as it used to be, whatever. And then they talk about it nonstop and make all kinds of plans right in front of me. God.

    Okay, flailing at Japanese. I don't know where to go next. Sent email to a univ professor. Aim to visit a private tutoring place.

    Trying to get back on things with VO. I don't know how really. Resources (namely, people who said they'd help) are being undependable. But I'mma keep trying. Keep pounding at private meeting with coach. Keep poking another person to respond to my email.

    Have to start all over again with the weight thing. I know I CAN do it. Just disorganization kill me here. *sigh* Hard as fuck. But dammit. Really fecking hating myself right now.

    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2014 edited
    1) Get the weight down to 72kg, where I got a good start but an equally good rebound last year. Preferably by June. I'm starting from 81.5kg as of yesterday.

    As I wrote in the Fitness thread, hit a bit of a bump here thanks to the lateral epicondylitis making sportsing hard, plus there were trips and such that make it hard to count calories. Back on the horse this week, though, now that the weather is starting to be conductive to biking etc.

    2) I can currently climb four out of five 5C routes on boulder with confidence. By the end of the year I want that to apply for 6A.

    Almost reached that, but alas, thanks to the fucked arm, no climbing for two months now, and maybe the whole summer.

    3) Publish one IF game for either Spring Thing or IFcomp.

    I actually got some more honest to god code down during the Stream Party demo event a couple of weeks back.

    4) Publish at least one short story.

    Done. Also publishing a couple of drabbles in a story service + anthology, and looks like I'll be publishing one comic as well.

    5) Start on the second novel.

    No progress.
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    I'm trying to re-evaluate my goals. I really don't know exactly what I want. I'll just measure how I feel about social/school/job for now.

    Social: I feel moderately successful, socially. I'm seeing a very nice fellow* who causes me to feel good feelings. I'm getting out of the apartment and doing things with people. This is good. I don't see my best friend enough, though; we're both very busy, and that's taking a toll.

    School: My grades last semester were ok, but not repeatable if I'm going to keep my scholarship going forward. I took risks that were very educational, but meant getting worse grades than if I had stayed in my comfort zone. I actually feel pretty good about that. In other news, I kick so much ass at Art History, my teacher pulled me aside on the last day of class to talk to me a bit about my future in the program. That's not where I'd like my best grades to be, but there are good jobs to be found through Art History, and I do like it (History is made of interesting stories, after all).

    Job: I enjoy my job, and am very grateful that my boss took a chance on me when I had no recent work experience and was an emotional wreck. I picked up some shifts for the summer, and tips have been pretty good. I just don't know if working in a coffee shop is the wisest choice. The night shifts I work while in school are entirely at the mercy of our cranky music director. He barely promotes the events, then complains that no one in town goes to music shows. I could make more money working in a bar, or get benefits working at a corporate place. I'd probably have to dye my hair back to a natural looking color and wear respectable clothes at a corporate place, though. I'd also meet significantly fewer musicians and artists, which has been a nice perk. It's a difficult choice. I really don't know what to do.

    *seriously, everyone he meets becomes his friend. It's uncanny.

    In the meantime, fellow resolutioners:

    tiny cactus believes in you
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    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2014
    Social Stuff: Have started doing a regular board game / rpg thing thanks to meetup. Still need to work on maintaining friendships outside of stuff organized by other people. Need to find time to go out and do things more too. Doing my first proper road trip next week.

    Health/ Fitness: Fell off the wagon food wise. Was keeping a diary of what I was eating for mindfulness reasons. Then I stopped and my diet went to hell. Trying to claw my way back on. Also I tore the muscle fiber in my feet a while back and that pretty much means I can't really exercise much. Starts to give me trouble if I even walk to much. Want it to go away so I can do things.

    Work: Niche Comics is rolling along pretty well. I'm trying not to get complacent especially about all those little things that pay off long term. Like all the little things that save time around accounts season that you have to do all year. So far so good.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.