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    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2014
    I am so done with this forum.

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    Oddly enough, that was my response to the last couple replies.
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    Well. That escalated quickly.
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    Is this one of those situations where everyone's reading everyone else in the worst possible tone?
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    @ Ben Klumaster I think it is. Rather odd. I hope everybody calms down and comes back for some pleasant conversation.


    Through general inattentiveness and eccentric online reading habits I managed to miss Chaos Reborn. I played the original so much when I had it on the Spectrum as a kid, I may have to sample this update.

    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2014
    Let's try and put our adult pants on, hey guys? Last I checked, discussion and criticism didn't mean "fuck you for enjoying this you big loser". Reading back, that could have been a pretty decent conversation on the bad and good points of early access games and how Rodina is a kinda-sorta-not-really-but-kind-of Early Access game.

    Big breaths. No one is out to get you here.
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    I'm not sulking and not gone. A little peeved, briefly, but got over it quick because Internets. I just haven't had much to say.

    First off- everyone get free Broforce? They did a fully-licensed crossover with The Expendables 3 called The Expendabros and it's free on Steam. It's only 10 levels but they're good levels and as fun as the standard game. It's a pretty impressive crossover for an indie studio and shows a lot of sense on the part of The Expendables crew, too.

    Also, I just lost my PS+ subscription due to my credit card being an old one that had expired. I'm trying to be good with money right now so can't quite justify the $50, but both my PS3 and PS4 feel incomplete without it. Also, I'd just gotten The Road Not Taken, which was absolutely fantastic at E3 so I'd really been looking forward to digging in. Download full game, get caught up in the day, check e-mail, see PS+ expiration notification, grumble darkly at a world determined to be as unhelpful as possible some days. Eye credit card darkly and think "If I'm really careful this won't be too much of a problem." before remembering that I Am Being Good, Like A Responsible Adult.
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    Here's what the Alan Wake guys have been up to in the last handful of years. This one's written by a pal, and I have good grounds to expect that the script hasn't been skimped on on this AAA title. :)

    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2014
    Anyone play the Silent Hill playable trailer yet?

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    I liked the trailer to a point, and then stopped playing. As the comic pointed out, fear only works when you don't have time to get used to it. Dark & creepy hallway is the new normal? It takes a bit, but yeah, I can handle that. I have to say it's impressive what they were able to do with the very small amount of world they created, though. That was a lot of effect from such a compact environment. If it made more logical sense to progress through it might even have been able to retain its effectiveness.
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2014 edited
    Here's a Humble/Steam key for Stick It To The Man, for anyone who thinks they'd enjoy it.
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    Does it ever amaze anyone else how terrible so many gaming Kickstarters are? I'm not just talking the ones from the ones that are by people with more enthusiasm than talent. For every awesome game like Vagante (here's a million animated .gifs, have a fantastic demo, if you're going to donate you've probably already thrown money at the screen before even getting around to watching the video), there's tons that are DOA because the people running the campaign have nothing to show. They claim to be professionals (years of experience in the industry among all team members!) but can't even take the time to research what makes a successful pitch. "I want lots of money because I've got an idea!" isn't particularly compelling to anyone and just clutters up the page.

    -this rant brought to you by someone looking for something interesting and new to write about. My search through Kickstarter wasn't a complete loss, thankfully, because it turned up the adorable Jelly God.
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    I would say something, but I work for a company that pitched their Kickstarter with a two-page wall of text and not a lot else.
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    Ooh, awkward! But I backed that project and, despite not getting to play it yet while I sit back and watch the world rave about its awesomeness, I'm thrilled that I did. :D
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    But yeah, my fingers started twitching the minute I looked at Vagante's. I mean, I'm sure if I play it, it'll lead to as much heartbreak and accidental friend-killing as the times I've tried to play Spelunky, but it doesn't half make me want to stick my genitals back in that particular meat-grinder.
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    Sadly, I've backed more than I should on Kickstarter right now so can't justify Vagante from a monetary perspective. I might toss a few bucks at them anyway because it looks like, despite the fantastic demo, the campaign isn't doing too well for reason I can't even begin to understand.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2014
    I ended up buying Crawl as an impulse purchase and...god damn is it fun. I'll be looking forward to when they get online multiplayer setup, but for now playing with a bot is immensely fun. Really love the concept, too.

    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2014 edited
    Having followed the #gamergate fiasco and everything around it for some time, I thought I'd give my five cents about how I feel about the gamer community in this post: “Well, I play a lot of video games, but I’m not a gamer as such…” I've been thinking when was the last time I could comfortably identify as a "gamer" and I don't really know. Frankly, part of this is that I've had to work with gamer and tech communities online, and frankly, you usually don't get to interact with the friendlies and most reasonable part of the communities when it's job related. But I don't know, saying "I'm a gamer" feels to me at the best like saying "I'm a moviegoer" or "I watch series on TV". At the worst it is "I'm a gatekeeping misogynistic little POS who feels games belong to them and them alone."
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    Yesterday when I was reading my morning comics I accidentally clicked the random strip button at Penny Arcade and got this strip. Reading it I went like what, this should remind me of something awesome, and then it came to me - Burnout Crash. I got back to it the first time in three years and goddamn it's hilarious! Basically it's just a simplified version of the Burnout racing games' crash feature, your aim is just to drive into an intersection and cause as much damage as possible. Utterly brainless engaging surreal fun! :D
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    Burnout Crash just kind of bounced off me. I don't know why, maybe I was just in the wrong mood when playing it at the time. On paper I loved the living hell out of it, but when playing...? I don't get how my gaming tastes work some days.

    Currently stuck in Hexcells, having beaten the first (Hexcells) and working my way through the second (Hexcells Plus). Hex-based hand-crafted Minesweeper-inspired puzzling. So good!

    Also- The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is up for pre-order, with discount live for those who own the original. I got to play a bit of it at E3 and it looks far better in motion than it's pixel-y screenshots indicate. I really can't wait to dig into Isaac again. :D