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    @Imaginarypeople: I used to work as a paintmaker in Australia, scored a ton of high end materials while I was there. High quality pigments make all the difference once you've mastered your techniques.
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    Sure, have a sketch!

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    Piece for an upcoming charity animation art auction

    up - adventurer by vandalhandle
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2014
    Can't seem to make any progress on my actual project, but this thingy got sort of interesting.

      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2014 edited
    Fro the last year, a large proportion of my art output has had "NDA" attached to it, so as I'm able, I like to share stuff I've done for companies.
    Here's a cover I did for Blackball Games' ALTERNATE EARTH WORLD WAR 2 game (I did stuff for them for their SOLAR THEATRE game a few years back with the space propaganda posters).
    This didn't end up being used for the final rule book cover, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

    Neil: That UP piece is amazing!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2014
    Also, my 2 cents on the Manara SPIDER WOMAN thing…
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2014 edited
    And dammit, one more, because summer's nearly over and I need to get my remake on before classes start...

    What if the heroes of the 31st century were inspired by Wonder Woman and NOT Superman? What if an immortal ancestor of today's Wonder Woman had a place on the roster of The Legion of Super Heroes? What if...?

    Here's my thoughts; if she was made from the clay of the Earth, why not have that clay be from all over the Earth, have her be a true amalgam of Earth's races, creeds and ethnicities, a true global representative, powered by the mythologies of multiple belief systems? Plus, have her lasso be telekinetically controlled.

    WONDER WOMAN, LEGION OF SUPER HEROES are ©DC Comics Group. All rights reserved.
      CommentAuthorAmanda P
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2014
    AMAAAAZING!!! Man, she looks MUCH cooler that way, doncha think??
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    @Paul Sizer: The thing that boggles my mind is that they chose Greg Land (the guy who traces from porn) and Milo Manara (specializes in erotica/porn comics) for Spiderwoman. Anyone who knows the basics of their work knows sexually objectified women is to be expected. So yeah, I guess this is a big middle finger from Marvel to their female fans, which is really sad.
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    @trini_naenae, exactly and the fact it was the big announcement at the SDCC 'Women of Marvel' panel adds further insult.
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    anatomy of a good read

    Where I saw a book in half and take it from there. Inspired by the art assignment from two weeks back.
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    @vandalhandle: Wait, what? That's just... so very much worse.
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    I thought this might be an appropriate piece for Whitechapel:

    uisge beatha

    Freehand brushwork
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    cover for the first comic I plan on printing
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2014
    A recent painting.
    The Motoring Column
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    Mmmmm . . . . textures.
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    Love the muted palette on that canvas.

    Comic Page
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2014
    Nice one @Kosmograd
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2014

    "Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me..."