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    I'm not much of one for creation of fun stuff like this, I dabble a bit, but mostly just enjoy the fruit of others' labor. I may have missed it being linked before, but Get Your Bootleg On moved into their fifth incarnation a little while ago. GYBO v.5 has been one of my favorite sites for finding fun mash-ups and advice for getting my own stuff up to snuff. Trust me, if you haven't checked out the site yet, it's well worth the time spent registering and browsing a bit.
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    I think I'll bump this thread with a post soon...
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    I have a new mix I'm finishing up before I live in a car for two weeks w/ Xrin Arms and play shows all over the midwest. I'll pop it p here for my WC homies asap.
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    @ Fractal I was listening to your Live at the Crocotillian while riding my bike and it was perfect for my dew soaked morning ride.
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2008
    Tacopunch, the title of the first side is win.
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    Fractal - All My Friends (A Mixtape Special)

    Download here.

    ...I realized a few weeks ago that basically everyone I know has fantastic taste in music. So I got all my non-DJ friends to send me a tune, and then I made a wildly eclectic and entirely fantastic mixtape out of them:

    1: Nujabes - Feather feat. Cise Starr & Akin []
    2: Bach - Fantasia in G Major []
    3: CocoRosie - K-Hole []
    4: Bonnie Prince Billy - The South Side Of The World []
    5: Dmitri Shostakovich - Jazz Waltz []
    6: Morphine - Bo's Veranda []
    7: Julie Doiron - The Wrong Guy []
    8: Serge Gainsbourg - Joanna []
    9: Jamie Saft Trio - Czeqeel []
    10: Tyler Straub - Easy Does It []
    11: Cadence - The Things We Do For Love []
    12: Handel - Zadok The Priest []
    13: Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position []
    14: Crystal Castles - Crimewave []
    15: Bach - Fantasia in G Major []
    16: The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash []
    17: Maurice Ravel - Le Jardin Feerique []
    18: Fall Out Boy - The Take Over, The Breaks Over []
    19: Editors - All Sparks (Cicada Remix) []
    20: The Bravery - An Honest Mistake []
    21: Pearl Jam - Dissident []
    22: Okkervil River - A King and a Queen []
    23: Radiohead - Reckoner (LoveTongueAttack Bmore Remix) []
    24: The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Any More []
    25: Talking Heads - Seen And Not Seen []

    Alex Jang, Alia Yeates, Amanda Farrell, Andy Clequin, Chelsie Kadgien, Colin Moller, Dave Miles, Emily Farnsworth, Gerald Deo, Hilary Dawson, Jennifer Mitchell, Jessica Smith, John Spurr, Jordie Yow, Josh Doherty, Kathleen Genge, Kim Shepherd, Kira Hall, Kyle Smith, Mary Clark, Nathan Friedman, Pat Littlejohn, Rob Cross, Ryan Noakes.
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    Damn, how often do you play at Hush? That'd be a fun excuse to escape the city.

    (Edited for clarity, and yeah. Don't post stoned. Don't post stoned. Must remember.)
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2008
    @Ben: Not nearly enough. Matt and I are doing the same show at the Victoria Electronic Music Festival at the start of August, if you feel like taking a ferry and listening to techno. ; )
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    After moving 105 copies of my newest mix album I'm going to phase it out of print and put it online for everyone. I hope you download and enjoy it. I spent a lot of time on it and It's my proudest djing moment to date.

    DJ Tacopunch - Oh Man I Just Failed My "Show Me Your Tits" Roll!

    Ludachrist - Ghost Busta Rhymes
    Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Ghislain Poirier Remix)
    Terminal 11 - Birds (Eustachian Remix)
    Maruosa - Death Stretch
    Pig Destroyer - Rotten Yellow
    The Locust - The Half Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office
    Eustachian - Bay Shore Terror
    Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agoranoticon Xanophobic Mix
    Dragon Force - Once in a Lifetime (Eustachian Remix)
    Mochipet - Wang Chung vs The Real Wang
    Hrvatski - Vatstep
    Genghis Tron - City on a Hill
    New Order - Blue Monday
    Enduser - Beatdown (Terminal 11 Remix)
    Cardopusher - Show Me Your Pussy Massive
    Killingscum - Morning Knifreak
    DJ? Acucrack - Rock and Roll Radio
    DJ Donna Summer - Rock Rock Rock (T+Pazolite Remix)
    Nero's Day at Disneyland - Arrogant Cobbler
    Dev/Null - Rave 5
    Dr. Bastardo - Show Me the Way
    Venetian Snares - Hospitality

    DJ Tacopunch - Beholders Gone Wild

    Shitmat - Radio Shitmat
    DJ Sharpnel - Zenon
    Speedfreak - That Japanese Track
    Bella Donna Kills - cRaViN 4 a RaVin
    Captin Ahab - I Fuck Dem Bitches (Duran Duran Duran Remix)
    DJ Technorch - Boss On Parade (sharpnel rmx)
    M1dy - Cold Pizza
    DJ Scotch Egg - Kfc Core
    8 Bit Betty - Reading Rainbow
    Parsley Flakes - That's All

    Mixed by DJ Tacopunch June08
    Art by Matt Anderson
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    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2008
    Here's a pretty little Drum N Bass Mix which is a bit relaxed I did for my site. Enjoy!


    A Succulent Drum 'n' Bass Mix: 48:59|192kbps|67.2mb

    One (dBridge Remix) - Shapeshfter
    Lighthouse Blues (Original Mix) - Subz, Matik
    Strings Trac (Apex Remix) - Bachelors of Science
    Cloud Nine - Utah Jazz
    Harmony - Laos
    Oh Yeah - Johnny L
    Moving In Transit (BCee & Lomax Remix) - Electrosoul System
    Stay Forever - Blame
    Clarendon - Breakage

    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2008
    the Internets creaking, i hears it
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    Glad to see this thread come back.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008
    Yo peoples.

    Direct download for this one.... it's a chillout mix I did a while back, suitable for late night sessions on the old brainpipes.

    The 3am Chill / by Texture

    My band's album is out in 10 days... Excerpts up now at our Myspace Page: Double Helix

    The Whitechapel Crew will get a link to a free copy just before the release.
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    Good man, Bram.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008

    Awesome! I still love the song you put in the post-apocalyptic muxtape project!
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008 edited

    DJ Tacopunch - Bassment R.I.P. 2005-2008 (Direct MP3 Download)

    Starskey and Clutch - Players, Ballers, Rollers
    Otto von Schirach - Dance Like a Hoe
    Three 6 Mafia - I'd Rather
    Duran Duran Duran - Face Blast
    Yo Majesty - Kryptonite Pussy (Duran Duran Duran rmx)
    Captain Ahab - I Fuck Dem Bitches (Duran Duran Duran rmx)
    MPQ - Hey You
    DJ Sharpnel - Little God's Ch@nnel
    Spy 47 - Tender Kiss

    Terminal 11 - Birds (Eustachian Remix)
    Maruosa - Death Stretch
    Harpoon - Bad Beekeeper
    Pig Destroyer - Rotten Yellow
    The Locust - The Half Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office
    Guns N Roses - November Rain
    Eustachian - Bay Shore Terror
    Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agoranoticon Xanophobic Mix

    Dragon Force - Once in a Lifetime
    Hrvatski - Vatstep DSP
    Soundmurderer + SK-1 - Limb by Limb
    Squarepusher - Come On My Selector
    M1DY - Cold Pizza
    M1DY - Distortion
    Adon + Tacopunch + Bassment - Goodbye Speech

    As a live set parts of this are a little sloppy and intentionally jarring. The squarepusher -> m1dy non-mix will make your cat jump 4 feet stright up but that's ok because he's a cat and doesn't have a soul anyway.

    *Tacogrind is a blend of live PA and DJing material heavily remixed / edited by Tacopunch and a return to producing heavy beat material. (Or pretending to be Dev/Null)
    Recorded Live 07/27/08 at the final Bassment show.
    Thank you to Adon, Traits and Eric for making the best place to play over the years.


    This is a live recording from my favorite place to play, The Bassment in Ann Arbor. The Bassment ended on 07/27/08 when they were kicked out by their landlord for some frat boys who would pay $300 more a month. Honestly the place was a shit hole but we loved it. (Fun Fact: the night of the last show 1/2 of the porch went missing)

    Speech on Video

    Look at how sweaty I am. Hot shirtless video!
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    That is one sassy mix. Do you have a tracklist? Also, once they get themselves together is free hosting for mixes up to 250megs
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    @ Tacopunch: thanks man! It was done on a mixer with dub effects so the tracklist might not be 100% accurate, plus its quite old and i may have lost some of the records! All recorded from lovely vinyl... Apologies for the ellipsis. Here goes...

    1 - Soel: Interlude / Unknown Doo-wop Band: Goodnight Sweetheart
    2 - Bjork: All is full of Love
    3 - Early Warp White Label (Unknown)
    4 - The Orb feat. MC Soom T: Aftermath
    5 - Nitin Sawhney: (Unknown)
    6 - The Orb: Girls Interlude
    7 - Talking Heads: Slippery People (Live)
    8 - Soel: Le Vicomte
    9 - Air: Soldissimo (Etienne DeCrecy Mix)
    10 - Nouvelle Vague: A Forest
    11 - Aim: Cold Water Music
    12 - Plaid: Assault on Precinct Zero
    13 - Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
    14 - Prefuse 73: Sections from 'Extinguished Outtakes'
    15 - GZA Genius - Beneath The Surface
    16 - The London Symphony Orchestra - From Russia With Love
    17 - Nouvelle Vague: Friday Night Saturday Morning
    18 - Nick Drake - Riverman
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    @ warrenellis & @ robinleblanc: thanks guys. Should I open a thread for it, or post in the Bands thread? Don't want to step on any toes.