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    A recent interview asked Greg Rucka is he was a neo-con.

    He was asked, not to accuse, but rather to get the point out there that he was not. The question comes up from time to time on comic sites, the general progressive tilt of Ruckas spy fiction under the long shadow of Clancy and Bauer.

    Which is a damn shame, as the superhero espionage book Checkmate has been a sterling example of left leaning spy genre work. The genuine human loss, the questions of morality of right and wrong and being better then the monsters you fight, the value of duty - not to self righteousness - but to a protecting the good.

    And calling Superman and Alan Scott sir of course.

    How does that relate, well I will get there.
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    This was originally a blank post to test a twitter feature.
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    Also a twitter test originally.