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    This time of year, its hard for me to give a damn, about myself and others. Sometimes its like that mean little part of myself opens its black eyes and says: fuck the world. Its not worth it. Or at least the hard stuff isn't.
    It's not that I don't enjoy life; that I don't love my morning mochas, coiling up with a good book, or any of that stuff... (I miss sleeping in).

    It's focusing that's hard. My mind rattles from thought to thought, object to object in a chaotic flurry, and math?

    ... is almost the worst. I find myself staring at my homework, blankly looking at the numbers while my mind goes:

    Duuuuhr...yep. It's a number. and you know what? It means nothing to me. Just duhhhr duhhhr NUMBERS ahahaha lettahs.. ahahahhaaa.

    God. I hate this class.

    ....math is such a migraine trigger.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    I hear that; in one of my stats classes the numbers blurred together so much it lulled me to the computer. My head was propped up by the hand not resting on the mouse.

    I really do sympathise with anyone taking maths if it doesn't click for them.
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    one of my problems is procrastinating until night when my eyes get twitchy; so I write the problems down wrong and screw things up thusly. And giving up to easy. But its hard to keep going when you 'know' that you just suck at it anyway.