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    Bananarama Pancakes
    The sweetest thing ever!

    Normal pancake mix and sub 1/2 mashed banana for each egg and vanilla soy milk for milk. You want the brownest bananas you can get as they will be the most broken down with the sweetest sugars.

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    Ben: You are my hero with that banana leaf recipe.

    I have devised a pork loin that slays gods.

    Make a dry rub blend of garlic salt, paprika, pepper, mustard powder, thyme and parsley flakes. You can add a little onion powder if you want, but there's plenty to come. Apply liberally and lay it down in a glass cooking pan you've slicked with olive oil for flavor and a little vegetable oil to hold up under the heat to come. Then add a FEW drops of soy sauce, balsamic vinagrette, and enough honey mustard to coat the loin.

    Now grab a couple of potatoes. Cut them in thick quarters or sixths, but try to leave them with as much horizontal base as you can to suck up more oil, fat and other delicious juices. Roll em in the oil anyway so they don't dry up, and put them at the far edges of the pan. They'll get their share. Quarter a couple of white onions and place them in between the loin and the potatoes. These are going to shrink tremendously, so leave them thicker than you did the potatoes Fill any leftover pan space with baby carrots.

    Now for your top layer. Cut a yam or two into shallow cylinders. These will form a bed on top of what's in your pan so far. Do the same with a red onion. (you may wish to put the red onion rings under the yams, at least for the pork loin, where they'll feed straight into it). The red onion and yams are going to provide a lot of top-down caramelization, so: yay.

    Then crown the whole thing with a ring of pineapple. Stick a cherry in the middle for flash. And you've got a dish to impress the socks off your girlfriend's parents.

    I also worked out a pretty sweet chicken recipe with thyme, parsley, chopped onion, fresh garlic and salt and pepper stuffed under the skin, then you use regular mustard and pure honey, so it caramelizes better, since you want the skin to have some flavor, too.
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    Quinoa cake with crystallized ginger, golden raisins and toasted walnuts. It was my first time cooking quinoa, and I like how it almost took over my kitchen, like The Blob.
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    I just made some wicked awesome lamb burgers.

    500 grams of lamb.
    Quarter of a large onion grated or chopped finely.
    1 tea spoon of dried mint.

    Mix and divide into four.
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2008

    Have you eaten tiny bananas before? They're a little longer than your fingers but still normal-banana-proportional. They're also a lot sweeter than normal bananas. They might be even better than regular bananas.

    Regardless, I will be eating banana pancakes next week.
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    Hell yeah. Mini-bananas! In my more bourgeoisie moments I buy them and some Jiffy peanutbutter for a night of sins against my waistline.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2008
    Really? That actually sounds pretty healthy, as long as you don't eat too much. Then again, that might be half the fun.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2008
    I seem to be living almost exclusively on peanut butter sandwiches these days.

    In terms of cooking, I swear I made perfect broccoli curry the other night. Really good Jamaican curry, coconut milk, and whiskey for the sauce. Somehow that actually worked.