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    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008 edited
    I've been reading Comic Book resources for a dogs age, though I wish they had more columnists, recalling when Larry Young, Matt Fraction and Joe Casey were all writing there. I also like that the articles are separate from the comments, no need to finish a piece about Brian K. Vaughn and see some troll posting "LOST iS TeH SuX"

    Newsrama can be good, if a bit hard to navigate, and again, stop short of the comments.

    Where do you get your comic news? What comic columnists/review sites do you read with any regularity?
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    Generally, same as you Orwell. Also read Pulse, Comicon, Sequential Tart, and feed a number of creator blogs, or read message boards. Often comments from a news source dovetail with creator comments to give a clearer view. I am a news junky when it comes to my hobbies.
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008
    <blockquote>Where do you get your comic news?</blockquote>
    Here, or not at all.

    - Z
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008
    Yeah, I was going to start a thread asking about where the good writing on comics is these days. Sequential Tart, Savant and Ninth Art used to be essential reading, but Ninth Art and Savant are long gone, and Sequential Tart lost me for good when the Fox News approved term 'Homicide Bomber' appeared in an editorial. The rest of its content has been poor for a while now too anyway.

    So, what is there to read now?
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    newsarama is good for up-to-the-minute stuff, but a)the commenting is just fucking BRAINDEAD 98% of the time b) most of the time, the news you need is the headline, and the rest of the article is just blah and c) a lot of crap clogs those blog pages too.

    CBR is good, but i read that one more for the columnists than the "News" since half of CBR is movie shit i could care less about.
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    I think the bump in movie stuff has come from the glut of comic film projects out there. It also drives traffic like crazy since for every comics fan who read the book 10-20 people will see the movie.

    Seems no one cares for commenting. Do you think the CBR model, moving discussion to their boards is a good one? And to keep is positive, are there any comment boards, posting places that are worth your time?

    Panel and Pixel is pretty solid. I like my boards with an extra dollop of fanatical moderating, that tends to keep the signal to noise ratio about right. Arse eels and such.
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    I mainly read CBR for news. I hate the guy who does the weekly reviews though. I check IGN for reviews if I'm curious. But IGN usually doesn't have anything that CBR doesn't.
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    commenting seems to only draw out the teenage fanweirdoes (or the middle aged weirdos who still havent learned how to think like a person instead of "blah this is crap! everyone know spiderman would never do that, blah, blah, blah im a jackass")

    and, i totally understand that the movie stuff drives traffic for them, which is fine, it just doesnt appeal to me (or the majority of the people on this board, i can assume)
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    CBR for updates. And I stumbled across The Beat.
    • CommentAuthorMidweeker
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008
    Journalista is the most interesting news site, imho, as far as actual news goes (as opposed to press releases and publicity interviews). I tend to go to Newsarama for the geek facts. I also usually read the Beat, which provides a nice balance between the two, with extra added Heidi, for sweetness.
    • CommentAuthorRoss
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2008
    Newsarama, Marvel, DC, Red5, and 4chan's /co/
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    Journalista, The Beat, CBR, The Comics Reporter, ICv2, the Panel & Pixel forum, sometimes Comics Worth Reading (for reviews), sometimes the TCJ forum to see what comics' chattering classes are chattering about this week.
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    I just stick with CBR now because even though Newsarama is good with their updates, the off chance I wind up in the "Discussion" part of their "articles" makes me want to strangle puppies and actually makes me hate comics a little bit. I hit up ICv2 here and there too.
    • CommentAuthorBill Reed
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2008
    Newsarama for the up-to-the-minute news. I also hit CBR a lot for other things, especially the columns and the stuff other sites miss or don't have. And I like their solicitation listings better. Plus they host Comics Should Be Good, so I am probably required to sacrifice a goat to Jonah Weiland once a month or something.
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    Journalista is my first stop every weekday morning. Then The Comics Reporter, and maybe The Beat later. Journalista covers a much broader range of comics than Newsarama or CBR, things like manga and webcomics. To my knowledge Newsarama has never "reported" that Seth, Dan Clowes and Jason have had comics serialized in the New York Times Sunday Magazine in 2007, which, for my pretentiousness, is a bit more newsworthy than the new creative team on Blue Beetle. Though the Rama is a great place for genre-comics interviews.

    For reviews:

    -The Savage Critic(s) are good for intelligent genre comics reviews (Douglas Wolk and Jog post there).
    -I check CBR's Comics Should Be Good Blog for Greg Burgas's genre-comics reviews and MarkAndrew (when he posts) for art-comics. Burgas also has an in-depth look at certain runs he calls Comics You Should Own.
    -Sequart's High-Low isn't bad for "indie" reviews.
    -If you like snark you can't go wrong with The Factual Opinion's Comics Of The Weak.
    -Chris Sim's The Week In Ink is good for the genre-reviews too.

    For columns: CBR's Steven Grant's and Keith Giffen ones.

    Blogwise: Comics Comics Magazine (with free downloads of their out of print back issues) and Dick Hates Your Blog (home of the Best Of 2007 Meta-List). Also Dial B for Blog is a brilliant blog on super-hero comic history.

    The internet is obviously my home inside my home.
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2008
    I read Comics Continuum and CBR religiously, that's it.
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    CBR, though I mostly ignore the news and read the columns. Newsarama's cool as a feed, but I feel information gets buried on their page layout. And I agree wholeheartedly about the comments being separate from the article. That's a happy way to avoid depression.
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    Interesting question, actually, because as Oddcult points out, the old haunts for good writing about comics vaporised (or went well beyond their sell-by date and dropped under the radar -- SAVANT ran a lot longer than it should have done, for example). And nothing really replaced them.

    I read Dirk's Journalista every day, and catch up with Tom's Comics Reporter every couple of days, just to keep a vague handle on what's going on in the field (I also read Variety online every day).
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    I read the usual... Newsarama and, ocasionally, CBR.

    Not very on-topic, but the hell with it: I have this masochistic habit of reading the reviews in IGN Comics - even if I think most of the reviewers there suck - not because I disagree with them (which I often do) but because they simply write bad. About Punisher Max, one of them wrote: "It's true the series isn't pitch-perfect.", what fucking series in the history of this planet is pitch-perfect? Why I keep reading them is beyond me.