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    • CommentAuthorBabu Dhakal
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2014 edited
    Seeing as how we accidentally let the five-day-mark lapse, I figured a sequel thread would be in order, ;)

    So, this thread, like the original, is for more general discussions about the Crossed-verse.
    • CommentAuthorHaggy
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2014
    Post C-Day, where do you think the "safest" places to be holed up would be to continue your survival? Antarctica always pops into mind but restocking supplies would be almost impossible I think, if you were even able to make it there. Not to mention the lack of trees for fuel, building materials, etc. Scant soil for crops so you'd be mainly on a diet of whatever animals make their home there or migrate there, plus fish, maybe whales. So safe as it may be, I don't think anyone would survive there for long.
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    Nuclear submarines and other naval vessels, if they didn't have any Crossed onboard. Captain Dora's driftfleet had a good thing going, they were just unlucky to come to Cava.

    Isolated islands like the Falklands, Tristan da Cunha and Spitsbergen, to name but a few. The Sentinelese of North Sentinel Island should be doing ok, too. They don't need the outside world.

    Desert and mountain regions like the Himalayas, the Andes, the Sahara and Gobi deserts and the Australian Outback (like in Si's Australia special).
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2014
    i think the Cavaites had it right: islands are probably a damn decent place to be at. The more isolated and in the middle of nowhere, the better. A smaller size would be better than a huge one, as chances are the bigger the island, the more likely it was inahbited before C-day, and therefore some crossed might be around. I'm thinking that Easter island might have been a good place to check for a military ship (i.e: soldiers ready to clean a place and start a human settlement): it's in the middle of nowhere, away from other populated areas, and only housed about 5000 people.

    For a smaller, unarmed group? smaller islands, shitty outposts in the middle of the mountains, or deep in the rainforest, depending on the knowledge of the group. maybe Europeans could take some middle age castle in ruins and rebuild parts of it, as they were usually located in the highest locations, had underground tunnels that they could use should they want to leave the place, it would be "easy" to check if the crossed came + would have an inner ground where vegetables and fruit could be grown
    • CommentAuthorBadBeast
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2014
    Portland in Dorset might have been a good, easily defended place, if it had been noticed early enough. As soon as the small Ferry bridge between Portland and the mainland was taken out, the only access to it is along an eighteen mile long bank of pebbles. (Chesil Beach) Also, there's a Navy base there too, so plenty of ordnance on hand to repel invaders.
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2014
    Why wasn't the firts thread stickied as promised?
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2014

    Si did make a sticky thread. It's at the top of the page.
    • CommentAuthor111111
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2014
    I meant the first Observation and theory thread. Before we started it oldhat I belive said that the thread will get stickied if gets some traffic. We had 20+ pages and still nothing. Doesn't matter. Just saying.

    On topic
    After watching nat geo for a couple of days its easy to see that in a real world situation if the crossed plague really happen there are plenty places to go and have your chanches of survival increase a little. Large forests, mountains, swamps, deltas, national parks.
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    I'll just say this about the current Badlands arc: when the artist seemingly can't make up his mind whether or not one of the main characters has facial hair, you know there are problems.
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2014
    @Babu Dhakal

    Really? Man, it's a downright shame how low quality drops in Crossed when an uncaring team is at the helm. =(
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2014 edited
    with apparently only one chapter to go, this arc will probably be recorded in my head as "the one with the tough cool girl who fell in love with the stupid bitch who drove them both to their death, featuring a random crazy psychopath". And it is bad when you can summarize 5 chapters in one line, and only say something good about one of the characters.

    The idea for this arc itself was very good in my opinion: In the face of a fucked up Apocalypse, you are trying to save someone you love even when it's clearly unrequited, she's useless in world 2.0 and it's likely to end up killing you. Some good stuff could have been explored in terms of "my own survival instinct vs I can't help falling in love" on Esperanza's side and "my religion forbides me loving a girl" vs "I do care for her and she's the one thing keeping me alive out here, so why not" on Jane's. But the execution of it... it's like they are in a rush and at the same time they want to take their time showing the crossed do their crossed stuff. This is most noticeable when the crossed make it to the previously-isolated-for-months stronghold Sutter had prepared about 12-24 hours after the main characters arrive.
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2014

    That is a good concept, although it sounds like an extension of the whole Shaky and Aoileann dynamic (survivor unable to survive alone, religion forbids romance, etc).
    • CommentAuthorBabu Dhakal
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2014 edited

    Still, gragh46's concept was far better than the one we got. To expand on that, Sutter could have also been made into a deeper character. What I'm envisioning (based on his skills) is that he was once a soldier, and when C-Day broke he was among those trying to hold the line. Perhaps he was even one of the A-Teams ordered to shut down the nuclear facilities and kill the scientists and technicians. At first his goals were noble: trying to protect his friends and loved ones when society and the military collapsed. However, seeing all of them brutally murdered or turned into Crossed mentally broke him, twisting his self-imposed mission. Now, instead of trying to protect the non-Crossed, he is obsessed with using them as an instrument of his revenge against the Crossed, i.e. using them as bait to lure as many of the plusfaces in as possible before blowing up the camp, the Crossed, and himself with it. Basically, a dark mirror image of Harry.
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2014
    @Babu Dhakal

    Holy mackerel. That whole character description just beat out the majority of villains created by anyone that wasn't Si and Garth. Well done, Captain Dhakal!
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2014
    @Babu Dhakal

    Yeah, that would have worked very well in the arc. Putting your concept and mine together, we'd have 3 interesting characters instead of... Well, the final product, which is only slightly better than the latest badlands arc (excluding thin red line).

    See, it's not that the badlands writers lack creativity, and all that "but you can only do that many crossed stories" BS. The problem is that they deliver a shallow story when it wouldn't be that hard to turn it into a deeper story than a simple "fodder characters that will get rapekilled".
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    @Dannykat, gragh46

    Thank you, I aim to please.

    Now to take Doc Brown's DeLorean, go back in time, pitch the idea to Avatar, get Garth or Si to write it and Jacen, Fernando or Christian to pencil it, and we're set.
    • CommentAuthorHaggy
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2014
    Seemingly out of nowhere this afternoon, the thought popped in my mind as to what the the children of Crossed would be like, assuming they survive into their teens/adulthood. Since the infection takes such a toll on the population of the infected, I wonder if their children would be hermaphroditic to better ensure the infection's survival. It seems like the infection evolves very quickly and over the course of nine months, it would have a lot of time to alter a fetus' development to its advantage. That's about as far as I got when I had to snap back to work.
    The only way I see this near-impossible thing happening is if those uber Crossed get together and make a conscious effort to support the pregnancy and child rearing or the virus evolves sometime after five years to where the infected can keep their shit together enough to have and raise children.
    Assuming something works out to where there will be children of the Crossed, any ideas as to what they would look like, act like? What their language would sound like?
    • CommentAuthorDannykat
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2014

    I dunno. The virus can adapt, this is true, but mutating the very structure of the human body sounds a little too fantastic for Crossed.

    It's really how the Crossed children would act, though, that I've thought about the most. Like, Crossed pepper their life-style with things that society told them was unacceptable --nudity, profanity, abusing the personal information of their loved ones, etc. -- so what happens when all of that is stripped away? Crossed children would grow up constantly exposed to all of their parent's blasphemies, so would they even bother with things like cursing if it was the norm? Or would they rebel and stay quiet, focusing only on hunting the non-Crossed?
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    I got to thinking about one of the things that Patient Zero said. I think he mentioned this virus was an instrument of cleansing the human race. What if, after, say 20 years, the virus suddenly went inert and those Crossed that were still alive, become normal mentally? That is an interesting premise!
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    With the Crossed "lifestyle", I don't believe that very many Crossed children would even survive to adolescence, let alone adulthood. Never mind the usual caveats of lack of proper hygiene, food, shelter etc., just consider the fact that whenever packs of Crossed have nothing to do they'll turn on the weakest among them. The sick, the injured... the young. See what I'm getting at? Notice how in The Fatal Englishman there were very few if any children among all the Crossed the main characters encountered? I think there's a good reason for that.


    I think they would suffer one hell of a PTSD, for one, if not outright driven insane by the memory of all their horrific acts.