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    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008 edited
    The following boring stuff was posted to the doomspace. I know I'd promised to crosspost this crap, but holy hell this was a boring one.

    While you read that and scratch your head, I'm going to go have another cup of coffee and get ready to face the world. Today I'll be talking to someone about things related to the proposed workblog (only in a friendly context mind you, not in a professional one- it's Saturday, dammit).

    If the workblog is deemed acceptable by the audience (doesn't seem likely), I'll elaborate on that chat later.

    If the backlash continues ("i thought this was a project not a blog", "you stopped telling stories!?!!", "i liked the mystery :("), I'll keep the work related stuff to a minimum.

    - Z

    <div id="hide"> <strong><blockquote>You could always put it to a vote ...

    Been getting some morbid e-mails asking if I'd killed myself.

    Um... no?

    I mean, I don't think so.

    Lately I've been a bit quiet. Scheming, busy, telling stories, but seemingly absent. Believe me, I'm here.

    <strike>A while back you may remember I had a function for exclusive content for Subscribers. You may also recall we broke that feature when a whole lot of you showed up and subscribed and exceeded the limits of the Preferred List function. </strike>

    It was recently suggested to me by the fabulous and stunning Ms S that it could be put to good use again as a workblog function. She made the following argument:

    <strong> 1.) </strong>A lot of you have no desire to know anything about me, and therefore would not be interested.

    <strong> 2.) </strong>Some of you are only here for the stories, and really are tired of my hyperbole anyway, and would be unlikely to show up for a workblog entry.

    <strong> 3.) </strong>None of you have received an adequate explanation for why I've suddenly stopped posting on a regular basis.

    These are all excellent reasons to do a workblog, since it seems like I'd only be annoying a few of you with the mundanities of my storytelling routine. On the other hand if there aren't enough of you interested in that sort of thing I'd just be annoying the Subscribers with e-mail notifications that would turn out not to be stories, but more of my complaining.

    Here's what I have in mind:
    <strong>1.) </strong>A workblog that isn't about me, but is about the things I work on and where I'm at in the process of getting things done.

    <strong>2.) </strong>Snippets of explanations and insights into the stuff I've done already, stuff I'm having to revisit and take a second look at for various reasons.

    <strong>3.) </strong>A realistic view of why it takes me so long to get back to you, and what's occupying my headspace when I'm not here posting or answering requests & messages.

    <em>Note: </em>These entries will be locked and will only be viewable to a specific list of people who *do* want to see that shit. It will not be inflicted on everyone, I promise.

    We're going to put it to a vote. <strike>If this blog entry reaches 20 'kudos' (that's where you comment and click the little buttons marked 1 or 2 'kudos'), I'll consider that an answer in the affirmative. </strike>

    Negative opinions welcome. (I'll try not to bother you with this shit again, by the way, I know I'm ruining the ambiance here.)

    The voting booth is open.

    - Z</div></blockquote>

    <em>(Edited to fix formatting that didn't carry over.)</em>