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    It's a new quarter! Time to chat up some more movies. Whether you're talking about catching the Roger Ebert documentary LIFE ITSELF or whether GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is a hoot, this is the place to speak up.

    P.S. Because this is Whitechapel, the controversial German sex comedy WETLANDS from director David Wnendt will definitely be of interest. Let's say what happens in it might cause even Warren Ellis to momentarily blanch. And if you can eat a pizza after watching this movie...
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    I just watched "Jodorowsky's Dune". Someone should give that lunatic money so he can make that movie today in CG. Very interesting to see that a lot of the things he had planned for Dune were later put into the Metabarons comics.
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2014
    Jug Face is on Amazon instant video, Netflix streaming, and various cable networks and an excellent dark backwoods horror story well worth your time. The characters aren't just caricatured hicks. Larry Fessenden in particular is excellent as a genuinely loving father and husband who also happens to lead services to an otherworldly thing in a pit that needs blood sacrifices now and again. And the thing (or at least its mouthpieces) are warmer than a lot of the merely human cast. It's heartbreaking seeing all the avenues of Lauren Ashley Carter's character's escape closed off, one by one.

    Apparently a few of the actors were in The Woman, which I want to watch now.
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    I just saw "I, Origins" and liked it a lot. A lot more than Mike Cahill's previous film "Another Earth". Brit Marling is in this one too, but I liked her more in this role than previous ones I've seen her in. Probably because it suited her strengths better (I find her to come off as intelligent, but cold and I have a hard time empathizing with her characters most of the time). Anyway, I'm glad there are still small films like this being made and if you think you might want to go see it, do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch the trailer. It gives WAY too much plot away.
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    @William Joseph Dunn -- Sadly, I was a captive theater audience member, so I've seen the trailer to "I Origins" at least three times. My must-see, currently, is Linklater's "Boyhood."
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    I'm looking forward to seeing Linklater's "Boyhood" as well.

    I finally got to see "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" yesterday. I would put it right under Cap 2 as far as the summer's best popcorn flicks. I know I'm going to get a lot of shit for saying this, but...I think "Rise of..." and "Dawn of..." Are better than the original movies...and I grew up with original movies. Had a couple of the Mego figures and everything (before Star Wars all you had as a kid was PotA and Star Trek). Anyway, I'm glad that despite what the trailer looked like, there were no "Snidely Whiplash" characters in "Dawn". You can totally see where each side is coming from and that is why when things go to shit, it's even more tragic.

    Also watched "Under the Skin" on DVD. Really liked it. It's like if Goddard directed "The Man Who Fell Earth" with a serial killing femme fatal. The only difficultly I had in the beginning of the film was understanding the accents.
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2014
    Boyhood is wonderfully haunting, it stays with you in a dreamy way.
      CommentAuthorCat Vincent
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2014 edited
    Mad Max: Fury Road trailer.
    (Won't embed.)

    Finding it interesting that online this is either getting a 'meh' or a "GET THIS IN MY BRAINMEAT NOW" reaction: seems to be based on whether you were old enough to have seen the earlier Max at the cinema and/or are aware how much of them was practical stunts.

    I saw Mad Max 2 at the pictures, so I did a full-blown MupperFlail at this.
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    @TF - I saw Boyhood and I have to agree. It's a pretty amazing thing Linklater pulled off. Goddamn does the movies feel old though.

    @Cat Vincent - I guess I fall into the "GET THIS IN MY BRAINMEAT NOW" category because that trailer has me ready.
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    BRAINMEAT here too. I love the first two films (Nothing quite like the first one, (and Toecutter is one of my favourite movie villains), and really looking forward to seeing how they do this.

    Incidentally I'd recommend Stone if you like the first Mad Max. Shares some of the DNA. Use of big jap fours was unusual in biker films of the time, and carried on into the first Max film. Also starts Hugh Keays-Byrne.
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2014
    I should really watch Bronson to see Tom Hardy's big breakout role. But instead I saw Lucy which makes not a lick of sense, as one would expect from an SF film written by Luc Besson. It keeps you engaged (if you are) through sheer momentum and the occasional cool line or scene.

    Next movie will probably be A Most Wanted Man. Since it's playing in a not-an-arthouse theatre, I'm hoping it will stick around long enough for me to catch it.
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    Looking to see BOYHOOD hopefully soon here. Real excited also for Gilliam's ZERO THEOREM. Probably will wait for GUARDIANS on DVD, little burnt out on the action flicks. In terms of what I have seen (ha)... just rewatched TOUCH OF EVIL which is just phenomenal. It pisses all over Wells' other movies, and that is saying something. It's making me want to revisit some older films. RULES OF THE GAME may be next on the list. I've gone through Fritz Lang, Bergman, John Ford, Kurosawa, etc phases but never really a hard Renoir phase. I'm hoping RULES OF THE GAME will lead to that.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2014
    Guardians of the Galaxy was tons of fun. Only complaint is the villain is pretty bland.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2014
    @ D.J.

    I'm unsurprised. It's a Marvel movie. I have yet to see a Marvel Studios movie where the villain wasn't at least a little bland.
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2014
    Guardians has a lot of heart. So many sweet little moments in that film, many of them involving Groot. I guess the villain was pretty bland, but he felt like a credible enough threat to watch our heroes overcome.

    And the post-credits sting was not at all what I expected. Dunno if that's just a throwaway gag or a setup for another MCU film.. Weird.

    And FWIW, I am firmly in the BRAINMEATS camp with Fury Road.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2014
    I saw a noon screening of Boyhood. Maybe a trifle long, but an amazing achievement and well worth seeing.

    The adult actors age wonderfully. What amazing patience and dedication everyone had!

    I'm thinking Snowpiercer is next -- maybe tomorrow -- then Guardians of the Galaxy. The former will likely not be around long, and I want to save Guardians for when I need a morale boost.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy was all kinds of yes for me. All kinds of Fuck Yes.
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    Went to see Snowpiercer yesterday and definitely liked it. Oh, it sure had its problems, most of which seemed to stem from the fact that it was a comic book adaptation (ie. some characters were rather hurried and you could sense there should be more depth to them). Also, for fucking once I could go to a cinema to see a sci-fi film that was NOT about a guy saving the world and getting the girl. I'm hard pressed to remember the previous one.
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    @Mild Maynyrd If you love RULES OF THE GAME, then check out the Renoir classic GRAND ILLUSION, especially given this is the centennial of the First World War's launch. Other than that, the only other Renoir that I know of as being available on DVD at least is THE GOLDEN COACH.

    Saw GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY over the weekend. Some of the settings were fun (the mining colony inside the giant skull) and the big action sequences were utterly "dial turned to 11" moments. However, of the Guardians, Star-Lord and Gamora were enh while the win went to Groot. Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon sounded like a Warner Brothers cartoon character from the 1940s, but he still got some yuks out of me. Lee Pace's Ronan the Accuser made me understand why James Brolin's Thanos didn't take him seriously as a heavy hitter.
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2014
    I watched What if? with my sister recently. I think it's being released under a different name in other places, but it's the new Daniel Radcliffe chick flick. I was really surprised at how much I liked it. I wanted to watch it basically because I've had a crush on the actor lately, but I don't think I've laughed aloud that much during a film in many many years. It suffers a little from dialogue that's too aware of it's own cleverness, but I still liked it a lot.