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    It was the nearly final shot that had me laughing - the three survivors facing the camera crying. Kind of sums up the series.
    Also as funny was the 'Torchwood:Declassified" that had the oh-so-earnest actors talking about how emotionally draining it was. What twaddle.
    Anyone want to start the book on Gwen's copper friend joining the team?

    It was laughable shit.
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2008
    And yet, despite all the derision, we find ourselves watching it. So... why?
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    And yet, despite all the derision, we find ourselves watching it.

    In times past, you people would have worn hair shirts and put broken glass in your shoes.
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    I finished watching the finale of this season, 'Exit Wounds', a few hours ago. NON-SPOILER: I enjoyed it

    Torchwood got my interest in the first place by being the spin-off of Doctor Who. It felt like it was my obligation to watch, with the notion that i would be missing out on some vital info when watching Doctor Who.

    Silly, i know. I'm young and i'll learn.

    But the biggest reason for watching was always to be on the lookout for little references to the parent show, specifically to The Doctor. The best thing Torchwood does is make The Doctor out to be a mythic figure, a presence in the background. I mean, the best moment for me was at the end of the first season.

    The sound of the Tardis..... fantastic.

    Good thing this time that this finale had no need for the timely intervention of the Doctor since this time it was fairly well written. Chris Chibnall actually does suceed in writing a decent episode for Torchwood.

    Took him long enough!
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    I think James Marsters should show up on all crap genre shows and play James Marsden. He's done it on Andromeda, Smallville and now Torchwood. Just a flip, hot guy who is having fun pissing on everyone while all the other people stand around complaining about getting wet.

    Just make a James Marsters box set of all those episodes. I'd watch it. The only bits of Torchwood I caught this season were his and they were lovely.
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    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2008
    Ehh, wasn't bad. I was watching in dread for the reset button to pop up, much like the beginning episode of season 2. I'm glad they left it.

    So, bets on who will take their replacements? I'm guessing Martha will pop up again, as for a computer expert, I dunno. Probably someone new.
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    Did anyone else notice how low-budget that final episode was? I think the hole in the field was probably the only set they built for it.
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    So, bets on who will take their replacements? I'm guessing Martha will pop up again, as for a computer expert, I dunno. Probably someone new.

    It's very strongly rumoured she will be in it, which is a godsend. Other than her, it will probably be the googly eyed copper just so Rhys can whinge and moan every fucking episode for another season, or Bernard Cribbins from Doctor Who, or Zoe Wanamaker pre-stretching, or the dung demon from Dogma, or an army of robotic Margaret Thatchers programmed to imitate the "I'm a laydee!" character from Little Britain, or the disembodied hand from The Addams Family tied to a blackboard and scratching away at it for 13 episodes.

    The last few are conjecture, but would improve the show immeasurably.
    • CommentAuthortmofee
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2008
    Oh god, I just had a bad thought.


    Oh, no. He was from 2012, there's a relief....
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    just watched the last episode on the beeb's iplayer. thankfully you can fast forward.
    dear bbc wales, can you at least pretend you have more than one sound effects cd. i know the bbc sound effects library is rather immense, but please, use more than just the one cd. thank you. lazy fuckers. oh, and can you make the music quieter or less schmaltzy.
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    I have seen five episodes of Season Four and that's two and a half too many.

    I have friends who claim that it's worth watching because it's better than Season 1, but that's like saying having your hand stamped on is better than being kicked in the bollocks. The Martha/Dead Owen episodes I saw were okay; the penultimate one had decent flashbacks around a shitty premise; the alien meat episode and the finale were utter bollocks.

    I asked this at the end of Season 1 and I shall ask it now: is it successful enough to carry on like this? Because if so, I can't see it substantially changing, which is a shame as there could be a decent backbone there, but at the moment it's fleshed out by shitting writing and woeful acting.
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    Why am I still watching this show? Why am I still reading this thread?

    Because it had such potential! (The show, I mean, not the thread. The thread is pretty much here for bitching and lives up to its potential quite nicely.) I haven't even seen it all yet. I stopped caring about spoilers when I realized the show was not going to stop sucking. Can't seem to stop watching, though. I can take forever to give up on things. I wish I could. For one thing, I would have bought a lot less of the late 80s/early 90s X-titles, and probably would have eaten less ramen during those years.

    I've heard they're in talks or confirmed or almost confirmed or something for a third season. Does anyone know what the ratings have been like? Enough for them to go through with that?

    Maybe they'll make up their minds what they want to be this time - funny and improbable or dark and serious or what. They might even attempt consistency in the characters.

    I'll expect that about the time the pig migration flies overhead.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    I gotta admit, I kinda enjoyed the final episode, but found the ending a bit...anti-climactic. Still, I'll watch the new series as long as Ianto continues to bring the snark, and sarky police guy appears more, looking a lost puppy over Gwen. Frankly, a lot of my viewing pleasure in this show comes purely out of them being pretty people.

    And I said it before (to people in the real world admittedly):

    Toshiko was a fucking curse! Every time she told someone she loved them they either turned out evil, alien, evil and alien or dead, or sent back in time, to be promptly killed. She was a liability to the team, and the fact that her and frog lips are gone pleases me.
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    Craig -

    TORCHWOOD is a hit. it got BBC3 their biggest ratings evah, which is what prompted BBC2 to poach it in hopes of boosting their own ratings profile.

    And to everyone's surprise, the show is a breakout hit on BBC America, effectively saving the cable channel from obscurity. it gets higher ratings than the new WHO. In fact, it got higher ratings than anything on the Sci Fi Channel whenever it's been on. it seems to be filling a niche left by BUFFY/ ANGEL that LOST and HEROES aren't filling, somehow. Sci Fi are kicking themselves for turning it down and have now bought THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES.

    Watching the game played by ratings is a perverse and fascinating spectator sport.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    Has everybody already seen Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Torchwood? Because, it's kind of awesome.