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    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2014 edited
    The Monday morning weather is bleak as hell here, and I just got some news that made it a notch more melancholy.

    Earlier this year Adventure Girl and I stumbled into an abandoned and partly ruined industrial building while searching for geocaches. There were some photos and stuff that looked like personal effects strewn around, and as we looked in, we found an earthen floor sub basement with what looked like a full on moving haul strewn in there. Someone's life in bags and parcels, just left there to rot - furniture, clothes, kids' toys, family games, papers... We noticed a bunch of photo albums and a ship's diary, all still relatively okay, but some of the photos had been strewn around. The location, which I'm obfuscating a bit since there's some privacy issues that become clear, was something that had a certain amount of traffic from people who don't really follow the urbex "leave only footprints" ethos, so after a little deliberation we took the albums and the diary with us so they wouldn't get destroyed. It was from the 80's, and it took a little bit of digging to find the family member of the person who had written it. Yesterday their friend finally dropped in to get the books. I wasn't there but the family friend told AG a bit about the back story, which sounded something like I'd been suspecting. Apparently the guy had moved to live there in that industrial building, stashed his stuff there, and basically drank himself literally to death in one of the back rooms. In all likelihood the very room we entered the building through.

    Well then, I'm happy that the albums and diaries found their owner. I didn't go through them extensively, just leafed them trying to find hints about who the owner is. Lots of smiling people basking on the sun on the ship's deck, descriptions of frosty mornings on the sea, now gathering mold in a basement, with the writer doing Leaving Las Vegas in a dingy back room above. That certainly puts a mood to this day.
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    I think I'll be happy to never know what kind of choices take a life's course from "happy on a ship" to "drinking to death in an abandoned factory". Good to hear what could be salvaged found its proper home, though.
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    There were also moldy spiders.
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    Oh, the building was apparently in use when he moved there and he had a permission to live in the back room.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.