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    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2008
    once again thank you guys for posting these, they are keeping me sane right now.
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2008
    Okay I know I said that was the last one, but I couldn't resist... I'm gonna be away from my decks for six whole months, yo. This is an eclectic one... hope it amuses.

    Headnaut Mix / by Texture

    Headnaut Mix / by Texture


    Etienne De Crecy - Tempovision
    Orb - Tower Twenty Three (Spud V Creature Mix)
    DJ Kentaro - One Hand Blizzard
    Anti-Pop Consortium - Mega
    Radiohead - Idioteque
    Mz Sunday Luv - Paris to Berlin
    FOUND Collective - Random Audio Therapy Unit (Excerpts)
    Squarepusher - Dedicated Loop
    Dr Octagon & One Watt Sun - Aliens
    DJ Shadow - Lost & Found
    Shackleton - Blood On My Hands
    DJ Kentaro ft. Spank Rock - Space Jungle
    Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank (Live)
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    Thank you.

    How are you going to handle 6 months away??
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2008
    I'm going to have to befriend a New Zealander with decks, and get used to humping my vinyl with me everywhere I go. Reduced down to about 20 records now... still weighs a ton...
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008 edited
    - All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio -

    Death of the Feathered Girl, and Other Eastern Lore


    "Death of the Feathered Girl, and Other Eastern Lore"

    This was intended to be a short throwaway mix for a friend, but it came out way way tight, I was like "gosh".

    Everything is still very lo-tech here at lonely old Handsome Vases Radio; real mixing is still a mystery to me. But I'm beginning to realize that, like all magic shows, illusion is what really counts.

    King Crimson - Elephant Talk :: Discipline, 1981
    Lizz Wright - Speak Your Heart :: The Orchard, 2008
    Fiery Furnaces - My Egyptian Grammar :: Widow City, 2007
    Gang Gang Dance - Blue Nile :: Saint Dymphna, 2008
    Roxy Music - India :: Avalon, 1981
    Byrne / Eno - Jezebel :: My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, 1981
    The Good, the Bad, and the Queen - Kingdom of Doom :: s/t, 2007
    Brazilian Girls - Le Territoire :: Talk to la Bomb, 2006
    Natacha Atlas - Ana Hina :: Ana Hina, 2008
    Devandra Banhart - Shabop Shalom :: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Mountain, 2007
    Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted :: The Great Unwanted, 2007
    Mahala Rai Banda - Romano Dance :: Electric Gypsyland 2, 2006
    Of Montreal - Gallery Piece :: Skeletal Lamping, 2008
    Flight of the Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room) :: s/t, 2008
    Volcano! - Africa Just Wants to Have Fun :: Paperwork, 2008
    length: 56:15

    her husband is the lord of the house
    • CommentAuthorsideb0ard
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2008
    Thorsten Sideb0ard's Meat and Potatoes Mix

    With this shitty weather, i stayed home on saturday afternoon and put together a bit of a Winter Warmer mix:
    Grab it at

    Contains the following ingredients:

    Lokid - Ocean Beat
    Mike Slott - Knock Knock
    AFTA-1 - Honey Dip
    Madlib - Rebirth Cycle (Super Soul)
    Fulgeance - Revenge Of The Nerd
    Gouseion - Caps13
    Ragga Twins - 18' Speaker
    King Midas Sound - Lost (Flying Lotus Remix)
    Frank N Dank - Clap Hands (Morgan Space Instrumental mix)
    Baby Huey - Pop, Lock and Drop It (remix)
    Gemmy - BK 2 The Future
    Tom Trago - M*TH*RF*CK*R
    Slugabed - motherfuckeeeeeeeer
    Dev79 - From the Get
    DJ Maxximus - Rms
    Atom Heart feat Teamtime - Muñeca Rica
    Oliffey Family - Rock the Spot (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
    Ikonika - Millie
    Gravious - Double Think
    Funckarma - Metalliz 230208
    Gemmy - Final Boss Theme
    Headhunter - Physics Impulse
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    Is all good.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2008 edited

    Download here.
    A run through some blatant dance music, from the throb throb throb of big-room house to the neeeeeeon of nu-disco.

    1: Sander Klienerberg - Work To Do [Little Mountain]
    // Kyle Geiger - Glide [Drumcode]
    2: Big Black Boot - Vibrate [Release]
    3: Funk Harmony Park - The Winner (Martin H Remix) [Sumplus]
    // Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out []
    4: Hrdvsion - Playing For Keeps (Daddy's Angel) [Wagon Repair]
    5: Bart Van Wissen - More Fun [Audio Therapy]
    6: Moulinex - Break Chops [Discotexas]
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    World Cup After Party Mix: A mashup mix


    Green Lines (Booker T & The Mg's - Green Onions Vs Duran Duran - White Lines)
    Bulletproof (Fugees - Fugee La Vs Apollo 440 - Bulletproof Blues)
    Tom Petty - Mary Jane’s Last Dance
    G'z Up Funk (Tony Touch & Doo Wop - G's Up Vs The Meters - Cissy Strut)
    Little Green Bag Mashup (George Baker Selection)
    My Noisy Doorbell (White Stripes - My Doorbell Vs Public Enemy - Bring The Noise)
    Crazy Psychiatrists (Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist Vs Gnarls Barkley Crazy)
    7L and Esoteric featuring Kool Keith - Daisycutta
    The Spirit of Ray - (Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack, Norman Greenbaum's - Spirit in the Sky, ZZ Top's - La Grange, and Gary Glitter's - Rock and Roll Part 1)
    The Arbiters - Missing Sweet Love (The Arbiters mash-up remix)
    One Less Thing
    • CommentAuthorlokey
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2008
    hi folks. Im the lokey dj. Ive just coming across the forum, but i have a large catalog of livesets available through my website, recorded over the past few years. I use a combination of ableton live, a numark hdx and a monome 128 to mash, slice and reformat grimy electronica and hiphop grooves. Feel free to stream things from my site, but here's a representative sampling of sets right here. The full list is available here. Plenty of remixes and original werks on my site too (here), but that's straying a little too far off the post topic. Anyhow, enjoy all!

    kosmic A.mp3
    kosmic B.mp3
    (finally) a reason to live by_sept20_2006.mp3
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2008 edited
    all sorts of handsome vases radio :: November, 2008

    it takes a clover


    Let's Make Love to Me:
    01. Volcano! - Slow Jam :: Paperwork, 2008
    02. Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Nailed :: S/T, 2001
    03. Parenthetical Girls - Avenue of Trees :: Entanglements, 2008
    04. T.I. - Porn Star :: Paper Trail, 2008
    05. Talking Heads - Genius of Love :: Stop Making Sense, 1983

    06. "A Hymn No One Knows"
    {{- Emily Dickinson / Julie Harris - Letter to Otis P. Lord, 1882/1960
    {{- Johannes Brahms / Rubinstein & The Pro Arte Quartet - Piano Quartet no. 1 in G minor, 1861/1932

    07. "Until the Moss Had Reached Our Lips"
    {{- Miles Davis, Pete Cosey, - Theme from Jack Johnson :: Agharta, 1975
    {{- Kerry Christensen - Introduction / Step One :: U 2 Can Yodel, 1998
    {{- Malcolm Boyd - You Said There Is Perfect Freedom in Your Service, Lord :: Happening Prayers for Now, 1965

    08. Funkadelic - Standing on the Verge of Getting It on :: Standing..., 1974
    09. Etta James - I Just Want to Make Love to You :: At Last, 1960
    10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Pin :: Fever to Tell, 2004
    11. Prince - Do It All Night :: Dirty Mind, 1980
    12. Of Montreal - St. Exquisite's Confessions :: Skeletal Lamping, 2008
    13. The Blow - Sweetheart :: The Concussive Caress, or..., 2003
    14. Cursive - A Gentleman Caller :: The Ugly Organ, 2002

    15. "Hills, Sir!"
    {{- Bob Dylan - Romance in Durango :: Desire, 1974
    {{- Emily Dickinson / Julie Harris - various peoms and letters, 18xx/1960
    {{- Kerry Christensen - alpine yodel :: U 2 Can Yodel, 1998
    {{- Gang Gang Dance - Bebey / First Communion :: Saint Dymphna, 2008

    length: 60:55

    we talked between the rooms, until the moss had reached our lips, and covered up our names
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    one mix, one hour long can be found via here or here
    lucky dip

    fc kahuna - hayling
    junior parker - tomorrow never knows
    kode9 & the space ape - kingstown dub
    trg - horny
    point blank - meng's theme
    ymo - technopolis
    mark stewart and the maffia - passivecation program
    robotiko rejekto - rejekto! perfecto mix
    jack frost - two the max
    laurent x - machines
    pankow - sickness takin' over (erased version)
    adonis and mc kodak - h.o.u.s.e
    nine inch nails - all the love in the world
    pierres pfantasy club - dream girl
    psychic tv - papal breakdance
    stevie wonder - my cherie amour
    nimoy - dort kommen die clowns
    felix da housecat - music is my life
    depeche mode - dream on
    kylie minogue - i'm in the mood for love - mylo demo version
    baby ford - oocy koochy
    senor coconut and his orchestra - around the world
    front 242 - never stop!
    ac marias - one of our girls has gone missing
    afx - analogue bubblebath
    spandau ballet - chant no.1
    scritti politti - absolute
    general strike - interplanetary music
    beaumont hannant - mind colours
    billy mackenzie - beyond the sun
    omd - of all the things we've made
    pink industry - what i wouldn't give
    the cure - all cats are grey
    shackleton and mordant music - hummdrumm
    rema rema - instrumental
    telex - rendez-vous dance l'espace
    the knife - heartbeats - rex the dog mix
    depeche mode - enjoy the silence
    danielle dax - here comes the harvest buns
    komputer - looking down on london
    oszibarack - point blank
    kraftwerk - aero dynamik
    holger hiller - egg
    killing joke - love like blood
    kiko - italomatic
    eurythmics - sweet dreams (are made of this)
    patrick cowley - menergy
    lipps inc. - funkytown
    hot chip - over and over
    joy division - a means to an end
    john barry - the beyondness of things

    the joys of testing new software.
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2008

    did this back in 2003, i cant remeber the tracklist, its like 40 tracks in 10 minutes...
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    brand new mix -- thanks to the guys over at Nacho and Pancho for having me..... this one's called "A Million Miles From Reality"....

    the basic Megatrip formula... heavy doses of funk & soul, a serving of hip hop and a little bit of electronic beats to round of the evening.

    King Megatrip - A Million Miles From Reality

    01 jimbalaya - champagne and caviar intro
    02 society of seven - superstar
    03 the temptations - cloud nine
    04 kalyanji anandji - somebody to love (edit)
    05 bill plummer & the cosmic brotherhood - journey to the east
    06 figment - far east
    07 the pharcyde - passin' me by (omer sarr remix)
    08 epmd - strictly business
    09 four tet vs. nas - four tet made you look (teerev mix)
    10 the intruders - memories are here to stay
    11 rjd2 - here's what's left
    12 bobby bryant – while my guitar gently weeps
    13 madeline bell - that's what friends are for
    14 stovall sisters - hang on in there
    15 bill black's combo - but it's alright
    16 david ruffin - i want you back
    17 the clash - this is radio clash (dunproofin mix)
    18 dj topcat - feel good 25 or 6 to 4
    19 chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 (bird peterson remix)
    20 joe bataan - if i were a king

    enjoy! (if you like it - feel free to check out some of my other mixes over at


    cover image



    history shows again and again... how nature points out the folly of men... godzilla!
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    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2008
    Thanks to everyone who has posted; this is some amazing work.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2008
    Merci beaucoup Frenchbloke
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    oh, and if anyone is interested in checking out a little promo video I just put up for an upcoming mixtape..... "comic book related"....



    yeah, it's true - I've just posted up a little promo video for the upcoming "Cocaine Barbecue" mixtape. It's one of those mixes I do for the kids at work -- so it's loaded with profanity and drug references -- if you're easily offended -- probably just skip it...

    for the rest of you.... enjoy!

    featuring work from a bunch of other people.... Jimbalaya, my pal Al, John Wu, Jonathan Hanst, the Dirt Dog and DJAW!

    (any help spreading this around? -- always appreciated!!)

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    it's December. it's cold.

    46 minutes long.
    zazou bikaye - lamuka
    conrad scnitzler - auf dem schwarzen kanal
    emak - tanzen in den himmel
    tubeway army - films
    john foxx - 20th century
    throbbing gristle - united
    vice versa - new girls, neutrons
    front 242 - principles
    neon - lobotomy
    simple minds - i travel
    chris and cosey - october love song
    crash course in science - cardboard lamb
    pete shelley - telephone operator dub
    portion control - go talk
    liaisons dangereuses - peut...etre pas
    the human league - marianne (australian version)
    yello - there is no reason
    jeff and jane hudson - the girl from ipanema

    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2008

    Because I love Ewan Pearson. Download here.

    1: Cortney Tidwell - Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Ever]
    2: Silver City - Shiver (Ewan Pearon’s Bari Girl Remix) [20:20]
    3: Silicone Soul - The Poisoner’s Diary (Ewan Pearson Instrumental) [Soma]
    4: Alter Ego - Beat The Bush (Ewan Pearson’s Slow NRG Edit) [Klang]
    5: Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson Extended Remix) [Mute]