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    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008 edited
    Like it says. Got a new CD coming out before summer? Tell me about it. Provide me with links and pictures and other such things. Because I need to know. Reply here.

    -- W
      CommentAuthorKatie 80
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    I don't, but my friend Dan does:

    You can download his EP now, but his full length CD will be available by summer.
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    Thanks for getting things started, Katie.
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    On the dustperiod laptop / shoegaze / drone front I have an album I just finished that I'm debating what to do with. Do I creative-commons and put it out myself or should I try to find a smaller weblabel/small run thing are try to get my songs about heartbreak, regret, embarrassment, and how kissing is awesome out to more people? If anyone is interested in releasing this get in touch plz.

    Here's a little cover I made in 3 hours before a show I played (as my DJ alter-ego Tacopunch) so I could have cds to give to people I know.

    dustperiod - erinyes

    Erinyes [78:29]
    i. Megaera MP3 preview edit on mediafire
    ii. Alecto
    iii. Tisiphone

    Slimed ghosts of the past given audio form. Released in physical media Feb 23rd. Contact me to get a copy.
    Tape Engineer - Matt Anderson

    You can dl a preview above or check it out in lofi streaming at the dustperiod myspace

    I've also just completed a pair of remixes for my mate Evan's bottomfeeder project. They're going to pop up on a mp3 web label shortly but if you want a preview of mine you can find it over here in mediafire.

    An alternate version of those remixes will pop up on an ep later once I finish some other goodies to go with them. It's looking like a remix of Megaera, an alt bottomfeeder remix, a nine inch nails remix i'm working on right now and maybe something else? So if you're interested in a dustperiod remix get in touch w/ me on myspace.

    Then on the DJ front I just dropped this lovely bomb.

    New Tacopunch Mix Album

    I Want to be What Killed the Dinosaurs!
    Download before extinction!

    And there should be a more glitch/metal/idm mix in the next month or so. A radio show asked me for a longer version of something like the 3rd track in the above mix so I'll get on that. There's also some DJ Tacopunch shows coming up in Chicago and Ann Arbor with info about those over at the DJ Tacopunch myspace

    I hope this isn't tl;dr
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    I do, two part.

    My band ('the Shaolin Signal') finished an EP that we tried to get released through a label. That failed for a few different labels ("You guys have a laptop and playback? That's not metal, I can't do anything with it", "You guys have guitars and a drummer? We don't do music like that") and by the time we said "screw it, we'll self release" it was a year later and our full length was almost done.

    The EP is "Natura". Conceptually it's the overture to the next two LPs which will be "The End of the World" and "And What Came After". It's our interpretation of what cybermetal should sound like. The EP also has remixes of us by half of the South Cali powernoise/industrial scene since that's sorta who ended up adopting us into their fold more than anyone else.

    I'm new to Whitechapel, second post, so I'm not sure if it's ok to ask, but if you have a British version of a PO box or something like that, I'd be happy to send you a physical CD copy.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    I have to be again with the not-me-but-my-friend-ness.

    The Rosie Taylor Project, album released on 16 April 2008 on Bad Sneakers. Melancholy indie-folk with a cheeky splash of trumpet.

    They've a free .mp3 at, and a single plus B-sides on iTunes, plus the obligatory MySpace.
    • CommentAuthortreylane
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008

    conceptual noising from A Gaggle Of Panelouxx; a collective parade of free improvisers and the post-production clowns who walk behind, scooping up the detritus.

    done did in lovely Mobile, Alabama.

    available soonly and freely :
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    My band Verbatim released a free EP just yesterday. 7-tracks recorded entirely in the last weekend, released under a CC license.

    members of Verbatim

    We will be re-mixing, mastering, and selling for real human money a CD this Spring.

    We're trying out some new business models. This is our heroin solution-- give out free copies of the cheap stuff first.

    I can share photos and videos later as they are edited.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    well, i've got two bands working on records that should be done before Summer, but who knows?

    The Orbz is working on the first full-length, called "Stop! The Reporters Will See", previews of which will be available once is finished

    Colvig is working on a new EP ("Glitch"), since it's been 5 years since the last one... Plus an album, tentatively titled "Laughing Gas Heart Attack", which should be finished by June, give or take.
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    I've got a new CD, "a song for everystation" just out:

    my website
    the new album, with links to lyrics, liner note illustrations, and audio.

    Like miriku a couple comments up, I'm new here, so I don't know how things work here, but if you do have PO-Box-or-the-like, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the CD, since it's not yet on CDBaby/iTunes/etc.
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    I play in a band called Thin Fevers. We have an EP that will be free to download after our release show April 4th. I'm not sure how long we will allow download after that, so if your interested, drop in your email. I have a cheap hosting account, so I am going to batch out downloads.

    If you have a podcast or blog or anything, feel free to drop me an email at and I will send you MP3 for your show or for review.

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    i know agrip of kids with records coming out, but the only one im marginally involved in is satans monk .its industrial/electronic/grindcore. im not on the recordings but will most likely be doing the live vocals when the shows happen. all songs about horror movies and terrible things...bleaaaaargh!
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    unless you count cdr's, then sadly no.
    • CommentAuthorMalt Jones.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008 edited
    regular John.   ....i Hate it Here.

    We have our new Ep out '.....i Hate it Here.
    it's a good old slice of Homemade Sonik-pie featuring;

    a) Gsp.
    b) My Crooked Toe.
    3) Flight of The Wooden Bees.
    c) ....To The Teeth.

    We had one of the song ' My Crooked Toe. included in the 4am Podcast & here is the recently completed
    ...To The Teeth. Video

    Have a look see what yer think,

    Comments please.........
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    no authority, direction, or control

    My band released a new EP on Jan 25, 2008, No Authority, Direction, or Control, and you can buy it from us for $5 through CD Baby:

    All the artwork was by us, comes with lyrics insert (cuz you should get the lyrics, damnit).

    CD Baby also has it available as mp3s for only $3

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    Also, I saw this awesome riot grrl band at Death By Audio on Sunday night, The Coathangers from Atlanta, Georgia. And they fucking kick ass. Their CD is really really good. I was happy to spend $10 on it. Lili should totally have it, Warren. Well, maybe.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    Perfect timing. Our third full-length, ORIGIN & TECTONICS, is just out on CD. We pressed a small run of 180gram vinyl LP + CD about six months ago. We have some of those left as well.

    The cover is a mind-blowing original by the great Tony Millionaire:

    No Doctors

    You can find mp3 and purchase information (as well as a full-size cover image) at our site:

    We have all kinds of stuff, including weekly comics, rolled out at the main page:


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    I'm new to Whitechapel, second post, so I'm not sure if it's ok to ask, but if you have a British version of a PO box or something like that, I'd be happy to send you a physical CD copy.

    Miriku, you can probably send me stuff via my editor Nick Lowe at Marvel Comics, or possibly even through Jason Yarn at the Paradigm Agency in New York City (don't have addresses to hand, google will help you, I'll try to sort them later anyway)
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    We're currently working on our next release, should be out in June, and have samples up by May. 5 song EP of new material, and the first 100 will come with a 4 song 7" with two covers, one original, and one track we're trying to do some kind of active content thing. We'll be loading the CDs and records up with some neat little extras, and then offering the actual EP itself online for download. Can't wait to get into the studio and record this thing.

    We just got the cover art back, and I'm really happy with it:

    Worlds Fair 2012

    This was done by Nico Claux.

    We'll have updates on the album coming along and posted @
    • CommentAuthorReg NYC
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2008
    My band THE PARANOID CRITICAL REVOLUTION has a new CD, 'Death of the Cool'. We're sort of noisy, frantic Neo-No Wave.
    Photos, MP3s, etc. on MySpace.
    Any other info you need?

    Reg Bloor