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    I've been heavily thinking about mp3s and how easy they're to download. And then I started wondering how come comics aren't as easy to grasp. Pretty obvious, I know. I detest my comic store and the people running it -- it's unbelievable how many times I've had to write up a new order form only for them to lose it or eat it.

    I ask this question as a young writer ready to submit two projects to all the various companies. There are many people in other countries who are simply unable to read great comics like Fell and Doctor Sleepless because they're not available there.

    Some get by by illegally downloading it.

    So I'm asking for everyone's advice, What would be the best way to approach this?

    Let's just say one of my projects was picked up by Image and I was able to convince them to start up a subsection on their website for comic downloads -- if not, maybe they would allow me to sell it on my website or something because they don't own anything, they're just sellers -- what would be the best way to do it?

    Pricing might be 99 cents. First issues are free. Maybe a special "Comics Player" or Com-Player will be created specifically for the handling of comics. It wouldn't be a PDF or a JPEG file but something more hands on, something that guided your eyes from left to right a little better. (Marvel has a nice, but not a perfect, Com-Player, if you will.)

    Soon there might be a digital store (like the iTunes store) for comics. But it's not gonna happen if no one's talking or asking about it. And for the record, I am talking about NEW comics, not fucking issues of Amazing Spider-Man in the Disco era.

    Along with the file for download there could be some nice supplemental features, like a video interview with the creators (I just started spelling "creatures" there. Hmm.) and the entire creative team along with the editor. Rough sketches, scripts, deleted scenes, all that.

    I have a shaky disposition towards the comic industry only because they ship out so much paper and nothing seems to be done to go a LITTLE more conservative.

    I think Amazon's Kindle isn't perfect either but it's a step forward for the book industry. So that's a win. The Com-Player can become physical and be adopted as the iPod for Comics.

    So here's hoping I'll be able to have my comics out for digital download. You can subscribe and have your comics delivered to your Com-Player every Wednesday morning. Sounds like heaven, right?

    I know I'm not the first to think about this new form for comics but I simply want some input from the residents here at WhiteChapel.

    Criticisms also welcome.

    Stay Douchy, My Spicy Chicken Peeps,

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    Might want to read these threads, can't recall everything we talked about but might find them useful.

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    Well I guess those probably solved my post. Thanks.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.