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    Bram, you're releasing a new album with a link for us to try before we buy? You go open a new thread and tell us all about it.
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    Thanks Ariana. This is brilliant.

    Will be next day or two...

    : - )
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2008
    ...and now for something ELSE completely different...
    First off; thanks to everyone who has been providing this amazing cross-section of DJ skill and vision. Makes me proud to see all the boundaries being smashed down, and rebuilt so well.

    Second; I wanted to share this part of my latest project, "B.P.M." It's a full color graphic novel about a girl DJ named Roxy making her way through the club world of NYC, and her hooking up with a burnt out former superstar DJ who becomes her "Yoda", teaching her the ways of deejaying.

    I decided from the start that I wanted to make this project a truly multimedia comic experience, faced with the challenge of writing about music and having that make any sense. I decided to accomplish this by giving "B.P.M." a "soundtrack", meaning I would assign music to all the pages, not to be read along, but to use songs to evoke the moods in the story. Not having the resources to license all the music I wanted to use, I instead made iMixes on the iTunes site for the entire book,along with iMixes for each of the main DJ characters in the book, reflecting their personal tastes and fave picks for a set. These are all single songs, not continuous beatmixed mixes, but I was trying to emulate more the "Back to Mine" series of releases, that showed a DJ's personal stash of cool singles they loved.

    The mixes and soundtrack to "B.P.M." are all linked at my main website: BPM IMIXES and you can also download CD covers for the 4 hours of soundtrack mixes BPM CD COVERS

    You can also check out B.P.M. for free on my site, as I release the first two chapters of the book online, three new pages every Wednesday: BPM PREVIEW PAGES

    Let me know what you think. This graphic novel is my love letter to DJ culture and dance music, and the hazards of pursuing your creative goals, so I'm really interested to hear what other music-heads think. You can comment directly on my BPM site (rather than clog up this cool thread!)

    Thanks for listening, and thanks again for all the cool spins!
    • CommentAuthorsmiley
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2008
    Life is so much better with Freak Angels in it...thanks to all the creators.

    Who knew there were so many DJ's out there...I mix mostly progressive house and listen to dance music, house, trance, all of it, all the time. Great to see so many others.

    If you want to check me out, go to

    I usually add a new mix every couple of weeks. I would love to hear from some of you.

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    Life is so much better with Freak Angels in it...thanks to all the creators.

    Our pleasure.
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    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2008
    Hi, i've been following the blog for a while and this is my first post on white chapel. i just completed my summer mix and wanted to share. there's lots of upbeat indie stuff on the mix. hope you guys enjoy!

    front cover
    front cover


    the soso summer mix
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    Hey Whitechapel. Seemed like you could use another heavy dose of dubstep to cheer up yer Monday evening.

    Get some.

    Texture's Psychedelic Dubstep Mix

    Skream / Colourful
    Caspa / King George
    The Others / Fun House
    Skream / Oskillatah
    Benga / Twister
    MarkOne / Too Hard
    Caspa / Bread Get Bun
    Rustie / Jagz The Smack
    Skepta / Reggae
    Pan Cosefo AKA Spoonface / Jooker
    Coki / Spongebob
    Killamanjaro / Search & Destroy (white label)
    Plasticman / Death by Stereo
    Dizzee Rascall / Live-o
    Caspa / Dubwarz
    Benga / 26 Basslines
    Aquasky vs Masterblaster / Loko (Dub)
    Backdraft / Labrat
    Rusko / Jahova
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    Hey Whitechapel. Seemed like you could use another heavy dose of dubstep to cheer up yer Monday evening

    Hell yes.
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    The samples at beginning and end are from a documentary about the psychedelic pioneers... there's Leary on there, and Ram Dass, and a few other cats.
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    while heading for the immigration office to try and get a new visa and stay in Japan, I was in a combative, nihilistic-yet-optimistic mood, I guess you could say.
    the GaiPod coughed up a selection of songs that somehow fit perfectly (#6 especially), so I turned them into a mix.

    There Goes the Neighborhood

    1. Resident Evil Main Theme (Edit) (3:18)
    2. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones - Peter Gunn (3:31)
    3. Richard Cheese - Gin & Juice (2:23)
    4. MUCC - Fukuro no Yurikago (4:28)
    5. Robert Rodriguez - Go Go Not Cry Cry (1:09)
    6. Nine Inch Nails - My Violent Heart (4:09)
    7. Akira Yamaoka - Real Solution (2:56)
    8. Front 242 - Circling Overland (4:57)
    9. Resident Evil OST - 09 - Seizure of Power (3:49)
    10. Gorillaz - O Green World (4:31)
    11. Talking Heads - 11 - Life During Wartime (3:41)
    12. Faith No More - Land of Sunshine (3:44)
    13. Butterfly Boucher - Busy (2:58)


    this one consists of random songs that didn't make it onto my last big mix (Balance of the Force). very odd selections, not fitting together in any way, and there are one or two repeats from "There Goes The Neighborhood" in there.

    Sith Academy Rejects - Part 1

    1. Robert Rodriguez - Grindhouse (Main Titles) (3:30)
    2. Richard Cheese - Gin & Juice (2:23)
    3. Tenacious D - Dude (I Totally Miss You) (2:53)
    4. DarkMateria - The Picard Song (4:40)
    5. Voltaire (Oh My Goth!) - The USS Make Sh*t Up (4:04)
    6. The Grim Reaper - The Roof Is On Fire (Shockwave Edit) (3:07)
    7. Cansei De Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex (3:06)
    8. Frou Frou - Close Up (4:21)
    9. Godhead - Your End Of Days (4:26)
    10. Megadeth - Almost Honest (4:04)

    Sith Academy Rejects - Part 2

    11. Miss Cyberpink - Strangeword (6:08) <---an 80's mashup of "Strangelove" and "Word Up," from a Second Life DJ
    12. MUCC - Fukuro no Yurikago (4:28)
    13. Muse - Knights of Cydonia (6:06)
    14. Guns 'N Roses - Godfather Theme (3:17)
    15. Nine Inch Nails - Capital G (3:49)
    16. public enemy vs. crystal method - you're gonna get yours boom remix (2skidoos mashup remix) (4:32)
    17. Recoil - Chrome (7:08)
    18. Thom Yorke - Black Swan (4:49)
    19. Grindhouse - Chingon - Cherry's Dance Of Death (3:26)
    20. !!! - There's No Fucking Rules, Dude (8:50)
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    On and On in the Nineteen Ninetees

    Stream on your Puter

    "On and On in the Nineteen Ninetees"

    01. Brazillian Girls - Good Time :: New York City, 2008
    02. Polvo - Fast Canoe :: Exploded Drawing, 1996
    03. Spoon - Claws Tracking :: Telephono, 1996
    04. Beck - Hotwax :: Odelay, 1996
    05. Radiohead - The Bends :: The Bends, 1995
    06. Belle and Sebastian - Electronic Renaissance :: Tigermilk, 1996
    07. Garbage - My Lover's Box :: Garbage, 1995
    08. Gershwin / Anne Brown - Overture / Summertime :: Porgy and Bess: Original Cast, 1949
    09. Stereolab - The Noise of Carpet :: Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1996
    10. Mercury Rev - Sudden Ray of Hope :: See You on the Other Side, 1995
    11. Komeda - More Is More :: The Genius of Komeda, 1996
    12. Weezer - Falling for You :: Pinkerton, 1996
    13. Throwing Muses - Snakeface :: University, 1995
    14. Modest Mouse - Tundra / Desert :: Long Drive, 1996
    15. Crystal Castles - Good Time :: Crystal Castles, 2008
    length: 60:45

    some people go booo they go qua qua they go peeep
    • CommentAuthorburnlab
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2008
    This an unrehearsed dark electro orgy recorded live in a warehouse on Garatiot Ave. in Detroit.

    DETHLAB + 1 : spring 2008 LIVE mix


    DETHLAB mashup: The Producers: "Keep it Gay" vs. Homotronic: "U Look Like a Gay"
    Rude 66: "The Strings of Death"
    Lowfish: "Domination Ver. 2"
    Josh Dahlberg: "Interloop"
    Kiko: "Slave of My Mind"
    Sascha Funke: "Kuschelrock"
    Apparat - "Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv RMX)"
    The Reflecting Skin: "Traffickers"
    Das Bierbeben: "Sturm Bricht Los"
    Deutsche Amerikanishe Freundschaft: "Tanz Mit Mir"
    Adriano Canzian: "You Excites Me So Much!"
    The Presets: "My People"
    Tomas Andersson: "Washing Up - Ttim Deluxe Mix"
    SebastiAn: "Smoking Kills"
    Synapse: "Dust-Mite (Edit)"
    DETHLAB mashup: Ambivalent: "R U OK" vs. Gershon Kingsley: "Popcorn"
    Zoo Brazil: "Face"
    Richard Bartz: "Symphonies of Midnight"
    DETHLAB mashup outro: "The Producers: "Keep it Gay" vs. Homotronic: "U Look Like a Gay"

    More mixes can be found here:

    (This is my first post on Whitechapel by the way.)
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    If you setup OpenTape servers it might make it easier to post your mixes.

    PS: Been looking at the page source, TechCrunch used the open source JW FLV Player for output, much better interface that OpenTape's.
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    dethlab are straight up and down cats from Detroit. I put my tacostamp all over their mix.
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2008
    A Pattern of Violence


    Winter 08 mix by DETHLAB: Bethany (toybreaker)

    01. Mathew Leutwyler - Jovencitas
    02. Das Glow - Cathedrale
    03. Daniel Wilhelm - Alster Dream
    04. Markus Lange - Ruhestorung Plattenbau (Oxia Remix)
    05. Alex D'Elia - Biancaluna 06. Namito + Martin Eyerer - Quipa (Etienne De Crecy Remix)
    07. Savas Pascalidis - Boccaccio Life
    08. Dibaba - In Your Face is the Place
    09. Cirez D - Tigerstyle
    10. Lutzenkirchen - A View To the Sea
    11. Fergie - Up & Over
    12. Gui Boratto - Tipologia (Lucy Remix)
    13. The Shock - Manhattan (Einmusik Remix)
    14. Stephan Bodzin, Swoop - Superlicious
    15. Kardinal, Lowkey - Zombie's Night
    16. Etienne De Crecy - Funk

    Btw, this is my first "real" post aside from a silly picture.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008
    Do webcasts count as mixes? If so, two new mixes as Connexion Bizarre comes back to life after a one month hiatus...

    Part 1 - Click here to stream or right-click to download
    ("August 2008" with music selection by DJ Razor*Grrrl)
    Detritus - Desolate (5-Htp Mix)
    [Fractured - Ad Noiseam Records]
    Datach' i - No Servant[V/A - Imaginary Friends - Sublight Records]
    Hecq - 0008 (Coniine Calm Remix By Mad EP)
    [0000 (cd 2) - Hymen Records]
    AZ-Rotator - Treeble Component
    [Anticaking for Zinc Sulphate - Digital Enemy Records]
    Lapsed & Nonnon - Surge
    [The Death Of Convenience - Ad Noiseam Records]
    Otto Von Schirach - Magnetic Rave Headache
    [Oozing Bass Spasms - Cock Rock Disco]
    Prhizzm - Bending Light Toward The Shadows
    [Prhizzm EP - Benbecula Records]
    Stendeck - Behind Waterfalls
    [Faces - Geska Records]
    prOmetheus buRning - Squelch
    [Beyond Repair - Hive Records]
    Not Breathing - The Final Night
    [V/A - Imaginary Friends - Sublight Records]
    Vorpal - Crash up against the inevitable (Tatu on the Sun Cardopusher remix)

    [V/A - Cock Rock Disco 2006 Free Compilation - Cock Rock Disco]
    Terminal 11 - Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern
    [V/A - Cock Rock Disco 2006 Free Compilation - Cock Rock Disco]
    Mad EP - Acid Jig
    [Not Afraid Of Spiders - Ad Noiseam]
    Snog - The Prisoner (Featuring The Nam Shub Of Enki)
    [The Last Days Of Rome (EP) - Metropolis Records]

    Part 2 - Click here to stream or right-click to download
    ("Fiscal year 2008-2009 (step one)" with music selection by M.)
    Flint Glass - Connexion Bizarre Webcast identifier
    AZ-Rotator - Truly Modified
    [Indefinable Sugar Cube - Lovethechaos]
    4-D Mode-1 - ????
    [Rekonnekted - 4-D Label]
    Teatro Satanico - Hymn To Lucifer
    [Steinklang Industries IV 2007-2008 - Steinklang Records]
    November Növelet - My Fairy Places
    [Magic - Galakthorrö]
    Lowe - Dice Roller
    [Kino International - Megahype]
    Exillon - Stomper
    [It's OK To Dance - Ad Noiseam]
    JISM - H.T.-L. (feat. Propulsion)
    [rH - Alfa Matrix]
    Ganymede - Deeds Not Words
    [Operation Ganymede - Cohaagen]
    The Weathermen - Your Town
    [V/A - Machines Against Hunger - SigSaly]
    Autoclav1.1 - All Long Black Spirals
    [Love No Longer Lives Here - Tympanik Audio]
    Integral - Doors
    [Rise - Tympanik Audio]
    Lucidstatic - Defiance (feat. Iammynewt)
    [Gravedigger - Tympanik Audio]
    Endif - Surgery Of The Soul
    [Carbon - Tympanik Audio]

    Part one by guest Canadian DJ Razor*Grrrl, part two by yours truly and something of a mixed bag in terms of styles. Hope you like it!
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008
    So much to attempt to consume.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008
    Do webcasts count as mixes?
    o yes!
    • CommentAuthoramatern
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2008
    smiley posted a new mix on his webpage - the new one is called Sixty Eight Universes in Every Thumbnail.
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    A Whitechapel Haunting - Spooky Dubstep Mix by Texture

    Your resident dubstep fiend is back with another mix, this one on a spooky, hauntological tip.

    A Whitechapel Haunting - Dubstep Mix by Texture (Double Helix)

    Caspa - Scared of the Unknown
    Riskotheque - Dreamstate
    Coki - The End
    Shackleton - Naked
    Nero - Bad Trip
    Caspa & The Others - Well 'Ard
    Kromestar - Dysekta
    Benga - Drumz West
    Nero - This Way
    Kode 9 - Magnetic City
    Riskotheque - Just You
    Slaughter Mob - Creaky Door
    Caspa - Terminator
    Skream - Make Me
    Caspa - Cockney Violins

    Want some more?

    Double Helix

    (edited - mix is now a permalink