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    @texture thanks. We're working on an album of original material but we're going to put some mixtapes into the wild first. If you like worm she's also in Public Pubes.
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2008
    Cool, will check out ver Pubes. Chinese Traditional Breakcore eh? Sounds mighty interesting.

    The Sex Pixels particular brand of breakcore appeals to me: like glitched-up, pimped-out electroclash. New romantic with gold teeth and chrome wheels. Huggy bear in a PVC tit harness. Or something. Anyway, it's sleazy and dirty and fast, and I like it.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2008
    @Tacopunch: Can you send me your songs in high quality mp3´s? Might play something at the next BC party.
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    @ ales most of what I do right now is remixes and re-edits in ableton and then I spit them to traktor and outboard fx for more tweaking. Here's a glitched up grind metal megamix/remix/mash I did Did you hear about the halfling that died on her wedding night? they say her eyes were bigger than her stomach!" It sounds pretty awesome as is but much better if you pitch it up 20-30% and dance in a toga while screaming D+D facts over the top.

    @ Texture so far sex pixels have been awesome but slow building. worm-o and i live in different states right now (soon to be remedied). I have some studio stuff waiting for vocals (the mp3 up is a live recording of a show we played and right before our set we began to perceive signals from other dimensions *wink*wink* so after about 30 min worm got lost getting more beer and then for the rest of the set just helped out w/ the djing and fx)

    I first came upon the sound by djing electro the way I dj breakcore (aka +20-35%). When you speed electro up that fast it become proto dnb/so much rave. It's like trading a distopian future where robots are hunting humanity for a utopian future where robots are dispensing pills to humanity. Lyrically I think Worm pulls inspiration from old booty records, ghettotech and, aliens/sf.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2008

    My man.
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2008 edited
    It's like trading a distopian future where robots are hunting humanity for a utopian future where robots are dispensing pills to humanity

    I want to live there.

    edit: OMFG, that 'halfling' mix is absolutely twisted. My girlfriend made me turn it off. I'm putting headphones on as we speak
    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2008
    the aliens are coming! or not? do they like to dance? hope so! they'd probably like the new (:P)opscene Minimix by Flávia. yes, i'm all hypetalk. have a listen:

    01 - css - move [cut copy remix]
    02 - britney - womanizer [tommie sunshine's holyshit the economy is fucked re-rub]
    03 - iamx - spit it out [designer drugs remix extended version]
    04 - diplo & buraka som sistema - inna de ghetto [remix]
    05 - n.a.s.a - strange enough [boss in drama remix]
    06 - yo majesty - booty klap
    07 - pnau - with you forever
    08 - radiohead - reckoner [diplo toy car crash remix]

    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2008

    Jesus Fuck the Halfling mix grows on me. I´m not pretending to be indie rocker, anything like that. Lol. If you´re ever off to Europe, let me know, I´d like to set you up a few venues to play at.
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2008
    This was designed by my friend Traceydoll, for use in DJ situations. If you require a buffer between yourself and the 18 year olds requesting goa trance and Hannah Montana records, simply print this out and hang it by the DJ booth.

    Honestly, no-one will fuck with you.
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    hey there everyone -- it's that time again -- I dug out another "vintage" Megatrip mix from the archives... this one's called "Split!" as it was originally intended to be a split mix but I ended up doing the whole thing solo...

    the whole story and download link is here at:

    it's a bit of funk, soul and hip-hop.... 30 minutes of it aired on Solid Steel back in '03 and I re-used a bit of it in my latest SS mix a few months back...

    King Megatrip - Split!

    01 john coltrane _ blue train _ blue note
    02 jason prine _ breaks and beeps _ skylab operations
    03 billy stewart _ secret love _ chess
    04 beathoven _ well, do you punk? _ puma strut
    05 black eyed peas _ labor (it’s a holiday) _ a&m records
    06 dilated peoples _ bullet train _ capitol
    07 inspectah deck _ stereotype _ in the paint
    08 pepe deluxe _ salami fever _ catskills
    09 suba _ samba do gringo paulista (zero db reconstruction) _ crammed
    10 al brown _ here i am baby _ trojan
    11 norma fraser _ the first cut is the deepest _ soul jazz
    12 lattimore brown _ yak-a-poo _ goldmine
    13 archie shepp _ attica blues _ impulse
    14 curtis lee & the kgp’s _ get in my bag _ goldmine
    15 shelly fisher - i’ll leave you girl _ goldmine
    16 blackalicious ft. rakaa & babu _ passion _ mca
    17 the herbaliser _ time 2 build _ ninja tune
    18 les gammas _ forma 2000 (reforma 2001) _ schema records
    19 dj icey _ cross-eyed sally (robotic ragga mix) _ zone
    20 labi siffre _ doctor doctor _ emi




    history shows again and again... how nature points out the folly of men... godzilla!
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    @ales kot
    the halfling routine is executed with various results in 2 other mixes I've done as well
    live at the bassment/ann arbor 7/27
    and on the lv 13 elf rogue mixtape Side A: Oh Man I Just Failed My Show Me Your Tits Roll Side B: Beholders Gone Wild

    Nice sign. The weird thing about breakcore shows is no one has any requests. I think in the last 6 months I've only gotten one for "do that three 6 mafia shit boy".
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2008
    I forgot about this thread:

    Download here.

    1: Wesley Matsell - Infinity Sentinel [Border Community]
    2: Panoptic - Suface (Quivver Remix) [Baroque]
    3: Lamb - Gabriel [White]
    4: Guy J - Geko [Bedrock]
    5: Yunus - Let Go [Bedrock]
    6: Steiger - Postcard From The Edge [Bedrock]

    Progressive house, fairly deep, slightly psychedelic at the end.
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2008 edited
    All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio :: October, 2008

    A Week-Long Honeymoon, a Twelve Year Divorce


    A Week-Long Honeymoon, a Twelve Year Divorce
    01. We Versus the Shark - Regrets :: Murmurmur, 2008
    02. Mission of Burma - Careening with Conviction :: The Obliterati, 2006
    03. Peter Hammill - (On Tuesday's She Used to Do) Yoga :: Over, 1977
    04. Robert Fripp - Minor Man :: The League of Gentlemen, 1981
    05. Jo Stafford - Jambalaya :: 1952
    06. Esperanza Spalding - I Adore You :: Esperanza, 2008
    07. The Bird and the Bee - Fucking Boyfriend :: The Bird and the Bee, 2007
    08. Interpol - Mammoth :: Our Love to Admire, 2007
    09. "My Darling's Love Arrow" :: Princess Nicotine: Myanmar Folk and Pop
    10. Patsy Cline - Why Can't He Be You :: 1962
    11. The Twilight Singers - Forty Dollars :: Powder Burns, 2006
    12. XTC - Your Dictionary :: Apple Venus Vol 1, 1999
    13. Very Good, George
    14. Helium - The Revolution of Hearts Pts I and II :: Magic City, 1997
    15. Magnetic Fields - Yeah! Oh, Yeah! :: 69 Love Songs Vol 3, 1999
    length: 60:20

    I think this one came out rather well. "Very Good, George" is a scene from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf played with a really nice ancient Christian/Arabic chant thing.

    What do you folks think.

    Mr. Megatrip, extremely happy to see a new goodie from you as always.

    Love Songs? They LIED to me!
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    Pieces of 8-bit - Mixed by Texture

    Pieces of 8-bit - Mixed by Texture

    So this will probably be my last dubstep mix before I go away on my 6 month adventure in New Zealand and Thailand. I've been making the most of my Technics while I still can. Lots of Zomby, Rustie and Joker tracks in this mix, they have a really crunchy, 8-bit Nintendo vibe which has been keeping me buzzing all week. Hope you all like it, and thanks to all of you who've checked out this thread and downloaded mixes. I'll definitely be downloading your stuff while I'm on the road. Keep 'em coming.


    Rustie - Jagz The Smack
    Joker - Grimey Princess
    Benga - Tech Wobbler
    Zomby - Strange Fruit
    Joker - The Bop
    Zomby - Spliff (Rustie Remix)
    Zomby - Liquid Dancehall
    Zomby - Mush
    Joker - Holly Brook Park
    Unknown - Big Poppa Dub (Flip)
    The Bug - Jah War
    Skream - Tek-a-Pill
    Joker - Stuck In The System
    Joker - 80s
    Skream - Check It (Instrumental)

    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2008 edited
    The weird thing about breakcore shows is no one has any requests

    That sounds ideal. I play at a club which shall remain nameless in Edinburgh... it's constantly full of 18 year olds who've just arrived in the city to study. I've played there for several years, and to paraphrase Dazed & Confused... "I keep getting older... they just stay the same." It has its advantages and disadvantages. This year, they've started requesting dubstep, which is a nice change from the disco shit they all wanted last year. So the sign doesn't get much use these days, I'm pleased to say..
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    Texture - thank you.
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2008
    I think you'll like this one, Spiraltwist. Hope this helps with NaNoInspiration.
    • CommentAuthorcabbit
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2008
    Re: BPM iMixes

    International availability fail.

    Comic preview was excellent, I've got my name down for a copy at the local shop, but your musics are not available in the frozen north. Why you gotta hate on the maple?
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    have you heard the Ebola Subsonic Armpit Mutilation EP? It has some awesome chiptunes/breakcore/dubstep collision action?
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2008
    @ Tacopunch: Just listened, that's awesome. A bit too hard for me to play out, I like it melodic and deep, but I would definitely dance like a speed-crazed Rat Scabies at a White Zombie gig to this.