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    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2008
    Hotel Hamilton

    The scenic view from the foreigners district's prettiest hotel, The Hamilton Hotel. I really do forget why we were there. I think it was part of our Christmas trip. The area is known for quite a few things. Such as Hooker Hill, Homo Hill, the seediest bars I've ever seen and quite a few drunken ex-patriots and soldiers. The enormous US Military base is just around the corner in HayBanChon I believe. Though as we were leaving the base was being closed and moved to a less visible area outside of the city. Probably four times as large, but out of sight. Which is a scary thought because it took up a fucking huge chunk of the city.

    It's the only part of town that you can be assured someone will speak English, so I went looking for work there when I first got into town. I know, "Why didn't you learn Korean before you left?! Where's your cultural sensitivity?!" I left it in Victoria! Along with my brand new computer and most of my physical belongings. I didn't have that much time to pack you see. I moved to Korea because my life simply shifted there. No time for true mental preparation. I'm sure it wouldn't have helped that much anyway.

    Anyways, back on topic. I went looking for work there and found a few hits, but mostly drunken offers that were soon forgotten the next day. One little website set me on the right track, but only after two months of misses and a lot cartoon network. Being unemployed makes me itchy under my skin.

    Enough rambling. I technically only have twelve minutes left to post this, so bam.