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    An interlude week, sorry, but there's a huge update regarding the city's remaining neighbourhoods in the ever-expanding wiki.

    Also as always, remember that Disenchanted is for more than just a webcomic. Check out the front page for updates, and explore both the wiki and the maps.

    Lastly: remember that Disenchanted contains themes, language and imagery not suitable for young readers.

    • CommentAuthorpikeman
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2014
    love the detail they put into these interludes.
    • CommentAuthorBadBeast
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2014
    Bearing in mind the detail that's been invested in Disenchanted, what with the maps, the wiki, the history, and the sheer scope of it's potential, is there any length of time it's expected to run for, or any plans to get guest writers in to help stop Si from burning out / crumbling / going batshit crazy from creative exhaustion? I think Vermintown has the potential of becoming into the kind of monster that takes on a life of it's own, and become far, far bigger than it's creators expected. Already there's room for all kinds of expansion in so many areas like Gang history, ethnic origins, political dynamics, all of which have been touched on in perfect proportion to the main plotline(s) but leave so much open for the reader to speculate on, that it's potential is mind boggling.

    Not that the title has been wanting in any way whatsoever, I hasten to add. However, on a purely selfish level, I don't see how Si can possibly keep the creative output up to the standard he seems to have set for himself here. So many writers hit creative flat spots and it mostly seems to stem from having an over demanding workload. (In before "also having unrealistic expectations from their ungrateful readers" lol) and it would be simply unbearable for such a "flat spot" to occur in "Disenchanted". I realise that Avatar is a lot looser and more writer friendly than DC or Marvel with their unworthy "milk them until the tit squeaks" ethic regarding their best writers, and I can only assume that this is why the quality of Si's work here has been of such consistent quality.

    Either that, or he's really a fictitious name for an unholy Frankenstein's monster of creatively modified AI
    software, cobbled together from the pilfered creative patterns of other writers, mercilessly worked to creative death by some unscrupulous publishing slave drivers. Then given a enough semblance of life and individuality simply to generate such singularly sublime creations as Disenchanted, and Crossed "WYWH". Just throwing this out there, but is it Garth Ennis who's the twisted Dr Frankenstein of this unlikely scenario? (If so, you can tell me in total confidence you know, I won't let on) But to be honest, either way works for me, as long as the quality stays at the present levels of magnitude. Hats off to Mr Spurrier anyway, whoever or whatever he is. He's done a cracking job writing Disenchanted.

    Oh, and German's artwork is so seamlessly perfect an extension of Si's writing that I almost forgot to credit his equally exquisite work on this title, and that would have been remiss of me. Well done chap. OK, I'm done for now.
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    It certainly has the vibe of a project intended for multiple long arcs. The depth and complexity of the background cry out for it. It's obvious that a lot more work is going into this than we're able to see at this point. Seems a good model for Avatar to pursue, too, putting the resources into world-building if there's the potential there for extension into further storylines.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.