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    Every frigging year I go looking for a decent app that will let me and a friend doodle on the same digital space. I always give up in frustration. It can be clientside or serverside, I don't care, it just has to:

    A. Be robust enough to keep up with my tablet. (disqualifies most online ones I've tried)
    B. Support private chatrooms, so I don't get rabble wandering in and drawing shitting dicknipples all over my masterpiece.
    C. Optional: have more features than MS Paint.

    Spread your wisdoms on me like garlic butter.
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    I understand isn't bad -- it's an adjunct to Jabber -- but I note the site's down right now...
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    Yea, it's still down. See what I mean? Dreaming the impossible dream, here.
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008
    Scriblink won't be able to keep up with your tablet, and it's super simple, anyway-- meant more for use on web pages (highlighting text and the like). Skrbl can SORT OF keep up with a tablet (it doesn't do that horrible angeled edges thing as often as others do), but it's got no eraser (you have to delete whole lines). Hm, I'm fairly certain some of the oekakis out there had group functions-- if you set one of those up on a page, I'm fairly certain you could just throw a js chat into a side window, or use a chat client like gabbly to lay over the top-- just don't give the url out to the rabbly masses...
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008
    Shitting Dicknipples?


    So collaborative but not wide open?