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    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2008
    i'm seriously fucking off at work right now - it's become more of a problem than i'd care to acknowledge (i believe that the highly juvenile "authority issues" would apply, except that i don't think it's juvenile to have standards when it comes to people who think they are 'in charge').

    the last time i came to work on a weekend i swore that i would never do it again. why?

    because i've watched too many episodes of Buffy not to know that the easiest way to get eaten by vampire/demon/really big grody bug/etc, is to be in a building with a very long hallway only lit by sunlight from rooms behind locked doors at a time when no one else is there and the only way to get to your office is to walk the entire length of it, because the fire doors at the end where the office is are closed for the weekend (no one here, that kind of thing, you know) so even though that direction would, in fact, be the most logical and practical (double trouble) escape route - it's not viable.

    only. did i mention that i've been fucking off?

    if the state of nebraska ever gets its ethnocentric ass in order and recognizes native sovereignty, my job will become obsolete - a thing i look forward to, believe me. until then - face-up against the machine of government education.

    no wonder this place makes me want to give up utterly and just let it all go to hell in a handbasket.

    so, yeah, if i see any icky grody killy things in the building over the weekend - i'm so writing it as a novel and giving up this life of crime/office work forever. i swear.