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    Okay, so the man said to shamelessly self promote and why the hell not?

    A couple of years ago I was running an animation art gallery and my friend producing limited edition Marvel clothing, we hatched a plan, it was drunken, it took two years to get going but here it is.

    As Urban Species/Voodoo Kinky, we are producing limited edition and one off pieces of collectable artwork. The concept behind it is that of the original Urban license - Unique pieces influenced by street culture. Playing with that we came up with the idea of stencil art, done to death by Banksy, but a major part of graf art culture.

    After a launch night that featured the MK I Iron Man armour fom the movie, Marvel were so impressed that they are now wholeheartedly endorsing it.

    More important than that, Mark Millar signed our Certificates of Authenticity, proudly stating that he had seen it and "thinks it doesn't suck!"

    So the big question here is, what do you think?

    Click here for the collection