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    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2008 edited
    Yoshitaka Amano is animated in N.Y. Salad - in which humanlike vegetables frolic to Jazz
    - click-
    A preview:

    Official Web Site.
    Official Web Site.
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    That is sublime, thank you.
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    Yoshitaka Amano is animated

    The world, certainly the part we watch on screens, would be a better place if those words were said more often.
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    @ JTraub: Man, those words have been said a lot! He's a prolific anime character designer as well as an illustrator. But regardless, you're right :D

    And that animation is gorgeous! Thanks for posting ^_^
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    Paul, of course I know he is the designer for countless shows and games. Heh. However, by the time the work reaches production, his actual style rarely if ever gets animated.

    Yuna (FF10) design work:

    In game:

    Its the same, but well not the same. And seeing his actual line work in motion is special.
    • CommentAuthorpeteloaf
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2008
    They look delicious.
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    True true! There have been shows/games (recently added CG sequences in the early FF games, and 'angels egg' being good examples) in which his style has been preserved, but getting that sketchy fully rendered look animated is just a bitch. I wish I could get my hands of the software they used for N.Y. Salad!
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    nothing new to add here, except more admiration.
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2008
    It's bundled within a Saturday Morning Show called "With Mother" that is on at 8 in the morning in NY and LA on NHK's pay channel TVJapan.
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    Having taken animation courses, I can agree with Paul on the fact that animating Amano's shit would be insanity.