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    Well, this ceremony sucked, and I'm not talking about the winners, they were mostly fine. But let's talk about the winners first, then about the ceremony:

    Juno fortunately didn't win the categories it was ridiculously nominated for (Best picture and best director? Seriously?) and won one of the two categories it deserved to win (best original screenplay and best actress, it won the former).

    Bourne Ultimatum was remembered and received three technical awards. Yes, technical, but it was still recognition. It was, after all, a magnificent espionage film.

    "No Country for Old Men" won every important category it was nominated for, (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor), except for Cinematography, and it fucking deserved every single award. Brilliant film. I was very happy to see the weak There Will Be Blood received only two awards, for Daniel Day-Lewis and Cinematography, this latter one made no sense for me and I'll discuss it later. Lewis deserved it and I'm happy, but I didn't like seeing Johnny Depp walking empty-handed from the ceremony for the third time. His work on Sweeney Todd was absolutely brilliant and the movie is so much better than There Will Be Blood. I watched There Will be Blood again today just to make sure if I really don't like the film, and I couldn't make past the first one hour and a half. What a boring, uninspired movie. Fuck the milkshake thing, that alone isn't worth the ticket.

    I was happy to see "Once" receiving the award instead of those boring "Enchanted" songs. But the man did all the talking on the speech, leaving the woman standing there like an idiot. After the interval, Jon Stewart did the one right thing he did all night and brought her back to have her say.

    I haven't watched Golden Compass, but BEST VISUAL EFFECTS? Can someone tell me if that movie honestly has best visual effects than Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End? I doubt it.

    Also, I can't understand the Cinematography Award for There Will be Blood. No Country for Old Men is a fucksight better-looking and with much better camera angles. The shadows in There Will be Blood just hide the face of the characters all the time in an obvious, ugly-looking simbolism and the camera insists in slowly zooming in the face of a character as he speaks or does something. Sweeney Todd should have been nominated instead of There Will be Blood. The shadows in that movie and the colors getting gradually hotter are brilliant touches. Fortunately, Sweeney walked out with the Art Direction award.

    I don't have much else to say about the winners. Overall, they were good. But the ceremony, it sucked. Jon Stewart was hideous, his jokes were bad and he delivered them even worse. The opening of the ceremony was pathetic, just a pretty montage with no imagination at all, which made me miss Billy Crystal terribly. At least, it was short.

    But it wasn't a wasted night. I had fun, I was happy to see all the important awards go to No Country for Old Men. The only real disappointment was Lewis getting the academy award, when Depp deserved it more.