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    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2008
    I usually go Saturday and Sunday, but this year I only got there for Sunday. I saw the Tim Sale panel first thing, and though that was very dry he had some interesting things to say. I look forward to the reprint of The Amazon and his own retrospective book coming in May. He also mentioned a creator owned book he wants to do, but the info was scant. I look forward to it anyway.

    I spent way too much money. The one thing that was a real splurge was the 13" Deluxe Martian Manhunter action figure for $40. The other stuff was just jerking off. Though I did get Blankets, Ronin, Avengers Forever and the Denny O'Neil Daredevil trade, all half off. Good deal considering I probably would have bought all four of those for full price. I think I balanced the mainstream and the not-so pretty well. I'm already half through Blankets.

    I got to talk to Mike Mignola for the third year in a row. It was funny because this year I was looking for Steve Purcell (creator of Sam 'N Max), who has been friends with Mike for a very long time. I really love Mike's work, but after three Con meetings, what do you really say to someone? So I said "Hi...this is going to sound weird, but have you seen Steve Purcell around?"

    It was odd. He was very cool about it, too, and he did get his accolades from me. Hellboy/BPRD is just about my favorite continuing series of books ever, so he gets much praise when I see him.

    Steve is friends with my boss at the comic shop, and she missed him on Friday so it was my mission to connect with him and get him in gear for a signing. Sam 'N Max: Surfin' The Highway just came back into print after about a decade of not existing, and the new edition is awesome. Now that we have like ten copies of the book the signing probably happen much sooner. I've been into Sam 'N Max since the original LucasArts game came out in the early nineties, and I've got a copy of the original printing of the collection at home, but I'm super stoked for the new printing. I can finally force people to buy it. There is rarely a complaint.

    It was a good time. Lots of 'Your Team' (still didn't beat the Phil Lesh Concert round, though) was played, and four sore bodies ingested Mel's and drove back to Sonoma County. I think between us we spent about half a grand, so it was a fruitful time for all. Though now we're all broke as fuck and I pretty much blew my entire paycheck that I the Con.

    I don't actually know if anyone cares, I'm just kind of decompressing.